Q&A 4.11.24

QUESTION I just got done hiking 800k and need direction on what program from MTI I should start doing to recomp and gain strength back for my security job. Size isn’t really important just a good strength to weight ratio. ANSWER Got it. Go with the Big 24 Strength Plan. QUESTION LTC US Army 44 years […]

Q&A 4.4.24

QUESTION Just wanted to clarify before starting the program: When doing sets is it: 5 rounds – 5x of 1 leg box squats , does that mean do the right leg for round one and then left leg round 2? Or do the (5) reps with the left leg and then (5) reps with the […]

Q&A 3.28.24

QUESTION Hey I am trying to select a plan/training approach to get ready for Navy OCS in June. I am fit and I work on my feet most days (restaurant work) but I am 37 and I am more injury prone than I used to be. Approach would you recommend. ANSWER We have a Navy […]

Q&A 3.14.24

QUESTION I am reaching out to get some help in making the best choice in buying a plan with you all. I am an Army Infantry Officer assigned to the 4th Ranger Training Battalion. Currently, my main focuses are on my durability/longevity and decreasing my 5-mile time. Lately I have kept a 3x a week […]

Q&A 3.7.24

QUESTION What program would recommend for a 43yr old male in law enforcement? I am an investigator who still goes out on arrests and participates in tactical training. I have some back issues which can sometimes be exacerbated with squatting. Not sure what plan I should start with. Thanks! ANSWER Start with our LE On […]

Q&A 2.22.24

QUESTION I had talked to you last year about Field Medical Training Batallion workouts to prepare for it. You recommended some training plans and managed to do it for quite a while, however I have been working as an ICU/Trauma Center Corpsman for a year and the 12 hour shifts and many days of work […]

Q&A 2.15.24

QUESTION I was curious what type of shoes you use for the training? Thanks! ANSWER I don’t have any specific recommendations for footwear. Flat shoes (like Van’s) are great for general gym-based sessions. Weightlifting shoes with an elevated heel are great for lift-only sessions, but terrible for everything else. For running, that’s going to be […]

Q&A 2.8.24

QUESTION I want to try for CSOR selection in March 2025. I’ve been out of the gym for awhile due to injury / deployments and don’t really know where to start to build back for selection. Can you recommend a plan or series of plans? ANSWER Start with the Military On Ramp Training Plan. This will […]

Q&A 2.1.24

QUESTION I’m looking at going out for FBI SWAT selections in approximately 20 weeks or so.  When would you recommend doing the SWAT Selection plan, FBI SWAT PFT plan, or any other plans during that time period? It’ll be a new selection process so I don’t know a lot of details, but will likely be […]

Q&A 1.25.24

QUESTION Absolutely loving the programming so far, am into week 6 of the military on ramp following the SFOD-D packet. A weak point of mine is swimming and curious as to how to integrate some more swimming into the programming? looking for specific event being Australian SFET. 2 minute tread water and 400m swim. Would […]