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Arete 1.20.22

Join MTI’s  “Arete Discussion Group”, Fridays  @ Noon, Mountain Time 

Arete is one of the more interesting things we do here at MTI, and it has a dedicated weekly readership.

The articles that make each week’s Arete are those within the MTI areas of interest that I find (1) Important and interesting, or (2) just interesting. Often, I purposely look for articles and essays that challenge conventional wisdom and thinking. I work hard on it every week.

I’ve received many notes over the years from Arete readers and MTI subscribers who appreciate Arete and it’s way of introducing them to thoughts, news and information that wouldn’t have come across their radar otherwise.

Taking it one step further, we’ve begun a weekly, live (Zoom), “Arete Discussion Group” at noon, mountain time, every Friday.

I’ll start the discussion with what I felt was the single most important and/or interesting articles for each category in the week’s Arete, and then open up the lines for reader’s thoughts, feedback, etc. The articles I’ve chosen are underlined and at the top of each category, below.

Interested in listening in and/or joining the discussion this week? Click below for the Zoom Meeting Invite Link and hope to see you Friday!

Thanks, – Rob Shaul



Raytheon Demonstrates Swarm Technology, Air Force Technology
U.S. Coast Guard Is Taking On Missions the US Navy Can’t Do, Real Clear Defense
CNO Blames Culture of Poor Self-Assessment for Major Navy Problems, Real Clear Defense
The U.S. Must Prepare for War Against Russia Over Ukraine, Defense One
Is the U.S. Military Actually Ready for a War?, National Review
Air Force’s botched integration of women in special ops ignites firestorm of controversy, Task & Purpose
In the Trenches of Ukraines Forever War, NY Times Magazine
Arc’teryx LEAF – SHOT Show 2022, Shot Show
Before horses, ass hybrids were bred for warfare, Science Daily
Army wife uses AirTag hack to track her movers while PCSing, Air Force Times
Woman who quit Air Force commando course questioned ‘highly suspicious’ lower standards, Air Force Times
Army readies to deliver first set of Strykers with 50-kilowatt laser weapons, Defense News
The US Must Prepare for War Against Russia Over Ukraine, Defense One
Tanzanian commandos display double-barrel rifles, Janes
He won $346m in contracts meant for vets and minorities. He was neither, Military Times
Master chief headed to trial over alleged ‘maltreatment’ of subordinates, Navy Times
U.S. Needs to Avoid a Linear Approach in a War With China, Real Clear Defense
Were Drone Strikes Effective? Evaluating the Drone Campaign in Pakistan Through Captured al-Qaeda Documents, Texas National Security Review
First Look at the Springfield Armory Hellion, Recoil
3 killed after suspected drone attack near Abu Dhabi airport that blew up fuel trucks, Business Insider

National Security / Foreign Policy

Russian submarine with 160 nukes on board surfaces off US coast, PravdaReport
Bulgaria’s Black Sea Dilemma: NATO Ally or Russian Gateway?
, Eurasia
Swedes Step Up Military Contingency Over Russian Activity, Real Clear Defense
Ukraine hit by ‘massive’ cyber-attack on government websites, The Guardian
NATO Won’t Let Ukraine Join Soon. Here’s Why., NY Times
Russia is completely disappointed in the West, Pravda Report
The U.S. Military Is a Helicopter Parent, Foreign Policy
Two Israeli soldiers killed by friendly fire after being misidentified as possible terrorists, War is Boring
‘War Is Coming’: Mysterious TikTok Videos Are Scaring Sweden’s Children, Defense One
Taliban says all Afghan girls will be back in school by March, Al Jazerra
Israeli Women Charged with Spying for Iranian Intelligence, Edge
Moscow refuses to rule out Latin America military deployments, Al Jazerra
US eyes bigger role for allied contractors, Janes
Inside Biden’s secretive weapons shipment to Ukraine, Morning Defense
America and China Are One Military Accident Away From Disaster, The Economist
U.S. Considers Backing an Insurgency if Russia Invades Ukraine, NY Times
Venezuela: Understanding Political, External, and Criminal Actors in an Authoritarian State, Small Wars Journal
Envisioning the Overthrow of China’s Xi Jinping, Homeland Security Newswire

