Mini Study: 1x/week Training Results in Grip Strength Endurance Improvement & Disappointing Burpee Work Capacity Results

BLUF Training Work Capacity and Grip Strength 1x/week with hobbyist jiu-jitsu athletes results in 2.24% average increase on the Burpee Beep Ladder, and a 28.85% increase on the Gi Grip Assessment. Background We’ve seen a significant interest in training program options which work within time-constrained parameters. Careers, family, or hobbies mean training time can be […]

Mini Study: Confounding Results on HIIT vs Sprints for Work Capacity Improvement

By Rob Shaul, Founder BLUF We conducted a mini study comparing the work capacity improvement of shuttle sprint repeats vs short, multi-modal HITT efforts, but the results were inconclusive Background Crossfit popularized short, multi-modal HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in the mid-1990s and impact continues. While Crossfit Founder Greg Glassman did not invent multi-modal work […]

Mini Study Results: Percentage-Based Progression Beats Tempo for Strength, No Difference Between Interval and Negative Pull Up Progressions, More Work Needed on Aerobic Base Development

  By Rob Shaul, Founder BLUF A standard, percentage-based strength progression outperformed a Tempo-based progression to increase back squat strength, but bench press strength improvements were the same. Interval-based, concentric pull up and negative pull ups resulted in similar max rep pull up gains. Three weeks of 3 day/week, aerobic-base running resulted in unconclusive results […]

A Bullet Point Guide to All of MTI’s 100+ Mini-Studies

Thus far MTI has conducted 118 Mini-Studies. Below are hyperlinks to the full write ups and bullet points of the findings. – Rob Shaul, Founder 1 Pound On Your Foot Equals 5 Pounds On Your Back: The 5 Thumb Rules of Hiking One pound on your feet equals five pounds on your back. (1 lb. […]

Research Roundup: Latest Research on Stress and Police Officers

Compiled by Rob Shaul “Factors influencing post-traumatic stress disorder among police officers in South Korea” by H. Oh, Cheol-yeung Jang, and Michael Ko (Published on 2022-12-09) This study identifies critical incident trauma (CIT), social support, resilience, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in Korean police officers and determines factors related to PTSD to obtain basic data […]