How I Had the Best Start to an Ice Season I’ve Ever Had

      By Taylor Luneau Three thousand miles from home and nearly an hour from the closest town, depending on how many bighorn sheep you needed to dodge, I stare blankly at the fire hose of rushing water that is supposed to be my ice climbing route in the Shoshone National Forest’s South Fork. […]

Kudos and Q&A 12-31-14

    Questions include:  substitutes for squat and deadlift, where are SF45 workouts, what is Cadillac, plans for putting on size, how to find 1RM, and more! KUDOS I really love what you guys are doing. Your programming has kept me in really good shape and injury free as I near 40 years old. I […]

KUDOS and Q&A 12/11/14

KUDOS: In preparation for climbing/skiing a technical line on Aconcagua I thought I would try something new for preparation and used your Big Mountain Training Program.  While I did supplement the program with long runs (9-14 miles) 4-5 days a week and big weekend outings here in Breckenridge there is no doubt that the program […]

Kudos 11-6-14

Here’s what our athletes are saying: Thank you for everything everyone there does.  Truly a great product & service.  My friends & peers are tired of my constantly pushing your programming on them but it works.  –T I like the overall gains I’ve seen both from Mountain and Strong swift durable.  I’ve noticed solid gains in ground I […]

Kudos from Our Athletes 10-16-2014

What our athletes say… First off, I want to thank you for such awesome and innovative programing. It has throttled me into a whole other world of fitness that I never thought I could attain. From being an airborne infantryman to my current status as an Officer Candidate and full time Criminal Analyst in the […]

KUDOS 2014-09-11

Thank you for this (Freeski) program. I used to compete in the IFSA comps, coached the Winter Park Juniors and now patrol at Vail. I use this program for injury-prevention as well as to further enhance my working ability and skiing. I cannot sell this program enough to my friends and co-workers (though most of […]

KUDOS 2014-07-10

I just returned from a fantastic trip with Angela Hawse (who sings your praises!) and three other women on which we climbed and skied Mt. Elbrus in Russia. On the advice of my daughter, who lives in Jackson, I followed your backcountry ski training program to train for this adventure.  I’ve been weight training on […]

Big Wall Training Kudos 2014-06-11

Happy Spring Gents! I hope this note finds you both enjoying this insanely gorgeous weather. I wanted to follow up with a shower of gratitude for the big wall training this winter/spring.  I really appreciated your expertise and training with the crew. Here is my yosemite report and some feedback: Our objectives were Gold Wall,, […]

KUDOS 0000-00-00

Rob, It has been close to a year now since my injury and I wanted to say thanks for your help and programming. It was hard getting back into the groove of working out and not being afraid of re-injuring myself, but your low back training plan allowed me to get back to doing the […]