Q&A 6-12-2014



I’m wondering if you’ve done away with the SWAT/SRT subscription. I saw in your LE Program Theory video that you weren’t sure if you were going to continue offering both Patrol and SWAT. Where I’m coming from – assigned to Patrol (my full-time gig) and member of our department’s part-time SWAT team. As you can guess, I’m interested in training for both elements of my job.

Thanks for all you guys offer!

-A grateful guy who is just finishing up the free Operator Sessions.



Hi M –

We combined Patrol and Swat sessions into “Officer Sessions.” Many guys like you did both, and I felt we could cover the fitness demands for both jobs in the same sessions.

– Rob




I happened to notice the LE version of your site and you stated that LE needs more upper body mass and so on and it got me thinking that might be the best route for me and here is why.   A little about me,  I am retired military but currently do Special Operations for the

West Virginia Division of Corrections, a SWAT team for the DOC,  while we still need a decent degree of endurance we are not going to Ruck 25 miles.  We are however tasked with Man Hunts and that entails traversing some rugged terrain in full battle rattle, so endurance is still needed, but at the same time its better to be a Mack Truck than a Ferrari for the CQB end of our job.  I am currently 46 and would like to push my tactical life out to 50 before I hang up the spurs.  What plans do you recommend?  Currently I do a modified version of your Operator Sessions, I would like a healthy balance between strength and endurance(favoring strength) and at the same time keeping whats left of my joints intact. I was wanting to give RAT 6 a run but standing by for your reccomendations.


Hi B –

I’d recommend the Officer Sessions as your day to day training. I’m programming these specifically for Law Enforcement athletes and they are more appropriate for you. We just started a new cycle aimed at closing the distance to a criminal quickly, and wrestling him to the ground – short explosive speed and power, upper body strength/hypertrophy and grip strength, rotational core strength.

If you want to focus on strength for a time, I’d recommend the Ultimate Meathead Cycle (http://le-trial.myshopify.com/collections/le-athlete/products/ultimate-meathead) instead of Rat 6. Ultimate Meathead deploys mass effort strength intensity and volume for lower and total body, and hypertrophy (mass) intensity and volume for upper body.

– Rob

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