KUDOS 2014-04-22


Last week I finished the APFT program and want to say, first and foremost, kudos. Having been slowly recovering from an ankle injury over the last few months (I injured my ankle last spring during our Battalion Pre-Sapper course) I did have a minor drop in performance after my first APFT I took after my first month in Hawaii and first month of doing the Mountain Athlete Base Fitness Program.

The APFT I took on 8 October 2013 was this:

Age: 30 years
Gender: Male
Pushups: 52
Situps: 71
2 Mile Run: 16:40

Bodyweight: 177 lbs/20% Bodyfat

After that APFT I continued on the Base Fitness route on the Mountain Athlete side (more or less, with a couple of stints at using the Busy Operator 1 program for a couple weeks, introducing myself to the military side). I also hammered down on my diet a lot more too, 1x cheat day and more or less following the guidelines you guys put on the website.

I started the APFT program seven weeks ago (blended with 2x days of low volume/heavy load lifting to maintain a bit of strength) to prepare for today’s APFT and my morning started with this:

Age: 30 years
Gender: Male
Pushups: 61
Situps: 80
2 Mile Run: 15:34

Bodyweight: 170.5 lbs/8% Bodyfat.

Once again, thanks for providing such kickass programming. This week I’m going to rest mostly before I roll right into the Operator Sessions next Monday and in October I will use the program again to see if I can’t surpass this last APFT.

Very Respectfully,



I wanted to email and Thank you for your program. Both teams finished the Best Ranger Competition, and we placed 13th (awesome for our first time competing), and 25th (they had an injury early in the comp).

We followed the program with a Draconian attitude. It was extremely challenging like you initially stated but we ground through it and modified only when needing to evade an injury. A few of us are already contemplating competing next year.

There are no words for me to truly express how grateful we are for your train up program. Thank you again, I look forward to using all of your workouts.





You might find this feedback interesting….I’ve trained through your Ultra Running, Ruck Based Selection, Operation Ugly Train Up, Work Capacity and Body Weight programs with great results. 10 days ago, I was hiking with my wife- easy day, just six miles over moderate terrain. At mile 3.5, I rolled my ankle and fell hard. I was on the ground for about 5 minutes before I even tried to stand. Long story short, we walked the next 2.5 miles at a slow pace, and every step hurt (not the worse pain I’ve been in, but it was rough). Thinking it was just a sprain, I iced it, took some anti-inflammatory pills, wrapped it, tried to keep the weight off it, and left it at that. While at my routine physical yesterday, I asked my doctor to take a look at it. We took some x-rays, and he had a look of disbelief. I had been walking for 10 days with a broken ankle and not known it. I’d been in some degree of discomfort, but nothing that ever bothered me after the second day. After some further tests, and seeing an orthopedist, they determined that the ligaments and tendons in my feet, ankle and legs were so “durable” and strong, that they were basically making up for a broken bone, hence why I could walk all day with only mild discomfort.

I would credit your training with making me “durable”. While I’m going to be sidelined for the next 12 weeks with a soft cast/hard boot, at least I know I have a bullet proof (sort of) lower body.




I’ve never been much of a nutrition guy but decided to change that last October. I had gotten really lean but very weak while training Operator Pentathlon. I was using a low fat, reduced calorie diet and I was wasting away. That’s when I decided to read “Why We Get Fat” and adopt your nutritional guidelines. I’ve been at it for over six months and the results have been amazing! At 42, I’ve gotten near my PR in bench, FS and deadlift. I’m training two-a-days and my energy level is off the charts. Plus, I’ve gotten ripped! But the most telling results were in my recent medical workup.

Improvement from last year =
weight 174 to 169/bs.
waist 34″ to 32″
body fat 11.8 to 8.2%
BP 128/88 to 106/70
total cholesterol 187 to 172
Triglycerides 127 to 120
HDL 50 to 55, LDL 111 to 93
Glucose 114 to 95.

I’ve always trained hard so this is all the result of eating better! Thanks for making it easy to understand.

Thank you for your awesome programs and continued efforts. Military Athlete is the most amazing programing Ive ever done, and I am constantly trying to recruit guys for your operator sessions. Thanks for all you do, please keep them coming.


Just wanted to give you guys some feedback. I just completed Ranger school. I used the Ranger train up program twice prior to my original start date, then got delayed a month since the january class was overbooked and followed your operator pentathalon program. There wasn’t a single day my legs felt the hurt that some other guys were feeling. I even volunteered to carry the heavier equipment on multiple long walks and the hike up Mount Hawk.


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