Quiet Professional: Gratitude

By Rob Shaul


Gratitude bears two gifts: 


1) Perspective.

By definition, perspective is a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.

When things are hard, stepping back, breathing, and identifying the good in our lives in general, and the specific situation, in particular, puts stuff in focused perspective.

Things can get bad – but never so bad that we aren’t blessed in some or many ways, and can’t express gratitude accordingly.

In this way, gratitude is a potent weapon against despair; a single, beautiful, warm flame in the cold darkness.


2) The Present.

Gratitude forces us to take stock of our current situation, and in doing so, puts us in the glorious present. This is not easy, as past regret and future anxiety constantly nip at our heels begging attention.

A grateful person swats away past regret and future anxiety, freeing space for the here and now.


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