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

USFS reports detail circumstances surrounding hotshot leader’s 2020 death, FireRescue1
NORTHCOM’s Investigation Into Mission Along U.S.-Mexico Border, Stars & Stripes
Leader of Oath Keepers militia group faces sedition charge over Capitol attack, The Guardian
Two Oklahoma death row inmates choose firing squad to delay execution, The Guardian
N.J. captain found dead, retired firefighter found unresponsive at firehouse, FireRescue1
Firefighters keep massive fire from reaching chlorine at NJ chemical plant, The Daily Climate
Radicalization Pipelines: How Targeted Advertising on Social Media Drives People to Extremes, Homeland Security Newswire
Setting Fires for Clicks? Baton Rouge (LA) Investigates Facebook Livestreaming of Fire, FirefighterNation
Manchester (NH) Probes Claim Firefighters Wrongly Receive “Multiple-Alarm” Pay, FirefighterNation
This Fire Apparatus has Two Engines, 56,000-Gallon Tank Capacity and a Caboose, FirefighterNation
Ex-assistant chief sentenced to prison for raping fellow firefighter, FireRescue1
Should I stay or should I go?, FireRescue1
Probe finds ‘unintentional mistakes’ in Gabby Petito police stop, Police1
PepperBall unveils new PepperBall patrol carbine, Police1
Ky. cops wouldn’t pay state income taxes under new bill Police1
Proposal for combining Type 1 and Type 2 incident management qualifications into a single level, Wildfire Today
Five common denominators on tragedy fires, Wildfire Today
Wind-driven fire ran until the gusts died, Wildfire Today
More Folks Drive High When Pot Made Legal, WebMD

Mountain / Outside

Will Washington State Hunters Reclaim Their Spring Bear Season?, Meateater
Colorado Proposes Hunting Ban on Mountain Lion, Lynx, Bobcat, GearJunkie
Norway blows up hydro dam to restore river health and fish stocks, The Guardian
Park City Ski Patrollers Ratify New Contract, Avoid Strike, Unofficial Networks
Finland, Sweden and Norway to cull wolf population, The Guardian
Strong evidence shows Sixth Mass Extinction of global biodiversity in progress, Science Daily
The Gear Our Editors Loved in December, Outside
Fight for Your Right to Climb: US Olympian Stars in ‘Home Crag’ Documentary, GearJunkie
‘Children of Patrol’: The Next Generation of Jackson Hole Ski Patrollers, GearJunkie
Decoy Board Jockeys Into Moon Board, Kilter Board Climbing Market, GearJunkie
Light and Fast: but Make it Fun, BC Ski Touring Blog
Who Killed the Ski Bum?, Outside
Mountain Lion Charges Hiker, Hiker Charges Lion, Hiker Wins, Adventure Journal
The Patagonia UltraAlpine Down Crew Asks: Why Zippers?, Adventure Journal
Polish duo endures severe cold on big wall for 11 days to complete Frozen Fight Club, Alpinist
Seven Outdoor Books to Add to Your Library, BC Magazine
Secret Stashes: Sweet Backcountry & Cross-Country Ski Spots in the Southeast, Osprey Packs
Technique for Climbing Ice Pillars, Outdoor Research
The North Face appoints first female global brand president, Outside
Merrell withdraws from Outdoor Retailer, donates funds to wildfire victims in Colorado, Outside
The Wildest POV Videos From 2021, RedBull
72 Hours: Mammoth Mountain Builds Olympic Qualifier Park In Record Time, Snowboard Mag’s Top Selling Firearms of 2021, NRA
Gear of the Year, Dialed In Hunter
Gray’s Best Angling & Hunting Gear 2022, Gray’s Hunting Journal
onX Hunt Examines New Wave of Hunters,How Hunting Has Changed During Pandemic, HL News
50 Thinks To Do Before You Die, Part 1, Huckberry

