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Arete 10.14.21

Military / National Security

U.S. Army Looks at New Ways to Beat Drones, Aviation Week
Hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops still unvaccinated ahead of first vaccine deadline: report, The Hill
The Scylla and Charybdis of Duty Discharge: Military Dilemma with Undemocratic Leaders, War on the Rocks
Pentagon Begins ‘Continuous Vetting’ of All Troops for Insider Threats, Extremism; Social Media May Come Next, Defense One
China’s Development of Hypersonic Missiles & Defense, Real Clear Defense
Nuclear Operations and Counter-Homeland Conventional Warfare: Navigating Between Nuclear Restraint and Escalation Risk, Texas National Security Review
‘No way around it’: Facing budget cuts, Army braces to fight for modernization, Defense News
The Space Force knows their pants look terrible: ‘We are still working to get the fit right’, Task & Purpose
Marine who demanded ‘accountability’ on social media to be released from the brig, Marine Corps Times
Leaked documents reveal just how concerned the Marine Corps was about Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller’s call for ‘revolution’, Task & Purpose
Debate on ‘no first use’ of nukes mushrooms in Washington, Military Times
NGSW: Pros and Cons, Sandboxx News
The true story of how Army paratroopers traded dip for a Toyota gun truck used to secure the Kabul airport, Task& Purpose
Air Force tries flight-hour cap, flexible test scores to diversify officer candidates, Air Force Times
Ten projects driving modern Army combat, Defense One
Congress Moves Toward Requiring Women to Register for the Draft, Roll Call
Army Gets Its First “Dark Eagle” Hypersonic Missile Launchers, War Zone
Damaged US sub in port after undersea collision in South China Sea, Navy Times
What TRADOC has been doing about recruiting and retention, Defense News
A snowstorm and a plane crash stranded 13 in the Alaskan wilderness. The Guardsmen who rescued them have won an award., Air Force Times
The Army’s M4, M16 and SAW replacement is on its way, Defense news

Foreign Policy / National Security

China Fires Back at Reports of U.S. Commandos in Taiwan, Real Clear Defense
As EU hopes fade, Russia, China fill voids across Western Balkans, Al Jazerra
Vietnam’s Hidden Debts to China Expose its Political Risks, The Diplomat
Bad week for Czech PM after Pandora papers help dethrone him, The Guardian
Ukraine has three years left to exist, Pravda Report
Select RAND Research on China, RAND
Dmitry Medvedev says everything what Russia thinks about Ukraine, Pravda Report
Global Money Shifts to India as Xi Cracks Down on Tech, Foreign Policy
The Last Days of Intervention, Foreign Affairs
Does Taiwan Need Nuclear Weapons to Deter China?, Real Clear Defense
To Counter China, U.S. Policy toward Taiwan Must Change, Real Clear Defense
Taiwan:  China Is on Track for an Invasion by 2025, Stars & Stripes
Is Defending Taiwan Worth the Risk?, Foreign Policy
Turkey Requests To Buy 40 U.S. F-16s, Real Clear Defense
Could Poland leave the European Union?, Al Jazerra
Dwindling U.S. Merchant Fleet–A Crisis Waiting to Happen, Forbes

First Responder / Wildland Fire / Homeland Security

New, $125 Million Project Aims to Detect Emerging Viruses, Homeland Security Newswire
Tacoma woman pleads guilty to arson after torching five police cruisers in Seattle, going on vandalism spree in city, LE Today
Characteristics of structures that burned in the 2018 Camp Fire, Wildfire Today
Los Angeles firefighter, police officer fall ill after contact with ‘combative’ patient, FireRescue1
Ariz. deputy dies after being beaten unconscious by suspect, Police1
Leadership against all odds: Every officer should know the story of Ernest Shackleton, FireRescue1
Why college educated police officers make more money, Police1
Four-Alarm Fire Destroys Four Buildings in Mount Angel (OR), FirefighterNation
Countering Domestic Terrorism May Require Rethinking U.S. Intelligence Strategy, RAND
American Police Agencies Losing Diversity, Police Mag
Yes, properly executed fuels treatments can modify a wildfire’s behavior and reduce intensity, Wildfire Today
U.S. Unveils New Cybersecurity Requirements for Rail, Air, Homeland Security Newswire
An overview of the federal police force, Police1
DEA, DOJ Warn of Lethal Fake Medication Pushed by Mexican Criminal Gangs, Homeland Security Newswire
Clark County (NV) Fire Department Ladder Truck Overturns, FirefighterNation
Petition started to remove firefighter murder scene from ‘Halloween Kills’, FireRescue1
Louisiana trooper, woman killed in shooting rampage, Police1
CA Wildfires May Have Killed Hundreds of Giant Sequoias, Firefighter Nation
Video: LAPD SWAT officers shoot barricaded suspect, rescue hostage, Police1
Las Vegas Captain Named New Maui Chief, Police Mag
FBI Raids NYPD Sergeants’ Union, Home of President, Police Mag
Examining how fuel treatments affected suppression of the Caldor Fire in California, Wildfire Today
Opinion: The Hero Myth of Wildland Firefighting, Adventure Journal


Mountain / Outdoor Recreation

By the Numbers: Crushing It – How Bad is Thermal Degradation in Synthetic Insulation?, Backpacking Light
1,300-Year-Old Ski Found in Norwegian Ice, Adventure Journal
Multiple Resorts Introducing Paid Fast Pass For Lift Lines This Winter, Unofficial Networks
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – October 8, 2021, AAI
Will the Outdoor Industry Ever Stop Booming?, Outside
Utah Poacher Nabbed For Illegal Wyoming Tags, Eastmans’
Experienced Rock Climber Dies In Tragic Accident In Little Cottonwood Canyon, Unofficial Networks
Study: Climate change poses an existential threat to outdoor recreation, Outside Business
Experience A Freestyle Kiteboarding Paradise In 4 Minutes, Red Bull
Platinum Picks – Best of ’22: Burton Rewind, Snowboard Mag
​Whats Up With The Bunch’s New Ski Brand 1000 Skis?, TGR
Comparison Review: HMG Prism vs MH Alpine Light 35 vs HMG 2400 Ice Pack, The Alpine Start
Not Alone, Arcteryx
Jones Snowboards Collaborates With World Renowned Surfboard Shaper For New Collection, Unofficial Network


Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Benchmade’s New Kitchen Knife Does It All, Outside
Winter-swimming Scandinavian men can teach us how the body adapts to extreme heat and cold, Science Daily
How to Actually Remember People’s Names, GearLatest
Keeping Our Mountains Safe: Helly Hansen Takes Us Into the Life of a Ski Patroller, GearJunkie
Why Women Might Need Different Hydration Advice, Outside
Sleep loss does not impact ability to assess emotional information, Science Daily
Ford Expedition Timberline Off-Road Concept Targets Overlanding Families, GearJunkie
Biden Fully Restores Bears Ears, Escalante National Monuments, GearJunkie
Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares How He Has Adapted His Workouts as He Gets Older, Men’s Health
A ‘cousin’ of Viagra reduces obesity by stimulating cells to burn fat, Science Daily
‘Swedish Armed Forces’ Team Wins 2021 Adventure Racing World Series GearJunkie
Those under 40 are more likely than older adults to recover COVID-related smell and taste loss, study finds, Science Daily
How On Is Taking the Running World by Storm, Outside



Climate change may already affect 85 percent of humanity, Al Jazerra
5 questions for Adrian Wooldridge on whether meritocracy should be preserved, AEI
Airbnb CEO’s Big Tech warning: “The world is rooting against them”, Axios
Engineers 3D-print personalized, wireless wearables that never need a charge, Science Daily
Why Big Tech is harder to rein in than tobacco, Axios
34 die in Russia’s Orenburg after drinking surrogate alcohol, Pravda Report
20 Questions With a Guy Who Had Penuma Penis Enlargement Surgery, Men’s Health
California Mandates Gender-neutral Toy Aisles for Retailers, Axios
COVID-19 Could Nudge Minds and Societies Towards Authoritarianism, Homeland Security Newswire
The long list of Facebook’s insiders-turned-critics, Axios
Male State movement likely to be banned and declared terrorist, Pravda Report

How to Train When You’re Not Training For Anything

MTI Lab Rats training Box Squats with the Big 24 Progression in June

By Rob Shaul

I get this question often from tactical athletes stuck in staff positions, or between schools/deployments, or in senior positions – who now have some freedom with their fitness training. 

