Q&A 6-26-2014

QUESTION I’m a LEO, just started on the Rat 6 program, at the same time I just found out theres SWAT tryouts 3 – 4 months out. Can you recommend a couple of programs (Training Plan) that I can get to prep between now and Oct. What I’ve been able to gather from the forums, […]

Q&A 6-19-2014

QUESTION I see in the routine 15-10-5 countdown for time with three exercises: hinge lift, box jump and sit ups. Does this mean that I have to do 3 rounds of each exercise: first one for 15 reps, second one for 10 reps and third one for 5 reps. Or does it mean that I […]

Q&A 6-12-2014

QUESTION Rob, I’m wondering if you’ve done away with the SWAT/SRT subscription. I saw in your LE Program Theory video that you weren’t sure if you were going to continue offering both Patrol and SWAT. Where I’m coming from – assigned to Patrol (my full-time gig) and member of our department’s part-time SWAT team. As […]