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

How Aleksandr Sorokin Ran 100 Miles at a 6:31-Mile Pace, Outside
‘Menace to public health’: 270 doctors criticize Spotify over Joe Rogan’s podcast, The Guardian
Hydrofoil surfing could be banned at some of Sydney’s most popular beaches, The Guardian
How to Burn More Calories All Day Long, T-Nation
Peloton Tread In-Depth Review, DC Rainmaker
12 Signs You Have a Fake N95, KN95, or KF94 Mask, Wirecutter
Make 2022 The Year Of Maximum Enthusiasm,
The Pros and Cons of Plant-Based Eating for Endurance Athletes, Triathlete
David Goggins Just Shared a 30-Rep Pushup Challenge That Will Test Your Limits, Men’s Health
Chewing to stay slim: How to savor your food better and dodge weight gain, Science Daily
ATC 336: In-Depth Sweet Spot Bike Training Guide for Ironman and Beyond, Going From Too High Heart Rates to MAF Focus for Master’s Athletes, and More, Endurance Planet
Scientists dive deep into the different effects of morning and evening exercise, Science Daily
Strength Training for Jiu Jitsu Competition, Juggernaught
The Bridge Sex Position Is Great for Deep Penetration. Here’s How to Do It., Men’s Health
When Dementia Strikes at an Early Age, NY Times
Easy Ways to Test and Train Your Aerobic Fitness and VO2 Max, Training Peaks
This dietitian quit drinking coffee 4 years ago. Here’s what she eats and drinks now ‘for energy and focus’, CNBC


Bitcoin’s Dominance of Crypto Payments Is Starting to Erode, Bloomberg
America’s labor shortage is bigger than the pandemic, Axios
The debate over ‘low-skill’ versus ‘low-wage’ workers, American Enterprise Institute
Why are all these people showering in their Arcteryx Jackets?, Wall Street Journal
The race to dominate the DeFi ecosystem is on, The Economist
Apple faces class action lawsuit over Powerbeats Pro charging issues, Engadget
Tesla reportedly delays Cybertruck production to 2023, Endgadget
The Point, a new Utah community, will be a 15-minute city, The Daily Climate
When Teddy Roosevelt Had Churchill to Dinner, Real Clear Policy
Sinema’s Courage & the Democrats’ Politics of Rage, Real Clear Politics
Boeing’s new $442.2 million flagship plane is drawing interest from across the aviation industry. But delays are preventing it from realizing its potential. Economist
A $150 Reminder That LED Headlight Bulbs Don’t Work, Outside
Do tips make for better service?, Economist
Astronomers discover exoplanet shaped like a rugby ball, Popular Mechanics
Predicting earthquakes is not possible. Yet, The Economist
The Antitrust Case Against Facebook Draws Blood, Wired


Arete 1.13.22

Join MTI’s  “Arete Discussion Group”, Friday Jan, 14 @ 1200 PM Mtn Time

Arete is one of the more interesting things we do here at MTI, and it has a dedicated weekly readership.

The articles that make each week’s Arete are those within the MTI areas of interest that I find (1) Important and interesting, or (2) just interesting. Often, I purposely look for articles and essays that challenge conventional wisdom and thinking. I work hard on it every week.

I’ve received many notes over the years from Arete readers and MTI subscribers who appreciate Arete and it’s way of introducing them to thoughts, news and information that wouldn’t have come across their radar otherwise.

Taking it one step further, we’ve begun a weekly, live (Zoom), “Arete Discussion Group” at noon, mountain time, every Friday. We held our first discussion last week.

I’ll start the discussion with what I felt was the single most important and/or interesting articles for each category in the week’s Arete, and then open up the lines for reader’s thoughts, feedback, etc. The articles I’ve chosen are underlined and at the top of each category, below.

Interested in listening in and/or joining the discussion this week? Click below for the Zoom Meeting Invite Link and hope to see you Friday!

Thanks, – Rob Shaul



Is the US Military Actually Ready for a War? Hudson Institute
Air Force general calls B.S. on social media claims that female special ops trainee got ‘preferential treatment’Task & Purpose
Soldier exonerated of misconduct charges stemming from mysterious Syria gunfight, Task & Purpose
Navy boot camp lengthened to 10 weeks to prepare recruits for life in the fleet, Navy Times
Air Force accused of pushing woman through elite commando training after she quit, spurring investigation, Air Force Times
Where each military branch stands on pronoun use in signature blocks, Marine Corps Times
Navy fires 5 officers in less than a month, Task & Purpose
Army Finally Picks Optic for Next Generation Squad Weapon, Army Times
What will the US Space Force be able to do with its new GPS III variant?, Defense News
An Army captain fought his chain of command for a year over his free speech rights and won, Task & Purpose
Winged Luddites: Aviators Are the Biggest Threat to Carrier Aviation, War on the Rocks
New in 2022: Next steps in DoD’s fight against extremism, including a new definition, Military Times
An Air Force general is about to be court-martialed for the first time in history [Updated], Task & Purpose
Two army instructors cleared of racially abusing Muslim trainee soldier, The Guardian
These are 7 of the worst military defeats in modern history, Business Insider
The Army Combat Fitness Test Disaster, clearance jobs

