Q&A 6.29.24

Q: Good Morning coach,

I retired from the Army 5 years ago, I am currently 53 years old.

I used to be an avid MTN Tactical user, however I have fallen off the wagon.

I am trying to determine which is the best plan to start with for an over 50, over weight individual.

I believe that you used to have an ‘On Ramp’ program, but I couldn’t find anything like that.

Thanks for the assistance,

A: Thanks for the info.

I apologize in advance if this hurts. We have to get some weight off of you.  Once we do that, we can look at some “On Ramp” similar programs.  Does that sound feasible?
We have a program called Fat Loss Plan V2 that will assist in losing some pounds but understand that diet is 90% of the battle. This plan is also a great gateway into more intense future programs.
If you prefer not to do the above, my next recommendation is the Daily General Fitness.

Q I’m planning to attend Psy Ops Selection this December. I would like to purchase the PSYOPS prep course from MTI, but I think I would also need to purchase the RAMP program to get my baseline higher. Is there any “bundling” option for that purchase? Is there any other option for accessing both programs?

For the Psy Ops train up, the website says it has pushups, sit ups, and a run for the ACFT training, even though the PT test has a plank and a 6 mi ruck. Has this train up program been modified yet?

A: Thanks for reaching out.

Yes, there is a bundling option. When you add both plans to your cart, you’ll receive a 25% discount.
I’ll verify we have the most relevant standards. Thanks.

Q: My main goal is optimal strength and mobility as I enter my mid thirties. I’m a former college athlete, as well as a former wildland firefighter. I currently work in marketing for a backcountry hunting company. I’m looking to build muscle and increase my endurance for backcountry hunts, as well as just a high level of fitness.

Current level of fitness:
Mid level fitness compared to previous parts of my life. I can run a mile and lift in the gym, but I certainly feel weak in the core/strength arena, and short in the endurance category.  I’ve often struggled with daily training and I’m interested in the busy operator course.
I’m 6’1.5″ and weigh just about 190. I feel as though my fighting weight should be around 180 ish. So I’d like to lose some weight or convert to muscle.
I’ve had IT band issues, resulting in downhill descent discomfort on long/steep hunts. Hence the focus on strength and mobility
Past Training:
I’m comfortable with all forms of lifting and I’m currently in a 2 day a week barbell style program.
I’ve done crossfit over the years, and been a part of a collegiate strength program.

A: I know you were looking at other options, but we do have an 8-week Backcountry Big Game Preseason plan that aligns well with your season.

Q: I was looking to start the Busy Dad training program, and purchased an athlete subscription. After looking at the app, I feel I may have been better off purchasing the plan. It seems like there are 5 separate plans that progress in a certain order, but it doesn’t necessarily seem like the Daily Training follows that progression. Am I wrong in the way I’m viewing this? I want to do it in the correct order.

A: Both the individual plan packet and daily training subscription are designed and built to be picked up at the beginning of any plan. We utilize ‘Fluid Periodization’, which rotates training plan focus between balanced (equal parts strength, work capacity, endurance) and slightly focused cycles (slight endurance, slight strength, or slight work capacity). With this construct, athletes like yourself can begin anywhere and still reap the benefits of the programming.

If you’d still like to switch to purchasing the packet, I’d be happy to refund your subscription order. Your call!

Q: So hopefully you can help me out with this. I want to tryout for my SWAT team and tryouts are April-ish of next year. I am trying to figure out a plan I can start now leading up to it. Our tryouts consist mostly of running and upper body strength obstacles and the basic 50 push/sit ups in 2 mins. and pull ups thrown in there somewhere

Just as a visual of my current physical status, I can run my 1 mile in about 12 mins (which used to be 15) so that has been getting better. I can do about 30ish pushups (in two mins). In proper form, I can do 2 pushups but i cannot do a pull up yet.
I have been mostly focused on losing weight lately and  currently weigh approximately 190lbs. I still want to lose weight throughout the process. and I know this sounds silly, but the more way I have lost the easier the bodyweight workouts have been.
So to wrap this up, I have about 10 more months until tryouts and I want to have a solid program I can do to get me prepared. I am a female and would be the first female for my county I work for so the day I try out I need to pass it lol 🙂

A: There is a decent number of items that need to be considered and worked on.  The good thing is that you have time.

1. Weight.  As you already identified, losing weight will make everything easier with bodyweight movements. 90% of weight loss is diet.  Simplified guidance on nutrition is to limit the booze and carbs.  Another approach is utilizing our Nutrition Coach if you want more in-depth guidance.
2. The first program I recommend you do is Bodyweight Beginner. It is a tough program that will assist in weight loss (remember, diet is 90% of the challenge). It will also help with push-ups and help you begin developing your pull-up ability through the use of negative pull-ups.
Once you crank this program out, send me a status update, and we will continue to the next program.  As we go, we’ll refine and get more focused on the exact standards.  Thanks for reaching out early.

