The Quiet Professional Collection of Essays


MTI has always been about more than just fitness. While fitness is the focus and bulk of our work, it’s been our essays and thoughts about the concept of Quiet Professionalism and bigger life issues which have garnered the most feedback from our athlete and community. We’ve been asked several times to put together in one place the full collection. We’ve finally put those together below.

Your thoughts and feedback is appreciated.


– Rob Shaul, MTI


Quiet Professionalism

What Does it Mean to Be a Quiet Professional?

Quiet Professional: Do Your Job With Dignity

Quiet Professional: Service

Quiet Professional: Mission First

Quiet Professional: Hard Work

Quiet Professional: Don’t Get Too Far From Your Purpose

Quiet Professional: The Difference Between Experience and Wisdom

Quiet Professional: Tools for Making Hard Decisions

Quiet Professional: Humility & Humor

Quiet Professional: Resilience

Quiet Professional: Gratitude

Quiet Professional: Embrace the Suck

Quiet Professional: On Professional Reading

Quiet Professionalism Presentation to the Denver Police Department

Thoughts on Organizational Ethos, Incentives and Structure Required to Promote Quiet Professionalism


Other Topics

The Happiness Equation

Stockdale, Stoicism and The Art of Living

The Best Things Come from Commitment

The Gratitude Enhancing Power of “Appreciate You”

You May Love the Mountain, But the Mountain Does Not Love You

My Biggest Programming Mistakes

On Mental Fitness

The Liberating Power of “Fixing It”

How “Good for Them” Changed My Life

The Relentless Pull of Douchebag Gravity

How Discontent Poisons Happiness

The Surefire Sabotage of Self Importance

My Failure Resume

Responses to Rob’s “Failure Resume”

You Can’t Escape the Work

“Little Boy” as a Career Choice

Stuff I’ve Learned, Part 1

Stuff I’ve Learned, Part 2

Stuff I Wish I’d Learned …

The Blessing and the Curse of Accommodation

The Constant Burden of Being an Overachiever

Coaching Lessons Learned the Hard Way

The Inescapable Exhaustion from Pushing Continuous Improvement

The Wind in my Face

Caught Adrift

Chasing Solace

Faith, Existentialism, and Worthy Ways to Spend Time

Life is What Happens When You’re Making Other Plans

Quiet Professionalism and COVID-19

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