Kudos 11-6-14

2014-11-06 le cody agility turn

Here’s what our athletes are saying:

Thank you for everything everyone there does.  Truly a great product & service.  My friends & peers are tired of my constantly pushing your programming on them but it works.  –T

I like the overall gains I’ve seen both from Mountain and Strong swift durable.  I’ve noticed solid gains in ground I can cover or (particularly with a load, i.e. hunting pack, entry vest, etc.) along with stamina and core strength which comes out in cross-country MX races.  I’ve managed top 5 finishes in nearly all of the races I’ve entered in the past two years, thanks in large part to the stamina and strength gains I’ve made (I was finishing 15-20th in the year before).  While I may not be able to bench press or squat as much as some, being “pretty damn good at most everything” is worth a lot to me, especially at work. Along with that, I had great results with the lower back strengthening plan following a back injury last spring.  I got fairly sick of standing/kneeling founders and such, and as much as I hated them, I’m a fan because they worked. Thanks again and tell everyone down there to keep up the good work. –S

I wanted to thank you for all the great programming and advice.  I recently attended my unit’s SFRE (a mini-SFAS based event that screens and selects candidates to go onto SFAS) and was one of several selected.  I owe a large portion of the success to your insights and training programs, specifically the ruck based selection packet and daily operator sessions.  We did multiple events virtually back to back over the four day period such as timed 2 mile and 4 mile runs, timed 6 mile and 12 mile rucks and also many team events.  Everything we did involved rucking over long distances as well.  Being able to perform to the standard was difficult given the short breaks between timed events and overall sheer volume placed on our bodies from the rucking. Thanks Rob, couldn’t have done it without the great programming! –E

I am 50 years old and I’ve used your GORUCK Challenge plan, Peak Bagger plan (for GORUCK Ascent), your backcountry and dryland ski plans (made trips a lot more enjoyable and I was safer because I could concentrate on the mountain and teammates rather than just completing the day), and your In Season Endurance plan. I wish I lived in Jackson to be a lab rat for you. Thanks for all the good work.  –K

I just completed the 24-hour GORUCK Heavy event in Pittsburgh PA this past weekend.   Myself along with 4 other friends used your 6-week GORUCK Heavy training plan (the first version with the long ruck on Wed and the long events on the weekends).   We even did the overnight sessions @ 10 & 12 hours.  Everyone that trained using your plan finished the Heavy!  (30 total started the event, and 22 finished).  The Cadre for the this event also uses your MA Plans and actually talked about Rob Shaul several times and carried a 10# “freedom sledge”  for the whole after telling us about how he does the ruck workouts with the sledge as stated in you plans.  Also, at one point about 1/2 through the event, he made us do Sand bag get-ups!    So glad we used MA to train up for this! Thanks for the great programming – we are big fans and plan to keep using it! –G
Been following Military Athlete from a distance since I left the military (didn’t discover it while I was serving unfortunately).  Now that I am in Law Enforcement I am very excited about the new LE specific site.  The LE Fitness assessment looks much more appropriate for the job that I do, disappointingly the actual physical test we have to pass periodically is not very demanding or job specific.  –J

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