It also comes from retired tactical athletes, or just civilians trying MTI programming. And from mountain athletes between sport seasons or in their off seasons. 

Many times athletes just want to try something new. 

Athletes with endurance backgrounds want a break from the distance work and want to experiment with strength training. Or athletes who’ve spent their fitness lives in a gym who want to spend time outside building endurance. 

A common concern for many who ask is the job or sport-specific fitness they’ll lose by getting away from job-specific fitness or sport specific fitness for a cycle or two. 

While this is a concern, it’s important to understand the power of “training age.” Training age is your life age – rather it’s how long you’ve been training seriously, and even more important, how long your training has been focused on a certain mode. 

For example, if you’re a 30 year old endurance athlete, who began competing or focused on endurance at 14 in high school your endurance “training age” is 16 years. As well, if you’re 30 years old, have a team sport background, and benefited from a solid strength and conditioning program in high school and college, and went into the military after college and continued with gym-based lifting and functional training, you have a gym-based “training age” of 16 years. 

You’re body doesn’t “forget” this training age, and what this means practically, is that if the endurance athlete gets away from endurance programming for a cycle or two to train in the gym (14 plus weeks), he’ll lose endurance fitness, but when he returns to endurance training, it will come back rapidly. 

The same is true for the gym-based athlete who wants to take a break from the strength work in the gym to train for an ultra marathon. He’ll lose mass and strength, but when he returns to the gym, his “training age” will kick in and these will return rapidly. 

The point is, you can step away from your job and/or sport specific training for while and know you can gain it back quickly. 

Finally, there’s the issue of “staleness.” When you’ve been training in the same general way for some time, mentally, the routine can become “stale.” And to keep interested or for some variety, you could use a change. This happens to me. Sometimes, I just get sick of the barbell and lifting and need to move to bodyweight strength, or endurance. Not only does this give me a mental break and variety, I find that when I do return to free weight strength training, I’m excited to get back. 

At MTI, we have four general types of programming:

(1) Job-specific Base Fitness – this is multi-modal programming deploying our Fluid Periodization which is designed as the day-to-day fitness programming for full time tactical athletes (Military, LE, SWAT/SRT, Wildland Fire, Fire/Rescue) and multi-sport mountain athletes. These cycles train multiple fitness attributes concurrently – strength, work capacity, endurance, chassis integrity, climbing fitness (mountain), hypertrophy (LE), etc. Each job category (Military, LE, Mountain, etc.) has its own recipe of fitness attributes which are trained, and each cycle includes different fitness attribute emphasis and deploys different methods to train these attributes. I purposely modulate the training methods and cycle emphasis to provide the Athlete with variety and to stave off staleness. 

Below are the “Base Fitness” training packets by job/sport in the MTI programming Library:

(2) Event-Specific – Programming laser-focused on a specific fitness assessment, tactical school, deployment or selection, or mountain objective. Examples below:

(3) Single Fitness Attribute, or Fitness Event-Specific Training Plan. Examples Below:

(4) Focused 2 Fitness Attribute Training Plan. Examples:

When I get the “how should I train when I’m not training for anything?” Question, I’ll first ask what the athlete has been doing to this point.  Below are my common recommendations depending on the athlete’s response. My general intent is to recommend programming the athlete is not as familiar with.

Athlete Type Rob’s Recommendation for How To Train when You’re Not Training for Anything
Tactical Athlete (military, LE, Fire/Rescue) who’s been doing MTI “Base Fitness” programming or similar (1) Fitness-specific plan – either strength or more likely, endurance fitness, or; (2) Non-military Event Specific Plan – Ultra, Obstacle Course, Triathlon, etc.
Tactical Athlete (military, LE, Fire/Rescue) who’s been training strength Endurance and/or Work Capacity Focused Plan, or at a minimum, Strength & Endurance (Big 3 Strength + 2-Mile Run)
Tactical Athlete (military, LE, Fire/Rescue) who’s been training Endurance Strength-focused plan (Big 24, Relative Strength Assessment, etc) or at a minimum, Strength & Endurance (Big 3 Strength + 5-Mile Run, Gladiator)
Multi-Sport Mountain Athlete who’s been doing sport-specific plans Base Fitness – either Greek Heroine or Country Singer, or Strength (Relative Strength Assessment)

MTI’s programming library is approaching, or past, 250 plans, and we understand this is overwhelming for most. 

This is why my staff and I spend hours each day answering athlete questions. Have a question about what to train next? We can help.

Questions? Email

Arete 10.7.21

Military / Foreign Relations / National Security

Entire Air Force hits staffing, recruitment goals for the first time in five years, Air Force Times
Taliban: From Afghanistan’s rugged mountains to policing streets, Al Jazerra
Another Biden policy IOU on China, AAI
Ukraine is set to buy 24 Turkish drones. So why hasn’t Russia pushed back? Defense News
M1A2 Abrams: Improve or Replace?, Real Clear Defense
Bipartisan senators call on Biden to expel 300 Russian diplomats over Moscow embassy ban, Axios
New project seeks dream solutions to fix special operators’ sleep woes, Marine Corps Times
It’s China, Stupid, Defense One
Russia test-launches Zircon hypersonic missile from nuclear submarine, Pravda Report
Israel killed Iranian nuclear scientist using advanced robotic device, report claims,
How a Divided U.S. Views Its Armed Forces and Their Role, Real Clear Defense
The agonizing problem of Pakistan’s nukes, Brookings
Time to Strengthen NATO’s Eastern Flank, Real Clear Defense
The inside story of why Marine MEUs are ‘special operations capable’, Marine Corps Times
Inside the Seedy, Cutthroat Underbelly of China’s Wealthy Elite, Foreign Policy
Eastern Europeans angst over U.S. posture in their region after Afghanistan withdrawal, Defense New
Afghanistan — A country or tribes at war?, Brookings
Israel killed Iranian nuclear scientist using advanced robotic device, report claims,
Swarm grammar: DARPA to test whether single user can control 200 drones, Defense News
Chinese airshow offers glimpse at military’s new drones, Defense News
Hypersonics Test Shows the US Is Catching Up in the New Missile Race, Defense One
Why Is China Sending So Many Warplanes Near Taiwan?, Foreign Policy
China Tests Both Taiwan and the US, Hudson Institute
Man killed by Belarusian KGB in shootout was US citizen, reports claim,
Israel killed Iranian nuclear scientist using advanced robotic device, report claims, Marine Corps Times
Heated exchanges and a flood of suggestions for the Confederate renaming commission, Military Times
Marine lieutenant colonel who demanded ‘accountability’ in brig, not charged, Marine Corps Times
Russia finishes state trials of Chukavin sniper rifle, Pravda Report
Inside the office of a one-star Army general that 100% of soldiers rated ‘hostile’, Task & Purpose
US Marine who says he rescued baby at Kabul airport investigated for appearing at Trump rally, Task & Purpose
The Sorry State of Czech-Russian Relations, War on the Rocks
The Big Unanswered Question of the Afghanistan War, RAND


