Mini Study: Short Sprints outperform Heavy Squats and Lunges to Improve 3-Mile Run Times

By Rob Shaul, Founder BLUF Short sprints of 50m, 100m and 200m out performed a strength progression of heavy lunges and back squats to improve 3-Mile Run times for remote, veteran, MTI athletes. Background Multiple scholarly studies have been conducted to research the impact of heavy resistance training on distance running. Research has found that […]

Mini-Study: Lab Rats Average 8% Fight Gone Bad Improvement Following Event-Specific Programming

By Rob Shaul, Founder BLUF Remote, well-trained, MTI Lab Rats achieved an average 8% overall score increase on the CrossFit “Fight Gone Bad” WOD following event-specific program design. Background and Study Design A handful law enforcement agencies around the country use three rounds of “Fight Gone Bad” (FGB) as an annual fitness assessment. We’ve been […]

Lab Rats Needed to Test “Fight Gone Bad” Programming

  By Rob Shaul MTI is calling for remote lab rats for an upcoming, narrow and focused, 3.5 weeks, 5 or 6-day/week Mini-Study testing programming we’ve developed to improve the overall score  of the famed CrossFit WOD, “Fight Gone Bad.” This Mini-Study will begin Monday, January 2, 2022. The deadline to apply is 1700 Mountain […]

Mini Study Results: Back Squats defeat Dead Lifts and Thrusters to be crowned the “King of Strength Exercises”

By Rob Shaul, Founder BLUF This Mini Study compared the total body strength building capacity of three classic strength exercises: Back Squat, Dead Lift and Thruster. The results found that the Back Squat dominated the contest. The Back Squat Group not only increased strength more across the board, but they also increased strength on the […]

Minimizing Injury Risk with Load Carriage in Tactical Athletes through Strength and Conditioning: A Critical Review of the Literature

By Tammy Kovaluk, MTI Contributor   Tactical athletes need to perform high level tasks while carrying additional load. Law enforcement personnel, search and rescue, and firefighters all carry loads that are typically 20kg, typically as high as 40kg (5). Military soldiers bear the highest loads, well over 45kg (100+ pounds), a likely cause of the […]

Mini Study: Run Time Correlates to Ruck Speed Much Better than Relative Strength

By Rob Shaul BLUF This Mini Study tested the correlation between (1) relative strength and ruck speed, and; (2) 6-mile run time and ruck speed with the aim of identifying which (relative strength or running performance) had the highest correlation. The results found that both 6-mile run time had a high correlation to rucking speed […]

Mini Study: Loaded Step Ups have Little Transfer to Rucking Speed

By Rob Shaul   BLUF This 3.5-week Mini-Study investigated the transfer of loaded step ups to rucking. Six remote, lab rats completed the 3.5 Week study which began with a 3-Mile Ruck for Time carrying a 40-pound ruck. After a days’ rest, the lab rats completed a 30-minute Step Up for Reps Assessment wearing a […]

Mini Study: Dumbbell Strength Training Maintains to Slightly Increases, 1RM Barbell Strength

  By Rob Shaul BLUF Five experienced, veteran MTI Lab Rats tested the ability of Dumbbell Strength Training to increase 1RM (1 repetition max), max effort barbell strength. Results found that dumbbell strength training maintained to slightly increasing max effort barbell strength, but did a much better job at increasing dumbbell-based strength. Average Overall Barbel […]

Mini Study: Backwards Sled Drags Match Forward Sled Drags in Strength and Work Capacity Improvement

  By Rob Shaul   BLUF The strength and work capacity improvement difference between Forward Sled Pull Intervals and Backward Sled Pull Intervals is negligible. In two separate mini studies, remote lab rats saw 1 Repetition Max (1RM) strength and sprint-based improvements after following a 3-week training program which featured forward or backward sled pull […]

Mini Study: Wildland Firefighters Improve MTI Fitness Assessment Scores An Average of 19% Over 3 Weeks

By Rob Shaul   BLUF Five remote Wildland Firefighters following the first 3 weeks of the MTI Wildland Fire Fitness Assessment Training Plan improved their scores an average of 19 percent. The MTI Wildland Fire Fitness Assessment is a multi-battery, mission-direct fitness assessment designed to assess upper body strength, functional core strength, loaded spring-based work […]