Research Roundup 6.1.23

By Anna Woodring, MTI Strength and Conditioning Coach  BLUF: The first study compared running on a treadmill to running outdoors and found that running on a treadmill without any incline is easier due to the absence of air resistance. The researchers found that setting the treadmill at a 1% incline most closely simulates the energy […]

MTI Privacy Policy

At MTI, we value and prioritize the privacy of our users. This Privacy Statement and Policy outlines how we collect, use, and protect your personal information when you visit our website or use our services. By accessing or using Mountain Tactical Institute, you consent to the terms outlined in this policy. Information We Collect: a. […]

Research Roundup 5.23.23

By Anna Woodring, MTI Strength and Conditioning Coach BLUF:  The first study investigated how partial sleep deprivation affects moral reasoning and moral judgment in military officers. The study found that sleep deprivation significantly diminished the capacity for mature and principled moral reasoning in officers compared to when they were well-rested. The second study focused on […]

Arete 5.27.23

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy Navy destroyer USS John Finn’s commanding officer fired, Task & Purpose Navy destroyer USS John Finn’s executive officer fired along with ship’s captain, T&P Academy Cadets with Kids Still Waiting as Pentagon Lags on Rule Change, Dod Iran Nuclear Site Deep Underground Challenges West, Real Clear Defense Air Force Major […]

Q&A 5.27.23

QUESTION I’m running a 75 mile three day stage race the first week of August. 15,500 ft of vert total, technical mountain running, with respective daily mileage of about 22, 25 and 30 miles. Longest race has been a 50k with 9,300 ft of vert last year. I average 30-40 miles per week in spring […]

Q&A 5.20.23

QUESTION How would you advise training in the am after getting up? Should I be eating first or would you recommend working out fasted? I’m starting a remote job and want to do my workouts in the am. Also, is it ok to repeat the whole workout once I am done? ANSWER This is personal.  […]

Arete 5.20.23

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy The Radical Redesign and Restructuring of the United States Marine Corps, RCD The Space Force needs your help describing what its mission is, Task & Purpose Fort Cavazos battalion commander fired for misconduct, Task & Purpose Special Forces soldiers reveal first details of battle with Russian mercenaries in Syria, Task […]