Q: Mountain Tactical Team,

We just finished the “Busy Dad Limited Equipment” workout cycle and are looking for a recommendation as to what to move onto next.

The same constraints still apply in terms of equipment and time. Might be able to increase time a little bit but not much.

Also, equipment limitations still apply but still have access to everything that was required in Busy Dad Limited Equipment.

Do you have suggestions?

A: I recommend the Great Plains Tribe Limited Equipment Training Packet. If you have time constraints, you can cut the Grind times in half.

Q: Hello! I know this might be out of the norm but I was curious as to what program you might recommend off of this: I’m currently transitioning from military to law enforcement and getting ready for the academy. I’m using your SRT/Swat selection program But I couldn’t help but notice that it doesn’t really hit any of the accessory muscles. I know it’s dumb but I had neck surgery a year ago and I worked REALLY hard to get back into looking good and feeling good. I’m losing mass on this swat/srt program; do you have anything that’s kind of an inbetween that will also hit those accessory muscles occasionally while still focusing on being functional? Sorry for the dumb/long message!

A: No stupid questions.

When do you start the academy?
Our approach would be to train for the demands of the academy, and once you have completed it, we would transition you to one of our LE athlete programs.
Regarding accessory lifts, we are considering including more grip/neck work.  Thanks for the feedback.

Q: Rob!

You’re killing me! I just got selected for FBI SWAT and definitely wish this training packet existed when I prepped. I definitely used elements of training plans you’ve recommended to me in the past, so all good lol. With that said, having just gone through selection, this training packet is spot on. Thanks for putting these things together and continuing to make them better.

A: Hell yeah, Sam! Congrats!

Q: Good afternoon,

I would like some advice on where to go with your programming. With all the options it is hard to know where to start (I could be overthinking it). Just for some background, I did a few years of CrossFit then found your programming and completed the military onramp prior to going to ABOLC with the army. I dabbled in the daily operator sessions but fell off during ABOLC when we had a lot of field days. Since being back I have focused on weight training in the Big 3 and have made good progress. My weight has increased, but my body fat has maintained.

Overall my fitness goals are:

  1. Maximize my score on the ACFT last score was a 536. I had over 80 in each event except for the run (my two-mile was an 18:05).
  2. I really want to be able to do pullups.
  3. Lose weight and get around the 195-200 mark (consistent with your weight guidelines). I am 6’1 and 260 at 21% bodyfat. Based on your guidelines I certainly have weight to lose both Muscle mass and fat. My lean body mass was 215 last I checked.
  4. Overall obtain a level of fitness that allows me to maintain an active lifestyle (rock climbing, backpacking, hunting, and complete a couple of 5k’s/10k’s year with my son)

I am 100% committed to the diet guidelines. I have 1-2 hours of time to work out daily (especially if I can split it up in the morning/evening). And have access to a full gym if needed.

Long story short based on my goals and current fitness, I would love your advice on where to go with programming.

Thank you!

A: To maximize your ACFT, I recommend our ACFT Training Plan. It’s a seven-week plan with a built-in taper. Simply backplan seven weeks from your scheduled ACFT, and you will be set.

Regarding your other goals, losing some weight will make everything easier. It will make you faster, and your pull-ups will increase.  Our Fat Loss program combined with a disciplined diet can assist with getting trimmed up.  Here is a potential timeline:
I July-16 Aug: Fat Loss Program
19 Aug- 4 October: ACFT Program
Manipulate either of them to meet your timing and goals.
Post ACFT you could hop back on the Daily Operator or Daily General Fitness.  Both are good options for you.

Q: I’m reaching out to ask for some insight on which plan to go with. I’m currently doing a 3x/week full body workout with some cardio mixed in. M/W/F are full body and T/Th/Sat are running days. I work for a federal LEO Agency and am looking to get on the SWAT team. I don’t have a timeframe on the screening, but likely within the next year and want to be good to go when the opportunity comes.

I’m looking to see if I should add a program in a 2-a-day aspect, or consider replacing my current workouts all together with the FBI SWAT plan/packet or something similar all together.

I’ve always been a sprinter, so distance running is not a strong suit of mine. Similar for pushups since I’ve had shoulder surgery when I was younger, so those will need to improve. I can pass the SWAT PFT, but would like it to just be easier.

Any insight would be much appreciated.

A: Thanks for reaching out.

I think you have the right idea. It’s probably time to get a formal training plan with your future goals in mind. The sooner you have an idea of the SWAT PFT date, the better.
I recommend you begin our Daily LE SWAT/SRT subscription, which is our balanced cycle for SWAT/SRT Operators. Once you have a more refined date, we can plan for the SWAT PFT.


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