National Security / Foreign Policy

What would be Russia’s military options in Ukraine? The GuardianAmerica Needs a New Foreign Policy Establishment, National Interest
Swedish Foreign Minister: Joining NATO Is Up to Us, Foreign Policy
China Fines 7-Eleven for Calling Taiwan a Nation on Map, Bloomberg
Russian troops deploy to Mali’s Timbuktu after French exit, Al Jazerra
NATO rejects Russian demands to stop expansion, The Hill
A Heavy Price to Pay?, War on the Rocks
A Tale of Two Crises: Why US Strategy in Ukraine Has Few Implications for Taiwan, The Diplomat
Germany braces for more protests as vaccine rules tighten across Europe., NY Times
Boeing’s Updated Valkyrie Reveals Evolving Hypersonic Design, Real Clear Defense
Defense Contractors Quietly Restart Campaign Donations to Election Deniers, Foreign Policy
America’s Asia Strategy Has Reached a Dead End, Foreign Policy
Finland and Sweden Are Done With Deference to Russia, Foreign Policy
Israel likely behind 1981 bombings of German, Swiss engineering firms, expert claims,
Ukraine and US back Russia into corner, Pravda Report
‘He’s a punchline’: ‘laughable’ pick for Greece envoy puts pressure on Biden, The Guardian


First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

The Deadly Dynamics of Colorado’s Marshall Fire, Outside
Seattle cops with guns drawn forced to let driver take off with stolen car thanks to Democrat “police reform”, LE Today
No Charge in South Bend (IN) Firehouse Voyeur Case, Firefighter Nation
Sexual exploitation, human trafficking and the decriminalization of prostitution, Police1
Australian company develops system for real time mapping of wildfires, Wildfire Today
Cop stops speeding car and finds woman in labor, drives her to hospital himself, Police1
Firefighters Extinguish Marina Fire at Conroe (TX), Dozen Boats Destroyed, Firefighter Natoin
Seattle cops planted fake reports of Proud Boys on police radio to scare BLM protesters,
The Metaverse Offers Much Potential For Terrorists and Extremists, Defense One
Assessing the right-wing terror threat in the United States a year after the January 6 insurrection, Brookings
Why ‘by LEOs for LEOs’ matters, Police 1
Trust in America: Do Americans trust the police?, Pew Research Center
Barstow (CA) Fire Engineer, Struck While Working Accident Scene, Dies From Injuries, Firefighter Nation
As violence explodes in Democrat-run Chicago, police desperate to get people to want to be cops in the city, LE Today
Atlanta PD denies claim that mayor ordered lower standards for recruits, Police 1
Processing the trauma of a near miss, Wildfire Today
The first arriving firefighters had trouble finding the Marshall Fire, Wildfire Today
2021 was deadliest year ever for law enforcement, report says, Police 1
Chicago PD moves many tactical officers to patrol amid staffing issues, Police 1
A ransomware attack took a New Mexico jail offline, leaving inmates in lockdown, The Verge
Lawful but awful: Bringing new techniques into defensive tactics training, Police 1

Mountain / Outside

Utah Becomes Second State to Enact Total Trail Camera Ban for Hunting, Wide Open Spaces
Ski Patrollers Caught In Massive Explosive-Triggered Avalanche at Alta, UN
Audi’s EV Dakar Rally Car Is Resurrecting the Range Extender, Gear Latest
What It Takes and Why It’s Worth It, Adenture Journal
Here’s how climate change and COVID are transforming skiing, The Daily Climate
Is Poaching Worth It?, Eastmans’
Climbing at Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon Is in Jeopardy, Adventure Journal
Where Did Feral Hogs Come From Anyway? A History of Wild Swine in North America, Wide Open Spaces
Braided Fishing Line: What It Is and When Best to Utilize It, Wide Open Spaces
This Is Why You Should Always Ski With A Partner When The Snow is DEEP, UN
Snowboarder “Seriously Injured” In Chairlift Incident at Wildcat, NH, UN
Green Bay ice break: 27 rescued after chunk separates from Wisconsin shore, Guardian
Supply Chains for the Outdoor Industry Are in Shambles, Outside
Air pollution from wildfires, rising heat affected 68% of US West in one day, Science Daily
‘BOURN’ Is a Love Letter to Freesking, Face Planting, and Family, Gearjunkie
Should we be adding airbags to the shovel, beacon, probe safety arsenal?, BC Ski Blog
Has Shed Hunting Gotten TOO Popular? Examining the Ethics of Antler Hunting, Wide Open Spaces
The 24 Best Mountain Towns in the U.S., Ranked, Outside
Montana Poacher Claims He Thought Bighorn Sheep Was an Elk, Wide Open Spaces
Dirtbag Snowboarders Document Living Amongst The Elite of St. Moritz, UN
VIDEO: What To Do If You Fall In A Treewell, UN