First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Biden Pushes Deterrent Border Policy After Promising ‘Humane’ Approach, NY Times
Mass. town leaders rescind hiring of deputy chief hours after vote, FR1
DEA Agent Killed, Another Critically Wounded in AZ Passenger Train Shootout, Police Mag
Person responsible for helicopter crash that killed 9 firefighters gets early release from prison, Wildfire Today
Thousands of Haitian Migrants Are Being Let Into U.S., Official Says, NY Times
Study aims to create better fitting gear for female firefighters, FR1
Austin firefighters say they will fight police staffing ballot measure, Police1
Institutions May Be Key to Countering Extremism in the Military, RAND
FL Trooper Rams Suspect’s Vehicle to Save Deputy Deploying Spikes, Police Mag
Judge dismisses federal gender discrimination suit of FDNY EMT who posed for calendar, FR1
4th year since Las Vegas massacre stirs emotions, ceremonies, Police1
Off-duty Md. FF killed in weekend shooting, FR1
Comparing calibrated statistical and machine learning methods for wildland fire occurrence prediction: a case study of human-caused fires in Lac La Biche, Alberta, Canada, International Journey of Wildland Fire
Anti-Cop Rhetoric: The Beat (Down) Goes On, Police Mag
NYPD finding more ‘ghost guns,’ dedicates special team, Police1
Firefighters climb giant sequoias on the Windy Fire, Wildfire Today

Mountain / Outside Adventure

20 Best Adventure Rigs at Overland Expo West 2021, GearJunkie
With the premiere of THE STOMPING GROUNDS, ski movie season is officially underway! Freeskier
Hikers Get Caught In Dangerous Slot Canyon During Flash Flood, Unofficial Networks
The Brief Life and Unexplained Disappearance of Snowboarder Marco Siffredi, Adventure Journal
The Best Hiking Backpacks of 2021, GearJunkie
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The Rut Is Quite Possibly America’s Most Challenging 50K, Outside
Laura Rogora: the 9b/+ Erebor exploit interview, Planet Mountain
Perceived Size Of Rock In Shoe Vs. Actual Size Of Rock In Shoe, Semi-Rad.cpom
Why Drones Are the Future of Outdoor Search and Rescue, Outside
American Alpine Institute Guides Choice – 2021, AAI
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Most Common Game Violations, Eastman’s
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The Case for ATVs, Outside
Outdoor Research Films: The Big Office, Outdoor Research
What Makes The “Perfect Turn”?, Unofficial Networks
Return to Leadville – The Evolution of Anton Krupicka, La Sportiva
The Story of Snowboarding…From Snurfing To Olympic Sport, Unofficial Networks
Patagonia signs statement denouncing Texas abortion ban, Outside
Shifting Currents, The Cleanest Line
Ski Industry Continues To Struggle With Worker Shortage, Unofficial Networks

Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Public Health or Power Play? Real Clear Policy
Intense workouts before bedtime won’t guarantee a good night’s rest, new research shows, Science Daily
Strength training can burn fat too, myth-busting study finds, Science Daily
How to Fix Fallen Arches, Outside
Periodization of Plyometrics: Is There an Optimal Overload Principle?, JSCR
Legendary Strength Coach Mark Rippetoe Responds to Online Criticism, Men’s Health
Curious About Anal Beads? Experts Explain Everything You Need to Know., Men’s Health
Ask a Health Coach: Is This Good for Me or Not?, Mark’s Daily Apple
Updated Vitamin B12 Recommendations Infographic,
Big Rise in Injuries From E-Scooters, Hoverboards, WebMD



Nobel Prize in physics awarded to scientists who developed methods to predict climate change, Axios
We’re Already Barreling Toward the Next Pandemic, Defense One
Pandora Papers Reveal Extent of U.S. Financial Secrecy, Foreign Policy
The New Secession Movement, Real Clear Policy
The Conservatives Dreading—And Preparing for—Civil War, The Atlantic

Caught Adrift


By Rob Shaul

A person close to me is adrift in life. 

He’s in a dead-end job, which is fun, but no longer challenging. He doesn’t like where he lives. While he has family in the area, he’s single, with no personal relationship to keep him anchored. 

His life’s okay, but he feels “stuck.” He’s “comfortable” – but uneasy and knows change is needed.

Long ago in my 20’s I explored spirituality and found that the Stoic idea of “nature” worked best for me. This idea is that life isn’t random, but there isn’t higher being working all the levers. 

Instead, “nature” brings structure to life, but is totally unconcerned with our welfare. 

Nature won’t go out of its way to hurt you, or to help you … instead, it will do its own thing and it’s up to you to navigate as best you can.

Think that you are truly adrift, at sea, in a small lifeboat, with minimal food, water, and supplies. 

The sea may bring a hurricane that kills you or friendly currents and wind which push you to safety. 

Whichever it is has nothing to do with you. The sea is just doing its own thing and your welfare is of no concern.

So then are you helpless, at nature’s mercy – adrift and getting pushed around by life randomly?

No. You can always take action in your own interest to make the best of what nature brings your way. You can conserve your water, makeshift string and bait to fish, rig a sail, prepare a way to signal for help, set your attitude to stay in the fight and never quit. 

Do these positive actions mean nature will help you out? 

Nope. Again, nature doesn’t care about you and may send a hurricane anyway. But it may also send mild weather – just enough current and winds for you to make a go of it – if you take the right actions and are prepared.

On one hand, this spiritual approach is empowering. We can always do something to help our situation. 

On the other hand, this approach is fatalistic. Because no matter the positive choices we make or “right” actions we take, no higher being is looking out for our welfare.

We can do all the “right” things, make all the preparations, and still Nature may come along and crush us like a bug regardless. 

Nature has no malice towards us – it’s just doing its thing and we were in the way. Life is not fair. 

In my Happiness Formula, there are three things that make you happy: 

(1) Doing work you love.

(2) Living in a place you love.

(3) Being around people you love. 

I’ve found that if you have two out of the three you’re happy. Three out of three and you’ve hit the jackpot in life. But just one out of the three and you’re uneasy at best, miserable at worst. 

Previously I’ve written about the blessing and curse of accommodation. What worked for the person I describe above two years ago doesn’t work now. He’s accommodated. He’s never much liked where he lives, but did love his job. That’s changed now, and he’s restless. 

What to do? 

First, if you know what you’re doing now is wrong, stop doing it. Quitting the wrong thing will force you to begin the search for the next thing. 

Note that I wrote the “next” thing, not the “perfect” thing. 

The next thing might not be perfect … in fact, it likely won’t be. 

Many people are caught adrift in life – comfortable but restless and linger in this rut for years because they keep looking for the next “perfect” thing. You know these people – always talking about starting a business, changing careers, moving … but never take action. 

Know there is no “perfect” – what’s important is that you make a change. The “next” thing likely won’t be perfect – but it also isn’t permanent. Look at your options, chose the best one, and take the leap. 

If it doesn’t work out, leap again, and keep at it until you find what works.

This journey and disruption won’t be a waste. Often we have to try the wrong things on our way to finding the right. 

Human beings aren’t static. As we age and mature our priorities, wants and needs change. Life is fluid. It’s possible you’ll end up happy with a partner, job or home which you could have never imagined would bring you joy in your younger years.

