The Gratitude Enhancing Power of “Appreciate You”

By Rob Shaul


I was first on the receiving end of “Appreciate You” from a veteran, high-level mountain guide and athlete who I trained years ago. I can’t remember what I’d done to earn it, but I remember receiving an email of gratitude from her, and instead of signing off with “Thank You,” she wrote, “Appreciate You.”

I’d received many “thank yous” before in my life, but this was the first, “Appreciate You” – and I was struck at how much more gratitude it expressed and meaning it had for me. Perhaps because “thank yous” are so common, they’ve lost a little meaning, but for whatever reason, “Appreciate you” seemed full of more true, heartfelt, gratitude. I knew she was truly thankful and it changed my relationship with her.

I’d forgotten the gratitude enhancing power of “Appreciate you”  for several years, but recalled it a few months ago, and have begun selectively replacing the typical “Thank You” in my speech and correspondence with “Appreciate You” with my family and others who have above and beyond to serve me or people close to me.

I’ve found “Appreciate You” much more accurately expresses my heartfelt gratitude, and before choosing to use these words, it causes me to pause for perspective, and be in the present.

I’ve written before how perspective and presence are the two gifts we receive when we reflect with true gratitude. And now I’ve discovered these gifts also come when I speak or write “Appreciate You” to someone who’s truly earned my gratitude.

I’m not sure if the recipients of my “Appreciate Yous” have been as impacted I was when I first read those words directed at me, but I sure hope so. Regardless, speaking or writing them has enhanced my gratitude, and enriched my life in a small, but powerful, way.

Try it. You’ll see.


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