Health / Fitness / Nutrition

I Quit the Barbell Bench Press—and It Made Me Way Stronger, Men’s Health
Where Are You Right Now? The Importance of Living in the Present, Tiny Buddha
Why Do Women Gain Belly Fat in Midlife?, NY Times
What Makes the Ideal Training Partner?, Triathlete
So You Think You’re “Elite”, Outside
Can You Get the Flu and Covid at the Same Time?, NY Times
Teens not getting enough sleep may consume 4.5 extra pounds of sugar during a school year, Science Daily
I Spent Hundreds of Hours Working in VR. Here’s What I Learned, Gear Latest
How To Make Yourself Stronger When Facing Health Challenges, Tiny Buddha
How to Mindfully Manage Your Food Cravings, NY Times
On Swimming: Practice Fast to Race Fast,
What Happens If You Give A Regular Triathlete The Fanciest Gear?, Triathlete
Simple Diet Changes Helped Me Lose 25 Pounds and Get Back in Shape, Men’s Health
The Ultimate Protein Strategy, T-Nation
Stoicism and Christianity: The History of the Stoics and the Christians, Daily Stoic
How to Design a Home Gym That You’ll Actually Use, NY Times
5 Essential Training Tips from Mat Fraser’s New Book, Men’s Health
N95, KN95 Or Cloth Masks? What To Wear To Best Protect Against Omicron, Forbes



Ray Dalio Says U.S. Needs a Dose of China’s Common Prosperity, Bloomberg
Podcasting Hasn’t Produced a Hit in Years, Bloomberg
Is ‘Karen’ the New C-Word?, Planned Man
How California Got so Blue, The American Prospect
Can Electric Cars Survive the Winter?, Inside Hook
The Rise of the Male Celebrity Nail Polish Brand, Inside Hook
These Four Charts Show Some of Bitcoin’s Potential Trouble Spots, Bloomberg
Ford’s Cracking Down On The Greedy Dealers Taking Advantage of Lightning Reservation Holders, Japonik
NewsWatch: The ‘best job in America’ pays up to $125,000 a year — and has 10,000 job openings, Marketwatch
The Physics of the James Webb Space Telescope, Wired
We Spotted the Hottest Trends at CES 2022, Wired
Electric Truck Wars: Ford Doubles Down on F-150 Lightning Production, GearJunkie
Texas won the pandemic migration boom, but it’s losing its luster, Business Insider
Cannabis Watch: Cannabis state tax revenue tops $10 billion from legal sales, Marketwatch
Owning is cheaper than renting in much of the U.S., Axios


Introducing MTI’s “Arete” Discussion Group

By Rob Shaul


Arete is one of the more interesting things we do here at MTI, and it has a dedicated weekly readership.

The articles that make each week’s Arete are those within the MTI areas of interest that I find (1) Important and interesting, or (2) just interesting. Often, I purposely look for articles and essays which challenge conventional wisdom and thinking. I work hard on it every week.

I’ve received many notes over the years from Arete readers and MTI subscribers who appreciate Arete and its way of introducing them to thoughts, news and information that wouldn’t have come across their radar otherwise.

Last week we took Arete one step further – by having a weekly discussion group via a Zoom call to better connect with the readers who follow this type of stuff and also expand my own radar for news, thoughts, and information. The discussion happens on Fridays at noon, mountain time.

Now, with each Arete, I identify the 1 article under each category I find the most interesting or important, and start the discussion there – then open up the lines for reader’s thoughts, feedback, etc. Then we’d just let it flow from there. The meeting lasts 45 minutes or so.

