MTI’s Top Selling Training Plans for June 2023

MTI’s Top Selling Training Plans for June 2023   1. Athlete’s Subscription 2. Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) Training Plan 3. Bodyweight Foundation 4. FBI Special Agent PFT Training 5. Bodyweight Build 6. Big 3 Strength + 5-Mile Run Training Plan 7. Bodyweight Beginner 8. Big 3 Strength + 3-Mile Run Training Plan 9. Gladiator […]

Q&A 6.3.23

QUESTION Curious if there is a specific plan you would direct me to for rucking/running strength, speed, and endurance.  I am “considering” the SF route, but not quite ready for a commitment on that front but wanted to at least start getting my body in shape for the rucking/running I might face if I were […]

Q&A 5.27.23

QUESTION I’m running a 75 mile three day stage race the first week of August. 15,500 ft of vert total, technical mountain running, with respective daily mileage of about 22, 25 and 30 miles. Longest race has been a 50k with 9,300 ft of vert last year. I average 30-40 miles per week in spring […]

Q&A 5.20.23

QUESTION How would you advise training in the am after getting up? Should I be eating first or would you recommend working out fasted? I’m starting a remote job and want to do my workouts in the am. Also, is it ok to repeat the whole workout once I am done? ANSWER This is personal.  […]

Q&A 5.13.23

QUESTION I’m sure you get millions of these, so I’m grateful for your patience and I’ll be direct. I’ve been inconsistent with the gym since I’ve started work (several months), and my lower back feels kind of pinched when I squat heavy, in a way it’s never done before. It gets sore when I run […]

MTI’s Top Selling Training Plans for May 2023

MTI’s Top Selling Training Plans for May 2023   1. Athlete’s Subscription 2. Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) Training Plan 3. FBI Special Agent PFT Training 4. Bodyweight Foundation 5. Bodyweight Beginner 6. Low Back Fitness Training 7. Ranger School Training Plan 8. Air Assault School Training Plan 9. Big 3 Strength + 3-Mile Run […]

Q&A 5.6.23

QUESTION I found your website and was looking through what you offer. I’m booked to do an Everest Base Camp Trek next March. So I have one year to train. I’m not a regular hiker or anything just walk 3-5 miles 3-4x week. So guess I’m starting from scratch. Is the Kilimanjaro Training Plan the […]

Q&A 4.29.23

QUESTION I have been bouncing around your programs for awhile building overall fitness. I just finished two cycles of your 6 hour adventure racing plan and I can verify it definitely produced demonstrable improvement.  However, at 61 I have decided I don’t really want to train exclusively for AR events anymore as it is unlikely I will […]

Q&A 4.22.23

QUESTION Do you happen to have a program to combine selection type training with olympic lifts focusing on technique not necessarily reps? I want to train for SFAS while just maintaining my Olympic lift technique. ANSWER Closest I would have is the Big 3 Strength + 6-Mile Ruck Training Plan. You could sub in the snatch, clean […]

Q&A 4.15.23

QUESTION Is your program good for another sports? (Bjj, basketball, ecc) ANSWER We have a sport specific training plans for BJJ, but none for basketball. – Rob QUESTION I’m looking for a plan to help in my workouts in the gym I do powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting ANSWER Big 24 Strength. – Rob QUESTION I am […]