The Quiet Professional Collection of Essays

  MTI has always been about more than just fitness. While fitness is the focus and bulk of our work, it’s been our essays and thoughts about the concept of Quiet Professionalism and bigger life issues which have garnered the most feedback from our athlete and community. We’ve been asked several times to put together […]

Kudos and Q&A 12-31-14

    Questions include:  substitutes for squat and deadlift, where are SF45 workouts, what is Cadillac, plans for putting on size, how to find 1RM, and more! KUDOS I really love what you guys are doing. Your programming has kept me in really good shape and injury free as I near 40 years old. I […]

Operator Session KUDOS

I wanted to thank you for all the great programming and advice.  I recently attended my unit’s SFRE (a mini-SFAS based event that screens and selects candidates to go onto SFAS) and was one of several selected.  I owe a large portion of the success to your insights and training programs, specifically the ruck based […]

Kudos 11-6-14

Here’s what our athletes are saying: Thank you for everything everyone there does.  Truly a great product & service.  My friends & peers are tired of my constantly pushing your programming on them but it works.  –T I like the overall gains I’ve seen both from Mountain and Strong swift durable.  I’ve noticed solid gains in ground I […]

Kudos from Our Athletes 10-16-2014

What our athletes say… First off, I want to thank you for such awesome and innovative programing. It has throttled me into a whole other world of fitness that I never thought I could attain. From being an airborne infantryman to my current status as an Officer Candidate and full time Criminal Analyst in the […]

KUDOS 2014-06-23

Rob, Just got home from SFAS, successfully selected.  I know you’ve got tons of athletes, but I’m going to run down a quick laundry list on how your program has had a direct and significant impact in my life: In 2009, I was first introduced to your program as my USMA Sandhurst team used it […]

KUDOS 2014-06-12

Rob,   I wanted to thank you for the Goruck Challenge Plan.  I completed the Challenge and absolutely thrived!  If there was one thing I would suggest adding – it would be push ups with the pack, push ups with the pack and elevated feet (inchworm), and more flutter kicks.  Those were the three things […]

KUDOS 2014-05-15

Thank you for putting together the training programs and Operator Sessions. Everyday is a challenge and a felt sense of accomplishment once completed. This is THE best workout program out there for those of us burdened with maintaining a constant level of fitness. Much appreciated. Respectfully, -R *************************************** Thanks for the advice Rob, I figure […]

KUDOS 2014-04-22

Coach, Last week I finished the APFT program and want to say, first and foremost, kudos. Having been slowly recovering from an ankle injury over the last few months (I injured my ankle last spring during our Battalion Pre-Sapper course) I did have a minor drop in performance after my first APFT I took after […]

KUDOS 2013-11-06

KUDOS Hey y’all. Greetings from Texas! I am the, owner of CrossFit Stars and Bars, and a board member of The Warfighter Foundation and a member of the Elite Athletes of Warfighter Foundation. Just wanted to drop a line and let y’all know I used the program years ago when I prepped my team for […]