Mini Study: Snapshot and Comparison Of Relative Strength And Work Capacity Between Types of Tactical Athletes and Civilians

BLUF This Mini Study sought to give a snapshot and comparison of the relative strength and work capacity of three types of Tactical Athletes and civilians. The results found that for the athletes tested, Urban Fire Athletes scored higher overall in relative strength than State SWAT/SRT, Federal SWAT/SRT and civilian athletes. Five of the six […]

A Bullet Point Guide to All of MTI’s 100+ Mini-Studies

Thus far MTI has conducted 118 Mini-Studies. Below are hyperlinks to the full write ups and bullet points of the findings. – Rob Shaul, Founder 1 Pound On Your Foot Equals 5 Pounds On Your Back: The 5 Thumb Rules of Hiking One pound on your feet equals five pounds on your back. (1 lb. […]

Research Roundup: Latest Research on Stress and Police Officers

Compiled by Rob Shaul “Factors influencing post-traumatic stress disorder among police officers in South Korea” by H. Oh, Cheol-yeung Jang, and Michael Ko (Published on 2022-12-09) This study identifies critical incident trauma (CIT), social support, resilience, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in Korean police officers and determines factors related to PTSD to obtain basic data […]

Mini Study: Pre-Season Mountain Bike Program Produces an Average of 17.4% Faster 8 Mile Time

Mini Study: Pre-Season Mountain Bike Program Produces an Average of 17.4% Faster 8 Mile Time By Anna Woodring, MTI Head Strength & Conditioning Coach/Researcher BLUF Mountain bike pre-season training program led to an average of 17.4% change in overall performance, resulting in a faster 8-mile assessment for all lab rats. Background Going into this mini-study, […]

Research Round Up 6.21.23

By Anna Woodring, MTI Head Strength & Conditioning Coach/Researcher BLUF: The first study examined the effects of “smart drugs” on cognitive performance in non-ADHD individuals in highly competitive environments. The findings suggest that taking smart drugs may have negative consequences for cognitive performance, particularly among high-performing individuals without ADHD. The second article examines how the […]

Lab Rats Needed To Take MTI’s Aerobic Base Assessment

By Rob Shaul, Founder One of the frustrations I’ve had over the years with conventional endurance coaches and programming is their emphasis on aerobic base training, but inability to clearly define a specific and simple assessment of aerobic base. Conventional endurance programming begins with aerobic base programming – primarily long, slow efforts in the Zone […]

Mini Study: Short Sprints outperform Heavy Squats and Lunges to Improve 3-Mile Run Times

By Rob Shaul, Founder BLUF Short sprints of 50m, 100m and 200m out performed a strength progression of heavy lunges and back squats to improve 3-Mile Run times for remote, veteran, MTI athletes. Background Multiple scholarly studies have been conducted to research the impact of heavy resistance training on distance running. Research has found that […]

Mini-Study: Lab Rats Average 8% Fight Gone Bad Improvement Following Event-Specific Programming

By Rob Shaul, Founder BLUF Remote, well-trained, MTI Lab Rats achieved an average 8% overall score increase on the CrossFit “Fight Gone Bad” WOD following event-specific program design. Background and Study Design A handful law enforcement agencies around the country use three rounds of “Fight Gone Bad” (FGB) as an annual fitness assessment. We’ve been […]