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"I just finished Humility.  I loved it.  The Quadzilla and Gorilla complexes thrashed me, as did the Devil Dog Circuits. Now that I've finished the program my "combat chassis" feels better than ever. The 7 mile IBA run and 12 mile unloaded run were once far off goals and are now a reality. Thanks for the great program. I really enjoyed it and made some great progress, especially on my lower body. Up next is Big 24 and I can't wait." 





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Just got done at the gym and thought you deserved a quick note. I was sporting the military athlete shirt and hat and had two guys stop me to compliment your programming. I’m down here at benning and on behalf of all of us, thank you. Everyone that knows of your programming knows it works and has nothing but good things to say. Keep up the good work!

Not only did I never fail a physical evolution throughout this past year and a half, I was able to excel in them and experienced no injuries. It’s true that BUD/S is a mental game, but I can remember several times thinking to myself, “I could not have trained or prepared any better for this”. In any event, thank you for your program.

Wanted to send you another quick note and thank you for the recommendations and advice over the past year. As you know, I have completed several of your operator plans (Humility, Sandbag/Weightvest/Dumbbell) and recently used the Pre-Deployment plan to prepare for a week-long backpack-style archery elk hunt in the Rockies. Long story short, I was able to connect on a 5×5 bull on the last day of the hunt, with an hour of daylight left. As you know, just covering ground in Rocky Mountain “elk country” is hard work — but doing that for 6 days straight and then spending the 7th day packing out and elk? That is quite a bit of demand. I credit your plans for giving me the physical ability, durability, and mental toughness to make it through a long week, hunt hard right up until the end, and then still have something left in the tank to get an elk out of the backcountry.

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for the awesome programming. I just brought my company back from a very challenging 6 months in eastern Afghanistan. The bottom line is that without your program we would not have been able to accomplish half of what we did and we would not have brought home as many guys as we did. My Soldiers hated me when I first instituted mind numbing amounts of leg blasters, step-ups, and sandbag get ups, and training that was like nothing they had ever done before, but all these things became a rallying cry as the Soldiers realized how far ahead of their sister companies they were in their physical and mental fitness. Keep doing what you are doing, the benefit cannot be understated.

Based on your recommendation I completed the DEVGRU program (with a cut back in some ruck/run volume and adding in more bodyweight PT circuits) and it was definitely the right call for the SEAL screener. It was 28 hours, 50% got medically dropped or quit, and even several that finished came out of it with stress fractures and joint problems. Me and a buddy, who have been on your programming for a while, only experienced the muscle soreness of a really tough lift, and were consistently top performers. We credit your programming with that, so thank you!

Wanted to reach out to you just to say thank you for recommending the Afghanistan pre deployment plan for me in preparation for Army Mountain Warfare School. I crushed it. Graduated at the top of my class. Other trainees were asking me how I trained for the school even. I only have good things to say about MTI and I look forward to the next program. I’m also looking forward to the big Idaho hiking trip in a couple weeks more than ever after seeing the results from your program. All the best!

Rob – Just wanted to give out a huge kudos to you and your 100 Mile Training Plan. I just completed the Bryce Canyon 100 in 33:45 with the use of your training plan. This is the fourth 100 I’ve completed and I’ve used various other plans and expensive coaches, your plan crushes them all in my opinion.

I just wanted to send my thanks for your Ruck Based Selection Program. Just got back from SFAS and was selected! I was in the top 10% for all events and rucks. Was able to beast through Team Week even after the long days and nights of the STAR Course. I couldn’t have made it through without your program. Amazing job in what you and your team do. As a guy who isn’t infantry, it was difficult in figuring out where to start with my training. You took the guess work out of it, and it paid off in the end. Thank you so much.

Sitting here in the airport waiting to head back to NYC. I just wanted to say thank you. I used your plan to train for a climb on Mt. Rainier. While we did not summit due to conditions on our route, we made it to the top of disappointment cleaver just over 12,000 ft. Even though we did not touch the top. Not once did I feel like my physical ability would keep me from getting there. People were taken aback by the volume of step ups I was doing. They paid off both physically and mentally! I look forward to using that plan to train for my next attempt at it. Thank you !

I just got selected for BORTAC!  I finished your US Border Patrol Training Course/Selection program that I had purchased a couple of years ago and it did the job. Thanks for everything, and I look forward to taking a programming course from you in the future.