KUDOS 2014-06-23


Just got home from SFAS, successfully selected.  I know you’ve got tons of athletes, but I’m going to run down a quick laundry list on how your program has had a direct and significant impact in my life:

In 2009, I was first introduced to your program as my USMA Sandhurst team used it to get ready for the 2010 competition.  The training helped us place first in the nation that year.  At the end of 2010, after working through operator sessions over the summer, I used your ruck based selection program (version 1) to get ready for Ranger School.  Day 4 of Ranger School, I blew my knee out on the Darby Queen.  Not knowing the extent of the injury, I got up, dusted myself off, and completed the next 59 days of Ranger School.  I would later learn I had torn three ligaments and my meniscus.  In November 2011, I had surgery on that injury and used your single leg program to get back in shape while my knee healed.  With the help of the single-leg program, I recovered a month ahead of schedule and was able to assist in the rehabilitation of over twenty other soldiers in my unit dealing with leg injuries.  My unit used your programming to prepare for our 2013 Afghan deployment, to much success.  In February 2014, I coached a Best Ranger Competition team from Fort Campbell- we used your BRC prep.  The team, first time competitors, finished 21st out of 50 teams with zero training or competition injuries.  Finally, I used your Ruck Based Selection Program (v. 4) to get ready for SFAS this past May- I placed in the top 10% for the course with zero recovery issues and zero injuries.

Thanks for what you do, from the programs to operator sessions to the forums and gear.  Your work has helped me reach so many goals in this profession.  Look forward to more.



Hi Mr. Shaul,

First and foremost I want to thank you for being upfront with all your advice and training information on your website, you are a breath of fresh air.


Huge fan, I’ve completed your APFT plan, your Bataan death march plan, and your 357 plan and am convinced you are the number one source for specific event training.


Mr. Shaul,

Good afternoon and thank you for all you and team do. I have been following your programing for a few months now and cannot recommend you programing to highly enough.


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