As well, never underestimate the power of momentum. Once you take a positive step in a new direction, sometimes nature aligns the wind behind you, and gives you a gentle “shove” – intentionally or not. Opportunities and options open up and what at first seemed dark and scary, brightens and excites.

In this case, this person I know is quitting his job, and moving to another state where he has family – so at least he’ll start anew near people he loves. 

He had tried three times to get accepted to a trade school in that area, but for whatever reason this didn’t work out – but he’s going anyway. His family there has some connections and job options, and he’ll have a place to stay for a while. Nature is giving him a momentum-driven, friendly “shove.” 

He knows what he’s doing now – job and location – aren’t working – so stopping them and trying something else. 

This takes courage. I’m happy for him.



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Arete 9.23.21

Military / Foreign Relations / National Security

Sudan gov’t says order restored after ‘failed’ coup: Live News, Al Jazerra
Moscow Hesitated in Poland—Will It in Belarus?, RAND
Milley denies wrongdoing amid calls for his resignation over details in new book, Military Times
The decline in defense purchasing power and the transformation of the Pentagon into a social program, AAI
America’s New Anti-China Alliance, Defense One
France’s Emmanuel Macron heckled asking Algerian veterans for forgiveness, BBC
Russia and Belarus Are Using Migrants as a Weapon Against the EU, Foreign Policy
When America’s All-Volunteer Force Loses a War, War on the Rocks
Djokovic pictured with ex-commander of feared paramilitary unit, Al Jazerra
Five of the New B-21 Raider Bombers in Production, Real Clear Defense
Air Force general to review errant Kabul drone strike, make recommendations for discipline, Military Times
Chinese construction giant Evergrande could collapse in one of history’s largest defaults, Axios
U.S. Generals Planning for a Space War They See As All but Inevitable, Real Clear Defense
“Making the Taliban Great Again” billboards showing President Biden appear in Pennsylvania, War is Boring
Why Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in India attempted mass suicide, Al Jazerra
Can the SR-72 Live Up to the SR-71’s Legacy?, Real Clear Defense
Generals Should Not Have to Break the Rules to Prevent Nuclear War, Defense One
The future of special operations may look a lot different than the GWOT aesthetic we’ve come to know, Military Times
Russia behind Litvinenko murder, rules European rights court, BBC
AFSOC plans to demo amphibious MC-130J by end of next year, commander says, Defense News
This Marine officer wants to charge a general with ‘dereliction of duty’ over Afghanistan. (He can’t), Task & Purpose
US Space Force Releases Enlisted Rank Insignia, Soldier Systems

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Hundreds Gather To Thank Firefighters In South Lake Tahoe, Unofficial Networks
WATCH: Two Florida Deputies Ambushed, Ending In a Deadly Shootout, Tactical Life
Miami Chief Acevedo Under Fire from City Council, Police Mag
Houston officer dead, another hurt while serving warrant, Police 1
Why 20 years of firefighting may be enough for me, FR1
‘Broken’: New report on Worcester FD highlights dysfunctional communication as a key element in LODDs, FR1
Ford’s electric Mustang heads to Michigan State Police test, Police 1
75 dogs killed in Texas pet resort fire, FR1
Drone bound for prison drops illicit package at school instead, Va. cops say, Police 1
New Chicago Police Contract Includes 20% Pay Raises Over 8 Years, Police Mag
Who has said, “we can’t fight fires on the cheap”?, Wildfire Today
The Toxic Job of Being a Hero, Men’s Health

Fitness / Health / Nutrition

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Mountain / Outside Adventure

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Where Did All The Mule Deer Go?, Eastmans
MTB Trail Builders vs. Trail Poachers Planet Earth Style, Unofficial Networks
11 Times Polartec Revolutionized How We Dress, Outside Business


Elon Musk’s Spacefaring Civilization is a Pipe Dream, Pravda Report
What’s Apple’s iPhone Camera Strategy, Anyway?, Wired
2022 Toyota Tundra: America Finally Gets a ‘Land Cruiser’ Pickup, GearJunkie
Bronco Raptor? Ford’s Ordering System Leaks Clues, GearJunkie
The Racist History of Gun Control, Recoil
The Best of Clean Everything (So Far), Wirecutter
Stop Using So Much Dish Soap (And Other Portion Size Advice), Wirecutter
Lobsterwoman Gone Viral Is 101-Year-Old Seagoing Badass, Adventure Journal
2022 Toyota Tundra Takes Shots at Chevy, Ford, Ram Pickups, Men’s Health
How Humans Lost Their Tails, NY Times
Alabama’s Deaths Outpace Births for First Time in History, WebMD
Breaking: European Parliament votes to phase out animal testing and research, The Humane World

Arete 9.16.21

Military / Foreign Relations / National Security

Losing Small Wars:  Why US Military Culture Leads to Defeat, Small Wars Journal
Top US Democrat calls out Saudi over alleged aid worker torture, Al Jazerra
After 9/11, the U.S. Got Almost Everything Wrong, Defense One
Navy Movement Near Taiwan Causing More US-China Tension, Edge
Army Chief Calls for Afghanistan Review: ‘Let the Cards Fall Where They Fall’, Defense One
Remembering the gains of the Afghanistan war, Brookings
Gunmen attack Nigerian prison; 240 inmates freed, Al Jazerra
Missile Defense Agency successfully tests new booster for homeland missile defense system, Defense News
How did 9/11 and the War on Terror change Kenya’s trajectory?, Al Jazerra
Less door-kicking, more resistance: Inside Army SOF’s return to unconventional warfare, Defense News
Pakistan Might Soon Regret Its Win in Afghanistan, Foreign Policy
Russia says construction of controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Germany is complete, Defense News
How many F-35s does the Air Force need?, Air Force Times
Press freedoms crumble as authoritarianism spreads, Axios
Pentagon taps industry for nuclear-powered propulsion for its satellites, Defense News
The Pentagon’s Army of Nerds, The Atlantic
Ukraine’s Zelensky does not exclude large-scale war with Russia, Pravda Report
Navy Updates Hairstyles and Policies in Extensive Uniform Update, Soldier Systems
IAI debuts new hybrid ground robot joining the UK army inventory, Defense News
The Third Revolution in Warfare, Defense One
The peace dividend should go to country, not contractors, Defense News
Governments and Mercenaries, Defense in Depth
Meet the first woman to lead elite Army Rangers in combat, Task & Purpose“
Is Lithuania the West’s First Line of Defense?, Foreign Policy
Japan detects suspected Chinese submarine near southern island, Janes
How Equipment Left In Afghanistan Will Expose US Secrets, Defense One
Ayman al Zawahiri promotes ‘Jerusalem Will Not Be Judaized’ campaign in new video, Long War Journal
Retired Marine Corps colonel pleads guilty for role in ‘Fat Leonard’ scandal, Marine Corps times
Veteran suicides decreased 7 percent in 2019 to lowest level in 12 years, Military Times
Get the generals off TV, Politico
How Active-Duty Officers Should Criticize Policy and Practice, Proceedings
Ukraine’s Zelensky does not exclude large-scale war with Russia, Pravda Report
Americans Should Build U.S. Navy Ships in the U.S., Washington Times
Russian Rear Area Operations and the Resistance Operating Concept, Small Wars Journal
The war in Afghanistan is over but military leaders are still trying to hide their failures, Task & Purpose