Interested in listening in and/or joining the discussion? Please click HERE to read this week’s Arete and find the meeting details.


Arete 1.6.22

Interested in being part of a weekly, live, “Arete Discussion Group”?

Arete is one of the more interesting things we do here at MTI, and it has a dedicated weekly readership.

The articles that make each week’s Arete are those within the MTI areas of interest that I find (1) Important and interesting, or (2) just interesting. Often, I purposely look for articles and essays which challenge conventional wisdom and thinking. I work hard on it every week.

I’ve received many notes over the years from Arete readers and MTI subscribers who appreciate Arete and it’s way of introducing them to thoughts, news and and information that wouldn’t have come across their radar otherwise.

I’m interested in taking Arete one step further – to have a weekly discussion group via a Zoom call to better connect with the readers who follow this type of stuff and also expand my own radar for news, thoughts and information. The call would happen on Thursday afternoon/evening depending on which time zone you’re in.

To begin, I’d start the discussion with what I felt was the 1-3 most important and/or interesting articles in that week’s Arete, and then open up the lines for reader’s thoughts, feedback, etc. Then we’d just let it flow from there. I’m thinking about 45 minutes.

Interested is listening in and/or joining the discussion? We could this week or next, depending on the response.

If so, please email me,, and put “Arete Group” in the subject line.

Thanks, – Rob Shaul



Why Do U.S. Hypersonic Missile Tests Keep Failing? They’re Going Too Fast, Real Clear Defense
5% of Coast Guard Remain Unvaccinated; 206 Marines Separated, USNI News
No, the SAS Is Not Using a Double Barrel Machine Gun, Sandboxx News
‘Close the Loopholes’: DoD’s Hunt for Extremists, Politico
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Tests Positive for Coronavirus, Washington Post
Who Won in Afghanistan? Contractors, Wall Street Journal
Federal judge blocks Pentagon from punishing Navy Seals who refused vaccine, Axios
Marine officer faces discharge over deadly training mishap, Marine Corps Times
New in 2022: A coming debate over military pay could lead to troops’ biggest raise in 20 years, Military Times
Putin tells Biden Russia ready to fully terminate relationship with USA, Pravda Report
Poland ready to become USA’s sponsor and spend fortune on Great Army, Pravda Report
US shoots down ‘Soleimani’s revenge’ drones on anniversary of Iranian general’s death, Task & Purpose
‘Mosul’ is the best Iraq War film ever made, Task & Purpose
Nuclear-powered US aircraft carrier deployed for first time with female captain, The Hill
Killer Robots: How Close are we to AI Weapons Taking Over, Tactical Gun Life
Tomb reveals warrior women who roamed the ancient Caucasus, Nature


National Security / Foreign Affairs

The U.S. Is Naive About Russia. Ukraine Can’t Afford to Be., Atlantic
5 Places Where World War III Could Erupt in 2022, Real Clear Defense
China and Russia Military Cooperation’s Challenge to U.S. Power, Wall Street Journal
The United States Should Avoid Waging a Two-Front Cold War, Real Clear Defense
US, British spy agencies preparing Ukraine to withstand Russian invasion – reports,
Finland Insists on Its Right To Join NATO in Defiance of Russia, Real Clear Defense
US becomes world’s top LNG exporter for first time ever, Al Jazerra
Can American firms rid their supply chains of Xinjiang goods?, The Economist
The most important number for China policy, American Enterprise Institute
Pakistan confirms Chinese ‘Firebird’ fighter acquisition, Defense News
Serbia praises another arms shipment from Russia, Defense News
Russia’s Aggression Against Ukraine Is Backfiring, Defense One
Israel Security Agency uses Facebook to reach out to young Palestinians – report,
Update: United States embarks on asteroid redirect planetary defence mission, Janes


