KUDOS 2014-05-15

Thank you for putting together the training programs and Operator Sessions. Everyday is a challenge and a felt sense of accomplishment once completed. This is THE best workout program out there for those of us burdened with maintaining a constant level of fitness.
Much appreciated.



Thanks for the advice Rob, I figure if you ruck and run intelligently you can avoid injuries, just like any other form of training.  I actually did my first 10k ruck run this afternoon with a 45 lb ruck.  Just about 1:13 with a 5 min break after 4 miles. Not where I want to be at but not to bad for the first time! Thanks for all you and the Military Athlete guys do, we all really appreciate it.  I know a bunch of other U.S. Marshals and military guys who use your programming and swear by it.  Please keep up the good work!




Hey Coach,
I just wanted to say thank you for the high quality programming you provide. I had a very major knee surgery (my 5th) in August of 2012, and I used your 1-leg injury program for about 6 months (2.5 of those on crutches, non-weightbearing) and I maintained pretty good strength.
I played football in college and did CrossFit on breaks, and I would say that my uninjured leg became stronger than when I was able to use both. Also, I didn’t lose my mind doing arm bike all day.

After my knee was good enough to use more, I got back into some CrossFit type things, but still very scaled.
After a long time, about 18 months, I switched to your bodyweight program because I remembered how good my body felt, and how much I like your strength+mobility=durability philosophy.

Anyway, I’ve been scaling the runs on the bodyweight program but successfully completed everything else. I ran 3 miles for the first time since high school this week, did 5x pistols on my surgery leg (don’t think I’ve ever done that). I hurt less than I did with CrossFit, but haven’t lost any strength.

Just this week, my physical therapist told me that my leg strength and mobility meant that there was pretty much nothing else she could do for me, and dismissed me. I’ve been in PT for my knee since my first surgery as an 8th grader in 2003, so that was pretty exciting for me.
So, thanks again. Hopefully I’ll be able to move to the Operator Sessions eventually, but right now I have everything I need.





I just completed Ranger School. I used your Ranger school prep program to get ready for the course. It definitely prepared me for both pre-ranger and ranger school itself. The sandbag get-ups, in my opinion, were the most helpful, due to all the time spent under a ruck. Thank you for your time and help.




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