Q&A 6.15.24

Q: I bought the LE patrol training plan. When I open the workout there are multiple months and workouts to start from. Since this is June should I just start at the beginning of the month or is there another starting point I should start at? A: Thanks for reaching out. You are correct.  Start […]

MTI Unit Education Roadshow: No Cost Training & Education for Your Unit

BLUF: Mountain Tactical Institute (MTI) is offering no-cost, on-site education and training for Military, Fire, Law Enforcement, and Mountain Athlete groups. Why Are We Doing This: MTI is approaching 20 years of in business. This is an opportunity to give back and build a network of like-minded individuals who understand that fitness is a professional […]

Q&A 6.8.24

Q: I am trying out for my agencies special operations team at the end of September, should I start the FBI HRT program now? Or do you think I should way until later in June or early July. A: Recommend the following programs for your timeline: Begin: FBI HRT V2   22 July 2024   If you […]

MTI Collective Responses: How have mentors impacted you?

  “How have mentors played a role in your professional and personal lives? Any anecdotes of positive and/or negative impacts?”   “My father passed away when I was young and I was lucky to have an uncle who loved me very much and was a father figure and mentor. All throughout my teens and early […]

Work Capacity Snapshot and Observations of a Regional SWAT Team

BLUF In May of 2024 MTI was invited to an engagement with a Regional SWAT Team.  This opportunity provided a venue to have one-on-one discussions with Tactical Athletes, expose them to the “Efficient Strength” methodology, conduct a Tactical Athlete Work Capacity Assessment,  and gain further insight into the operational demands and challenges these tactical athletes […]

Lab Rats Wanted in Kalispell/Whitefish, Montana

We’re expanding our operation to the Kalispell/Whitefish area, and looking for in-person lab rats to train with us. MTI has a proud history with hundreds of lab rats… those who let us poke, prod, and test programming so we ensure delivery of the most mission-direct and efficient programming possible for Mountain and Tactical Athletes. Details […]

Arete 5.4.23

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional Mountain/Outside Health/Fitness/Nutrition Interesting  

MTI Collective: Leadership vs. Management

  How would you define leadership and management? What are the differences conceptually and in action? “You lead people and manage things. Keep people calm and provide directions in order to achieve an objective. ” “Management is control of self and attention and leadership is characterized by action and detachment and situations awareness and calm […]