Q&A 3.25.23

QUESTION I purchased the SWAT/SRT “Gun Maker” Training Packet as I’m wanting to be a competitive applicant and prepare myself for ERT selection in the future, approximately 3 years down the line. I’m 5’1, 125 lbs female officer. I took the MTI Relative Strength Assessment Scoring and was able to obtain a 4.3. My plan […]

Q&A 3.18.23

QUESTION I am currently about to start the run/ruck training program and i was looking at the workouts like the sandbag getup and good mornings. You have it listed as doing those specifically with a sandbag/backpack. Is there a difference if i did it with a barbell for the good mornings and a kettlebell for the […]

Q&A 3.11.23

QUESTION I’m writing you all after another Sunday morning run. I’ve used you all before – namely your Ranger school preparation course, which was extremely effective. I’m an active duty Marine officer going on 15 years. I’ve found that my fitness is primarily based around a long run and the same weight lifting exercises time […]

Q&A 3.4.23

QUESTION I am reaching out because I want to train for BORTAC selection but I know I have approximately 8 or 9 months before beginning the selection process. Would I be able to do the 8 week training now to develop myself to the shape I need to get myself into or what would be […]

Q&A 2.25.23

QUESTION I’m a police officer and my Sheriffs Office just announced tryouts for SWAT. I’m a Marine Corps combat veteran and I’m 38 years old. I’m trying to find a program to conquer selection and get myself in tip top shape to be the best I can be. If you could give me some insight […]

Q&A 2.18.23

QUESTION Need some suggestions on how to get back in shape after Covid. Finally got it. Basically slept for 2 days. I was on week 12 of the run improvement. Which is interesting… I could complete a 10 mile run last week. And now I am huffing and puffing going up a flight of stairs. […]

Q&A 2.9.22

QUESTION I have a question about your recommendation on programs. I just finished a year subscription on your programs while I was deployed overseas. However I am now in a unique situation and wanted to ask your opinion on an effective training program for the next couple months; I am a National Guard MP who […]

Q&A 2.2.23

QUESTION I need some help on training plans…  Some info: 44 years old Former college football player Live in the mountain of Colorado Avid bow hunter, hiker, backpacker, skier Have former injuries that keep me from running and explosive exercises. I need functional movement exercises I need strength but want to get away from straight gym […]

Q&A 1.26.23

QUESTION BLUF: I’ve got longer than 8 weeks before RASP and would love some recommendations. I’m a Ranger Qualified National Guard Armor Officer. I just read the new National Defense Authorization Act, and it states that they’re standing up the very first NG Ranger Battalion! More details will come March apparently, so there is some […]

Q&A 1.19.22

QUESTION I’m in the final stages of preparing for an upcoming FBI academy class, and am looking to change up my current exercise routine to be a more competitive tactical applicant and prepare myself for SWAT/HRT selection down the line. I’ve completed a few cycles of a Stew Smith program and while I’ve seen great […]