Q&A 9.17.23

QUESTION I like your quad deuce range assessment, anything similar in the archive for archery? Thanks! ANSWER Hi Phil – Yes, we have several mini-studies and assessments on for archery. See below for a few links. https://mtntactical.com/knowledge/archery-stress-marksmanship-part/ https://mtntactical.com/knowledge/mini-study-stress-decreases-archery-accuracy-23/ https://mtntactical.com/knowledge/video-archery-stress-marksmanship-apache-drill/ QUESTION Hey guys – been using your programming on and off for a few years now. […]

Q&A 9.9.23

QUESTION What program would you recommend for an Olympic triathlon that also incorporates strength training. ANSWER We have an Olympic Triathlon Training Plan – and it’s the one I’d recommend. If you wanted to supplement it with strength training, do one of the strength sessions in Foritude 1-2x/week. – Rob QUESTION My 21-year-old son and I are candidates […]

Q&A 9.2.23

QUESTION  I am curious on what plan you would recommend to increase power to weight ratio. ANSWER Sure, the MTI Relative Strength Assessment Training Plan is geared directly for that purpose  QUESTION Do you have a fitness assessment for those of usin the SF60 group? If not what would one look like? Theoretically. Thanks ANSWER […]

Q&A 8.26.23

QUESTION I previously did the Big 24 on my last deployment.  I recently got back into JiuJuitsu and am about to start Big 36.  I’m definitely in-shape but working back up.   Got a few questions. 1) What’s your recommendation progression, rep/set, to work up to 1 RM max? 2) I lack mobility/flexibility.  Tight hammies, lats, […]

Q&A 8.19.23

QUESTION I see that the Athlete Subscription includes daily programming. Would i be able to see what that looks like? ANSWER Here’s information and sample sessions of our Daily Operator Sessions. QUESTION Regarding pull-ups, I tend to plateau between 8-12. I’ve been training for SFAS (RBSTP Program) for about a year now, so I’ve had […]

Q&A 8.12.23

QUESTION Years ago i purchased the military athlete goruck selection plan and i noticed that you now have an updated 3rd version. how fundamentally different is the 3rd version? ANSWER The programming updates reflect on improved approaches, but the fundamentals of it will be mostly familiar. If you purchased the plan, you automatically get access […]

Q&A 7.22.23

QUESTION Hello.4Whether it be individualized training or an existing program? It is just the physical events: pull ups, push ups, sit ups, 5mi run, 10mi ruck. The events are in that order, there is a break between the run and ruck ANSWER I don’t have a perfect plan for you … but I have close. […]

Q&A 7.8.23

QUESTION Have an upcoming trip for Fossil Hunting in Florida. As a former athlete want to be as ready as possible, not only to carry my weight but others if needed. The requirements: -Long distance walking maybe with some gear? – may be some rough terrain but probably flat – shoveling and digin under extreme […]

Q&A 6.24.23

QUESTION I was wondering if the BJJ Tactical Hero programs could be used as time constrined training programs, even if I dont practice BJJ? Specifically the limitied equipment versions Frank Dux and Riggs are interesting to me, short intense and simple. But my questions is, would something be missing without the BJJ, or are they […]

Q&A 6.17.23

QUESTION I had great success using the firefighter cpat testing to become a volunteer firefighter so i wanted to get your advice on passing whats called a PIN test here in Canada so I can become a special constable. The elements of the test are: Pushups Sit and reach (trunk flexion) Core endurance Beep test […]