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Hawaii firefighter suffers third-degree burns while battling fire on her birthday, FR1
‘We’re going after gangs’: Chicago police superintendent redistributes many community safety teams, Police 1
Wildfires in Sequoia National Park Growing, Outdoor News Daily
Six Capitol Police officers facing disciplinary action for their actions at Jan. 6 riot, Police 1
How two engine crews installed a 16,000-foot hose lay, Wildfire Today
Spain deploys military against wildfire, evacuates 2,500, Al Jazerra
WATCH: Firefighters ‘Water Bombing’ With Impressive Precision, Unofficial Networks
Violent Extremism in America: Pathways to Deradicalization, RAND
Estate of man murdered by Antifa militant in 2020 sues city of Portland, far-left mayor and District Attorney, LE Today
Spain fire: Thousands flee blaze near Costa del Sol town, BBC
Congressman: Afghan evacuees have “free reign” at military base, “greatest security risks this nation has ever had”, LE Today
What are the ranks of police officers?, Police 1
Providence Mayor Appoints Non-Sworn Police Major, Police Mag
Forest Service reluctant to reveal how many firefighters have been hospitalized or killed in the line of duty by COVID-19, Wildfire Today

Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Labia liberation! The movement to end vulva anxiety for good, The Guardian
Opinion: How a ‘fatally, tragically flawed’ paradigm has derailed the science of obesity, STAT
The Best Hip Thrust Variations for Stronger Glutes, The Barbell Physio
Avocados change belly fat distribution in women, controlled study finds, Science Daily
Delta is Dying, Real Clear Policy
3 Ways to Eat Less Sugar, NY Times
We Still Don’t Know What an Eating Disorder Looks Like, Outside
High fat diets break the body clock in rats, and this might be the underlying cause of obesity, Science Daily
The J.&J. Conundrum, NY Times
Why Running Brands Are Betting on Mindfulness, Outside
Researchers observed association between standing and insulin sensitivity – standing more may help prevent chronic diseases, Science Daily
Measures of Strength and Jump Performance Can Predict 30-m Sprint Time in Rugby Union Players, JSCR
Runners, Ignore These Popular Training Tips, Outside
New law increases availability of service dogs for veterans with PTSD, A Humane World
Why Does Coffee Sometimes Make Me Tired?, NY Times
US troops, veterans thrived at 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, Air Force Times
World-Class Long-Distance Running Performances Are Best Predicted by Volume of Easy Runs and Deliberate Practice of Short-Interval and Tempo Runs, JSCR
What If I’m Not as Good at My Sport as I Used to Be?, Outside
Effects of Self-myofascial Release Using a Foam Roller on Range of Motion and Morphological Changes in Muscle: A Crossover Study, JSCR
Opinion: What the growth of the Black Peloton community can teach the cycling industry, Outside Business
Effects of Acute High-Intensity Exercise With the Elevation Training Mask or Hypoxicator on Pulmonary Function, Metabolism, and Hormones, JSCR
Overworked and Under Rested: The Real Reason You’re So Tired, Mark’s Daily Apple
The Best Power Racks for Your Home Gym From $299 To $500, Men’s Journal
Does Coconut Oil Help with Abdominal Fat?,
The Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss, Men’s Journal
Parents Find Ways to Get Their Youngest Children Covid Vaccines, NY Times
Vaccines for Kids Could Be Ready by November, Some Experts Say, NY Times

Mountain / Outside Adventure

New Army tool could help predict altitude sickness, keep troops fighting at high ranges, Marine Corps Times
Finding Meaning on the Green River, Backpacking Light
‘The Alpinist’ Is the Most Compelling Climbing Film Since ‘Free Solo’, Outside
Solveig Korherr climbs La cabane au Canada, her first 9a at Rawyl in Switzerland, Planet Mountain
Self-Supported Grand Canyon Packrafting in Winter: 6 Must-Dos, GearJunkie
Trail as Teacher: Thru-Hike Reflections with the Bennett Family, Osprey Packs
Why Didn’t Mountainboarding Take Off?, Unofficial Networks
COVID-19 Vaccine Now Required to Climb Everest, Outside
Dani Arnold climbs Petit Dru North Face speed solo, Planet Mountain
Witness Insane On-Snow, In-Air Talent With ‘Stoke the Fire’ Athlete Reels, GearJunkie
Here’s What the ‘America the Beautiful’ Plan Could Mean for Lovers of Public Lands, REI
Eagle Creek Is Shutting Down, Outside
Monica Mirro named new president of prAna, Outside Business
Diamondback’s New Commuter Ebike Might Make You Ditch the Car, Gear Latest
An Ultrarunning Dad Reflects on What Really Matters (Hint: Not FKTs), Adventure Journal
The Best Gear for Your Bug-Out Bag, Wirecutter
Aspen’s New Uphilling Fee Sparks Debate on Charging for Public-Land Access, Outside
The Nose, Lynn Hill and Jorg Verhoeven in Climbing Sparkling Moments, Planet Mountain
Get Cozy With These 5 Fall Layer Bargains, Gear Junkie
Utah’s Manti-La Sal National Forest Is a True Gem, Adventure Journal
Take a sneak peek at the new 2022 lineup from Icelantic Skis, Freeskier
Will the iPhone 13 Double as a Satellite Phone?, Adventure Blog
Squaw Valley Ski Resort Has a New Name, Outside
Poll: Which brand makes the best headlamps?, Outside
Take a sneak peek at the new 2022 lineup from K2 Skis, Freeskier


Lessons learned from the government’s failure to understand technology’s power, AAI
Agnès Buzyn: France ex-health minister under investigation, BBC News
Do It Yourself: Installing a DECKED Drawer System in Your Truck, GearJunkie
Articles Involving Chinese DNA Research Are Retracted, NY Times

Arete 9.9.21

Military / Foreign Relations / National Security

Noncombatant Evacuation Operation – Afghanistan, Small Wars Journal
Reinforcing U.S. Deterrence in the Indo-Pacific After the Fall of Afghanistan, RAND
The Army wants you to get smart on China’s military structure and tactics, Air Force Times
Six Palestinians escape from high-security prison in Israel, Al Jazerra
China sends several nuclear bomber aircraft to Taiwan borders, Pravda Report
Brazil: warning Bolsonaro may be planning military coup amid rallies, The Guardian
Calculating the Costs of the Afghanistan War, Defense News
Marine Raider veteran receives second highest valor award for Iraq fight, Marine Corps Times
The Air Force is fighting in-flight physiological issues but can’t end them, Pentagon watchdog says, Air Force Times
China to invest, rebuild Afghanistan under the Taliban rule, War is Boring
Private companies at ‘Army 2021’ forum strive for survival as Russian military orders shrink, Defense News
Dishonorable discharges for vaccine refusal would be blocked under congressional proposal, Military Times
Lessons From Afghanistan, RAND
Belarus jail terms for opposition figures Kolesnikova and Znak, BBC
No bulls–t: Professional Bull Riders to compete on the flight deck of the USS Lexington, Military Times
Soldier, Marine lawsuit challenges mandatory COVID vaccinations for those who’ve had the virus, Military Times
Third Zumwalt stealth destroyer completes builder’s trials in Maine, Defense News
Afghanistan Was a Ponzi Scheme Sold to the American Public, Foreign Policy
Japan, Pacific island countries agree to enhance defence co-operation, Janes News
Fired Marine’s question about leader accountability should not be dismissed, Marine Corps Times
Air Force software is so bad the guy in charge of it all is about to quit, Task & Purpose
Catalan Separatists Sought Russia’s Help, HSN

