KUDOS 2014-06-12



I wanted to thank you for the Goruck Challenge Plan.  I completed the Challenge and absolutely thrived!  If there was one thing I would suggest adding – it would be push ups with the pack, push ups with the pack and elevated feet (inchworm), and more flutter kicks.  Those were the three things that challenged me the most.







First off just wanted to thank you for some of the new plans that are up.  I had been struggling the last few months to make any progress.  My knees have constantly ached, I was always fatigued, and I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere fitness-wise.  I had a sneaking suspicion that I knew what was wrong, so I picked up your Rookie Training Plan and started the On-Ramp.  It’s been four weeks and the problem I was having was a simple one:  I was weak!  I broke my hand late last year, and although I did the one-arm training plan (which was great by the way), I had to take about 5 weeks of almost total rest once the cast came off to make sure the bone set right.  Was having trouble ever since, but with On Ramp, workouts are good and I’m progressing rapidly.




I really like your site/program layout it makes sense. The other program mentioned in the article was gym Jones, he seems very knowledgable and does great stuff but his site had all that 300 ad stuff and wasn’t as user friendly as your site, good work!


Thanks. Your programs keep Me fit & motivated. They are certainly preparing Me for what is soon to come.


Mr. Shaul,


Let me first just say how incredible it has been for my military fitness to be involved with military athlete.  I have been doing the operator sessions for only about 6 months now and my lifts have increased at least 15-20 pounds.  My job in the navy requires that I am able to push press at least 150 pounds, and deadlift at least 250 for loading bombs and missiles on F-18s, often 12 to 15 times a day in a deployment theater.  Because of the operator sessions I not only surpass these quals but also my endurance fitness to keep going has improved drastically, and for this I say thank you. thank you for taking the time to answer my question and providing all that you do.  I know for me and many like me in the military your programs are exactly what we need to maintain a physical strength to accomplish our missions! KEEP IT UP!!!




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