Past Clients Include: 

Advanced Programming Courses

US Army

  • 28th EOD, Fort Bragg, NC
  • ODA 1033, Panzer Kaserne, Germany

US Navy

  • DEVGRU, Dam Neck, VA


  • 45 CES/CED, EOD, Patrick AFB, FL
  • 56th Security Forces, Luke AFB
  • 123rd STS, Louisville, KY
  • 210th RQS, Elmendorf AFB, AK


  • SOCOM, McDill AFB, FL

Law Enforcement

  • Des Moines Regional Police Academy, Des Moines, IA
  • Kentucky State Police, SRT


  • Des Moines Fire Academy, Des Moines, IA


Squad PT Programming/Training Seminar

US Army

  • 1­501st, Fort Richardson, AK
  • 3­509th, Fort Richardson, AK
  • Ed’s Battalion at Fort Myer, VA
  • 3­21st, Fort Wainright, AK
  • 4­3d, Fort Myer, VA


Small Unit Training Course

US Army

  • 4­3rd, Fort Myer, VA
  • 1­22 INF, Fort Carson, CO


Soldier­ Athlete Certification Course

US Army

  • 30th EOD, Vandenberg AFB, CA
  • 28th EOD, Fort Bragg, NC
  • Range Fitness Sessions/Courses

US Military

  • ODA 5226, Fort Campbell, KY
  • ODA 1033, Panzer Kaserne, Germany

Law Enforcement

  • Border Patrol BORSTAR and BORTAC, El Paso, Tx
  • DEA, El Paso, Tx
  • US Marshall’s Service, El Paso, Tx
  • FBI SWAT, Los Angeles
  • Kentucky State Police SRT



  • 4­17 IN, 3 ­Weeks Intensive Coaching with Soldiers at Fort Bliss
  • 3­ Weeks Intensive Coaching and Program Design, Border Control, El Paso, Tx
  • Plan Development Working with Schools/Courses/Event Organizers
  • USMC Recon Challenge
  • USMC Recon Course



  • The North Face
  • American Mountain Guide Association