Biden’s Crisis Point With Veterans, Politico
How U.S. Generals Thrived After Afghanistan, Washington Post
The Pentagon’s filtered version of the Kabul rescue mission looks nothing like what really went down, Task & Purpose
House panel backs making women register for draft, The Hill
Tanks, attack helicopters, drones: What U.S.-supplied arms mean for the Taliban, War is Boring

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Is 9/11 a Day, or Is It an Era? NY Times
DOD Imagery Information Aids Wildland Firefighters, HSN
Emergency Response: Comparing Katrina and Ida Reactions, Edge
Twenty Years after 9/11, Germany Still Struggling with Militant Islamists, HSN
Can Burying Power Lines Protect Storm-Wracked Electric Grids? Not Always, HSN
Two firefighters at California fires died, one from COVID, the other from unspecified illness, Wildfire Today
‘Not tolerable’: After 5 killings in a week, Oakland police chief pleads with community, Police1
Hundreds of Honolulu fire, EMS and police personnel apply for vaccine exemption, Police 1
Chinese Amino Acids are a Threat to U.S. Food Supply, Real Clear Policy
SWJ-El Centro Senior Fellows Interviewed on Mexican Cartel Tactics, Small Wars Journal
As Western U.S. Is Experiencing a 1,000 Year Drought, Desalination Could Be a Solution, HSN
Flood waters prevent N.J. firefighters from accessing several structure fires, FireRescue 1
New Zealand police kill ‘violent extremist’ who stabbed 6 at supermarket, Police1
BLM to convert hundreds of seasonal forestry technicians who fight fire to permanent positions, Wildfire Today

Fitness / Health / Nutrition

‘Sex isn’t difficult any more’: the men who are quitting watching porn,The Guardian
Why Fitter People Drink More Alcohol, Outside
How to Keep Improving Your Cycling As You Age, Outside
Effect of Concurrent Power Training and High-Intensity Interval Cycling on Muscle Morphology and Performance, JSCR
A Top Trainer Shared a 30-Second Trick for Fixing Lower Back Pain, Men’s Health
How to Use Pressure Training to Get a Competitive Edge, Men’s Journal
This May Be First Step in Curing PTSD With a Pill, Defense One
Vaccination reduces risk of long Covid, even when people are infected, U.K. study indicates, STAT
Study finds body mass index for children greatest in Midwest, least in West, Science Daily
Effects of Sex and Age on Physical Testing Performance for Law Enforcement Agency Candidates: Implications for Academy Training, JSCR
Watch What Happened When These Cyclists Tried to Ride More Than 200 Miles in a Day, Men’s Health
What We Can Learn From Bodybuilders, Mark’s Daily Apple
Changing Minds: What Moves the Needle for the Unvaccinated?, STAT
The White House wants $65 billion for an ‘Apollo’-style pandemic preparedness program, STAT
Scientists engineer nasal cartilage cells to repair aching knees, STAT

Mountain / Outside Adventure

Two Months With the Suunto 9 Peak, Outside
Denali National Park has One Road -It’s Currently Closed Due to Climate Change, Adventure Blog
FRI NIGHT VID: Farewell to Adventure, UK Climbing
This Woman Has Been Surfing For 59 Years & Is An Absolute Joy, Unofficial Networks
Siebe Vanhee repeats Project Fear on Cima Ovest di Lavaredo in Dolomites, Planet Mountain
Why Are Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts So Bad With Money?, TGR
Running Waters, Alpinist
BREAKING: Person Runs Marathon Without Talking About It, Adventure Journal
Gear Guide — All Mountain Touring Skis, The BC Ski Blog
Laurent De Martin teases “Simply,” a ski film for purists, Freeskier
Two Climbing FKTs, and 7 More Can’t-Miss Stories This Week, Gearjunkie
The Ultralight Tent to Rule Them All, Outside
What Happens When Adventure Ambition Trumps Mental Health?, Adventure Journal
LOVE YOU TOO is some of the best work from The Bunch to date, Freeskier
Your Moment of Zen: A Wave So Long You Could Eat a Ham Sandwich Up There, Adventure Journal


Majorities of Americans say unions have a positive effect on U.S. and that decline in union membership is bad, Pew Research
I’m a Lyft Driver. My Passengers Act Like I’m Part of the App, Gear Latest
The State of Consumer Data Privacy Laws in the US (And Why It Matters), Wirecutter
This wildly reinvented wind turbine generates five times more energy than its competitors, The Daily Climate
Tech giants are rushing to develop their own chips here’s why, CNBC
Unofficial Networks

Arete 9.2.21

Military / Foreign Relations / National Security

Helicopter embarked aboard USS Abraham Lincoln crashes into the Pacific, Navy Times
Will the Taliban regime survive? Brookings
Norway sets timeline to deploy sub-hunting aircraft in the Arctic, Defense News
FN Announces Key Upgrades to Proven FN SCAR Semi-automatic Line-up, Soldier Systems
Understanding Russian Grand Strategy, RAND
The CIA Is Better Than the U.S. Military at Creating Foreign Armies, Foreign Policy
Okla. congressman threatened embassy staff as he tried to enter Afghanistan, officials say, Washington Post
America Isn’t Exceptional Anymore, Foreign Policy
Are frosty relations between Turkey and Armenia thawing?, Al Jazerra
The Real Saigon Analogy | The Taliban Are Back. Now What? | Afghanistan Was Lost Long Ago, and more, Homeland Security Newswire
US approves $258 million arms sale to South Korea, Defense News
The Evolving Geography of the U.S. Defense Industrial Base, War on the Rocks
A former Marine was pulled over for following a truck too closely. Police took nearly $87,000 of his cash., Washington Post
Can Biden Give Zelensky What He Wants?, Foreign Policy
After Afghanistan, Could Russia Misjudge America?, RAND
US commits to $60 million in aid to Ukraine before WH visit, Defense News
Nigerian air force Super Tucanos ready to fight against ISIS, with US Air Force training, Defense News
Marine relieved for viral video now says he’s resigning his commission, Marine Corps Times
Russian special forces enter Syrian hotspot near Israel’s border, PreavdaReport

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Marine killed in Afghanistan was son of two Calif. deputies, Police One
NYPD Issuing Its Recruits Pistols with Lighter Trigger Pull, Police Mag
Firefighter killed while working on Oregon fire identified, Wildfire Today
Hundreds mourn N.Y. state trooper who drowned in lake, Police One
The good enough doctrine: Learning to live with terrorism,Brookings
Off-Duty NYPD Officers Shoot Suspect, Father of Gunman Picks Up Gun Fires at Officers, Police Mag
3 reasons this sheriff’s department bought new earpieces for every deputy, Police One
Fla. FF rescues goat from 30-foot sinkhole, FireRescue1
FBI Releases 2020 Hate Crime Statistics, Homeland Security Newswire
San Diego mayor eyes more restrictions on police use of military equipment, Police Daily
Firefighter dies at brush fire in Spokane County, Washington, Wildfire Today
US has hunted 50 Russians down and does not intend to stop, PravdaReport
9/11, 20 years later: Legacies and lessons, Brookings
FL Corrections Officer Killed in Firearms Training Accident, Police Mag

Fitness / Health / Nutrition

A Real-Time Fuel Gauge for Endurance Athletes, Outside
This new ARSOF gym is better than most Division I football facilities, Marine Corps times
‘Beyond Human‘: The Drive Required to Make Triathlon’s Most Exciting New Event, Outside
Moderate-vigorous physical activity is the most efficient at improving fitness, Science Daily
Czech Runner Dies from Falling During UTMB’s TDS Race in Chamonix, Outside
Wide Awake at 3 A.M.? Readers Offer Advice on Insomnia, NY Times
Opinion: It’s easy to judge the unvaccinated. As a doctor, I see a better alternative, STAT
How to Recover After Divorce, WebMD

Mountain / Outside Adventure

The Best Coolers of 2021, Gearjunkie
Take a sneak peek at the new 2022 lineup from Fischer Skis, Freeskier
Elk Tags in New Mexico – There Must Be A Better Way, BHA
New Executive Order in Nevada Prioritizes Migration Corridor Conservation, TRCP
Video: Giant Halibut Charges Spearfisherman, Meateater
Ultra Runners Smash 2 Speed Records and 5 More Can’t-Miss Stories This Week, Gearjunkie
‘Largest Expansion of Fishing & Hunting’: Interior Dept. Opens 2.1 Million Acres of New Public Land, Gearjunkie
IKON Pass Adds Kitzbühel, Dolomiti Superski To Extend Reach Through Europe, Unofficial Network
How to Choose the Rifle Bipod: Everything to Consider Before Putting Your Order In, HL News
California Has Closed All Its National Forests to Preserve Fire Resources, Adventure Journal
Our Favorite Two-Person Tents for Every Adventure, Outside
The Gear That Won the Leadville Trail 100 Run, Gearjunkie
The Best Sleeping Pads for Backpacking and Car Camping, Wirecutter
Well, This is a Cycling Film Masterpiece, Adventure Journal
Mental Toughness with Fieldcraft Survival, Eastmans
Athlete sponsorship programs are broken. Here’s how we can fix them., Outside Business
Are You Gravel-Curious? Here’s How to Choose a Bike., Outside
Juho Knuuttila, Misha Mishin climb Storskiva on Lofoten’s Moskensøya Island in Norway, Planet Mountain
Magic On The Rock | The Alpinist #Shorts, Red Bull
Kelsey Boyer, Founder of Save A Brain, is Bringing Awareness to an “Invisible Injury”, Snowboard Magazine


New Research Helps Explain a Sudden Population Crash for Rare Whales, NY Times
Some Jerk In Richmond Is Slashing Tires, But Only On Subarus, Japolnik
Ford Can’t Build Broncos Fast Enough, Decides To Stop Online Reservations, Japolnik
How to Adopt a Stoic View for the Modern World, ITS Tactical

Arete 8.26.21

Military / Foreign Relations / National Security

Army Conducts Live Fire Test of Its First Iron Dome Defense Battery, Real Clear Defense
Afghanistan: Irish citizens wait for rescue mission, BBC
First commercial rocket due to be launched from Australia later in 2021, The Guardian
When U.S. Needs Backup, This Is Who They Call: FAST Marines, Sandbox
China Honing Ballistic Missile Accuracy, Bloomberg
Georgia Turns Its Back on the West, Foreign Policy
US military presence surges to assist Haiti-relief efforts, Janes
What Will the Taliban Do With Their New US Weapons?, The Diplomat
Nobody Wins in Afghanistan, Foreign Policy
Cost of caring for Iraq, Afghanistan vets could top $2.5 trillion: report, Military Times
Lockheed Martin plans Indago 4 quadcopter UAV launch in late 2021, Janes
Driving a Wedge Between China and Russia Won’t Work, War on the Rocks
US issues new disclosure requirements to Chinese firms: Report, Al Jazerra
The Phony Feminism of America’s War Cheerleaders, Real Clear Policy
Now What? The Global Consequences of American Defeat in Afghanistan, Hudson Institute
West Point cadets are ditching bed-making with this elaborate hack, Navy Times
Here’s where evacuees are going after leaving Afghanistan, Task & Purpose
With Pfizer approval, COVID-19 vaccine to become mandatory for troops, Military Times
Taliban reject extended evacuation, “the answer is no. Or there would be consequences”, War is Boring
Poland to build Belarus border fence after migrant influx, BBC
Norway and Russia sharpen transparency pact on warship, aircraft moves, Defense News
Qatar is an ‘impartial mediator’ amid Afghanistan evacuations: FM, Al Jazerra
Marine Corps Pilot Program Expands Infantry Skills, NatDefMag
DARPA’s ‘Guided Bullets’ Are a Sniper’s Dream, Asia Times
Why Is China Building 250 Nuclear Missiles That Can Hit U.S.?, Brookings
A Strategy for Avoiding Two-Front War, The National Interest
The Space Force met its 18-month deadline to get up and running. Here’s what’s next., Defense News

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

California Caldor fire burns thousands of hectares in weekend surge – video, The Guardian
Colo. cops increasingly using lasso-like BolaWrap, Police1
Baltimore City Fire Union President Says Staff Shortages Causing Longer Response Time, Low Morale, FF Close Calls
3 NM Officers Shot, One Critically Wounded During Robbery Response, Police Mag
Overcoming the terror of testifying, Police1
Police officer who shot Breonna Taylor has pulled out of book deal, The Guardian
Firefighter dies battling Oregon wildfire, FR1
10th SFG(A) Group Foundations Course, Soldier Systems
Long-term trends in wildfire damages in California, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Va. city to spend $2.7 million for police ‘retention’ bonuses, Police1
Unvaccinated Wash. firefighters will no longer be able to respond to medical calls, FR1
MS Officer Wounded in Rifle Ambush, Suspect in Custody, Police Mag
Will unvaccinated firefighters be restricted from traveling to fires?, Wildfire Today
Ala. officer convicted of murder sentenced to 25 years in shooting, Police1
A New Book Examines What We Lost in the Camp Fire, Outside

Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Carnival Cruise to require COVID vaccination proof for passengers over 12 years old, Axios
Here’s Exactly How Much Protein You Need, Men’s Health
Mathematical model predicts best way to build muscle, Science Daily
Do Genetics Make for Better Strength and Power Athletes? Breaking Muscle
The U.S. Is Getting a Crash Course in Scientific Uncertainty, NY Times
Study assesses risk that fruits, vegetables sold in U.S. are products of forced labor, Science Daily
Strength Coach Legend Mark Rippetoe Says CrossFit Isn’t a Smart Way to Get Stronger, Men’s Health
How to Find Small Grass-fed, Ethical Beef Producers, Mark’s Daily Apple
How fructose in the diet contributes to obesity, Science Daily
What to Know Before Taking Nitric Oxide Supplements, Men’s Health
Only 1 in 10 Kids With ADHD Will Outgrow It, WebMD
Why Athletes Hate the Jerk Lift, Breaking Muscle
Don’t Be Fooled, Noom Is Just Another Diet, Outside
You’re cooler than you think! Hypothermia may go unnoticed when exercising in the cold, Science Daily
Prior training can accelerate muscle growth even after extended idleness, Science Daily
A Surgeon Explained the Upside of Conor McGregor’s Blood Flow Restriction Training, Men’s Health
Key mental abilities can actually improve during aging, Science Daily
No Lasting Lung Damage After Full Recovery From COVID-19, WebMD

Mountain / Outside Adventure

Episode 44 | The New Reality of Western Wildfires, Backpacking Light
Customizable Party Pontoon: Sea-Doo Launches the ‘Switch’, Gearjunkie
The Best Bike Lock, Wirecutter
A Runner’s Terrifying Fall—and What Came After, Outside
Opinion: It’s Time to Ditch the Campfire, Adventure Journal
New Kyrgyzstan climbs by Kirill Belotserkovskiy, Ivan Temerev, Alex Tyulyupo, Planet Mountain
So Your Boyfriend Wants to Backpack with His Ex, Outside
One Helmet to Rule Them All: First Look at Salewa’s Multisport Piuma 3.0, Gearjunkie
Meet The Chain-Smoking, Cave-Dwelling Godfather of Ultralight Camping, Adventure Journal
Patagonia Ditches Jackson Hole Ski Resort After Owner Hosts GOP Fundraiser, Gearjunkie
New big wall climb on Siren Tower in Greenland by Matteo Della Bordella, Silvan Schüpbach, Symon Welfringer, Planet Mountain
Vitaliy Musiyenko completes 32-mile Goliath Traverse in High Sierra, Alpinist
Ultra Rookie Wins Leadville 100 Run and 5 More Stories to Start Your Week, Gearjunkie
Why We Love SodaStream, Wirecutter
Pro Snowboarders Migrate To Oregon For Summer, Snowboard Mag
You can go camping without a Subaru., Outbound Collective
Elk Feedground Puzzle – Sifting through the Fake News…,Eastmans
What are the holds like on a 9c? Stefano Ghisolfi analyses Bibliographie, Planet Mountain
WATCH: Moose Can Run Surprisingly Fast In Deep Snow, Unofficial Networks
A Seasonal Shot May Soon Prevent Lyme Disease, Adventure Journal
Ski Touring (And Resort) News Roundup — Late Summer 2021, BC Ski Touring Blog
Exploring the National Parks of the Dakotas, Osprey Packs
Higher Ground, Patagonia
Where Do Athletes Get Their Fuel? Two Ultrarunners Share Their Diets, Gearjunkie
Ashima Shiraishi sends Jade, 8B+ boulder at Rocky Mountain National Park, Planet Mountain
Examiner Confirms Man Died Last Year At Great Smoky Mountains National Park From Bear Attack, Unofficial Networks
Is Western Hunting Becoming A Rich Person’s Game?, Eastmans
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 8/19/21, AAI
Injury Affects More Than Just Your Body: Laura Rogoski on MENTAL Zine and recovering from injury, both physically and mentally, Snowboard Mag
Verdon: The show must go on, Planet Mountain
How to Become More Outdoorsy, TGR
SCUBA in Whitewater? Heck Yeah, Adventure Journal
Every Person Who Moves To Colorado Be Like…, Unofficial Networks
Taos Ski Valley raises pay for employees to meet local living-wage benchmark, Outside Business


Hawaii Governor Urges Tourists to Stay Away Amid Covid Surge, NY Times
Watch The Ridiculous Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI Blast Down The Autobahn At 150 MPH, Jalopnik
The 2022 Ford Bronco Will Come In Green, Jalopnik
Plastics aren’t what we think. New study finds they’re a tad rubbery, paving the way for better products, Science Daily
Solar power in Australia outstrips coal-fired electricity for first time, The Guardian

Tools for Resilience

By Rob Shaul

Professionally, my own greatest tests of resilience have come from starting small businesses and nonprofits.

According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20% of U.S. small businesses fail within the first year. By the end of their fifth year, roughly 50% have faltered. After 10 years, only around a third of businesses have survived.

I asked my sister, a dogged, self-made business owner, about this. Her unsympathetic answer? “Most small businesses don’t fail. The owners just quit.” 

Here are some resilience tools to deploy when you’re deep in it and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.



By this, I’m not referring to religious faith. Rather, it’s the scrappy faith that your efforts, hard work, tough decisions, and prudence – those things you can control – will be enough and it will work out. 

It’s easy, and weak, to become overwhelmed by those things outside your control. 

Be aware of these, but set them to the side and focus on what you can control. 

In the dark struggle, I’ll step aside, and literally put my hands together in the prayer pose, and remind myself to “have some faith.” 

Refocused – I’m able to get back to work on those things I can control.


Just. Keep. Grinding.

You’ve seen this before from me and it’s integral to resilience. 

Have some faith, and Just. Keep. Grinding. 

Stop looking for shortcuts, “hacks,” outside help, or an easy way out. They don’t exist and you don’t want them anyway. 

Embrace the suck, keep grinding, and earn it. 

You’ll never fully silence the outside naysayers and your own self-doubt. Don’t waste energy trying to silence them with phony positive self-talk. Rather, relegate this negative mental chirping to background noise and keep working.

The “grind” is not fun – but it is confidence-building and productive. 

Keep grinding through the darkness and know you’re making progress.



Two ideas here. 

First, when you find an obstacle on your path, pivot around it. 

How to do this? (a) Improve execution, or (b) Think Inside the Box.

(a) Improve execution – often, when your solution isn’t working, it’s simply because your execution of the solution is sloppy and needs work. 

Think technique, not fitness. 

A strength and conditioning example…. You can’t power clean 185 pounds. It could be that you’re plenty strong, but your technique sucks. Improve technique – or execution – and the barbell will fly up. 

Have a product that isn’t selling? Perhaps the product is right, but the execution is sloppy. The actual product needs work/refinement/improved execution. 

You need to take a hard look at your product and its shortcomings. It’s better to fix a current product than invent a new one. Make sure your product is solid.

(b) Think Inside the Box – when something’s not working our first instinct is to look for outside fixes. The problem with outside fixes is they always take new resources – more money, someone else, etc. This means delay, or reliance on someone or something outside your control.

Thinking Inside the Box means stepping back and looking again inside your own toolbox – the stuff you already own and can control. Often this means creatively re-purposing a current tool intended for something else, to deploy on and fix your current problem. 

I learned this best working for my uncle as a kid on his small, hardscrabble Wyoming ranch. It was amazing the creative, Inside-the-box solutions my old uncle was able to find to seemingly unsolvable equipment breakdowns, irrigation dilemmas, and livestock issues. He really enjoyed the creativity and resourcefulness of inside-the-box thinking – and prided himself on fixing issues without spending more money or relying on outside help.

Second, “Pivot” means being agile with your goal, product, business, or objective. 

Sometimes your “product” actually is executed well. It’s a great product, but there’s no market for it. Life’s not fair and this happens. Maybe your objective simply isn’t going to happen this time.

So what now? 

You pivot ….

Can the product you developed to solve one problem be deployed to solve another with a market? If not, can the tools you developed to build the product be re-deployed to build another product? 

Can the business you’ve built be repurposed, or “pivoted” to another market?

Can the objective be shifted, and progress still be made?

This “agility” is key to resilience. 


Quitting is Much Worse Than Failing

Speak to tactical athletes who’ve finished a special forces selection but weren’t selected, and others who started selection, but quit. 

Those who finished selection, but weren’t selected, are disappointed. 

Those who started selection, then quit, are damaged. 

In terms of recovery and moving on, quitting is much worse than failing. There’s no comparison in terms of personal regret or time/effort to learn from it, recover, and move on.

A special forces selection is an easy example. But what about starting a new business, undertaking a personal expedition, or any other big endeavor? 

What is the difference between “quitting” and “failing” for these less clear examples? 

“Quitting” happens when you stop even though there’s fuel in the tank or resources in reserve. Things are still safe, but you decide to “cut your losses.” 

Failing happens when the last dollar is spent, when it would be dangerous to continue, or when loved ones tell you to stop. 

So there is a risk of starting something big you are not committed to. You must go all in. If it’s big and hard you’ll be tested and if your heart is not in it you’ll quit. And quitting will hurt you. 


First Guy Through The Door Always Gets Bloody

On occasion, the big effort is controversial or different, and you’ll take a licking. 

This may be rejection after rejection, few sales, direct opposition from others, and biting criticism and doubt from friends and family. 

Know that the first guy, or gal, through the door always gets bloody. Expect the beating, but take pride in being the first through the door.

This takes mettle. 


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