Homeland Security / First Responder / Wildland Fire

2021 saw plenty of violence — but no mass terrorist attacks in the U.S., Brookings
Detroit (MI) Firefighters Rescue Mother and Three Children in House Fire, Firefighter Nation
Investigators Narrow Search for Origin of Colorado Wildfire, Firefighter Nation
30 Injured in Baltimore City Jail Fire, Firefighter Nation
Colo. evacuee allegedly threatened FF, was found with 2 loaded guns, Firerescue 1
To free up ambulances, Md. county is using fire trucks, other vehicles to transport patients, Firerescue 1
N.C. trooper crashes at traffic stop, killing his brother — a fellow trooper, Police 1
Officer responding to shooting discovers victim is her son, Police 1
Union: LAPD officer who fatally shot 14-year-old was following active-shooter protocols, Police 1
More than 300 Baltimore PD employees quarantining for COVID, Police 1
Climate futurist says we’re in a trans-apocalyptic period, Wildfire Today


Mountain / Outside Recreation

The 5 Best Survival Schools: Learn the Skills for Any Outdoor Scenario, GearJunkie
Everest Guide Wins Long Legal Battle Over Cancelling Summit Bid, GearJunkie
Canadian Women Resurrect Legendary 5.13 Mexican Big Wall on First Female Ascent, GearJunkie
MeatEater Announces First Lite ‘Typha’ Waterfowl Line, Film Series, GearJunkie
Chinook Salmon Are Disappearing from the Pacific Northwest. But We Can Help., Outside
Can Snowmobiling Really Go Electric?, Outside
What You Missed: Sandia Tramway Rescue and Vail’s Staff Shortage, Outside
Entomology Facts That Fly Fishermen Can Learn From, Wide Open Spaces
The 8 Bad Habits of Climbing—And Their Remedies, Adventure Journal
The Simple Joya Of Being New (and Bad) at Things, Adventure Journal
Perfecting the Powder Turn, AAI
2022 Editors’ Choice Awards: Snowboards, Boots & Bindings, Backcountry Mag
Disturbing the Winter Range?, Eastmans
‘Undiscovered’ – Eaglecrest Ski Area remains true to its wild Alaskan roots, Freeskier
Are Poaching Penalties Too Light?, Wide Open Spaces
Watch Dave MacLeod soloing the Orion Face Direct on Ben Nevis in Scotland, Planet Mountain
Black Mountain (NH) Closed Until Saturday Due to Surging COVID Cases Among Staff, Unofficial Networks


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

The Running Shoes We’re Most Excited to Try in 2022 , Outside
Substantial weight loss can reduce risk of severe COVID-19 complications, study finds, Science Daily
Why I Still Love Racing at Age 82, Outside
All the Bad Habits We’re Hanging On to in 2022, Outside
Jiu-Jitsu-Specific Performance Test: Reliability Analysis and Construct Validity in Competitive Athletes, JSCR
This Is How Many Calories Men Should Eat Every Day, Men’s Health
Here’s Exactly What Happens When You Quit Porn, Men’s Health
Considering Bone or Joint Surgery? You May Not Need It., NYT
Can you exercise too much?, NYT
Why Triathletes Should Try Cyclocross,
Break up with Your Strength Tool of Choice, Strongfirst
Learning How to Skate Ski Using Two Simple Drills, Training Peaks
More Than 10 Million People Died of Cancer Worldwide in 2019, WebMD
Need a Pandemic Change? Go Mediterranean (Diet), WebMD
How Long Can You Refrigerate Raw Meat?, Meateater
Black Market Burl: The Underworld of Illegal Timber Heists, Meateater
Lexus unveils global battery electric line-up, Popular Mechanics


Americans keep quitting their jobs in record numbers, Al Jazerra
Germany Closes Three of Its Six Operating Nuclear Power Plants, Homeland Security Newswire
The 18 Best EVs Coming in 2022, Gear Latest
Video: Army Marksmanship Unit Shooter Drive a Nail With an Air Rifle, Tactical Gun Life
The Wirecutter 2021 Year in Review, Wirecutter
The 30 Best Clothing Stores for Men to Shop Online, Men’s Health
Charlie Munger’s Daily Journal Nearly Doubles Alibaba Holding, Bloomberg
Virtual-property prices are going through the roof, The Economist
John Deere says its autonomous tractor is ready for production, Engadget
The Case Against Crypto, Stephen Diel
My New Year’s Resolution, I’m Quitting Youtube, Sen. Rand Paul
Tennessee is Latest State to Require Hair Stylists Receive Domestic Violence Training, CNN

The Training Lifecycle: A 50 Year Guide for Strength and Conditioning


By Rob Shaul and Charlie Bausman

For athletes who use MTI programming, you’ve likely noticed a increase in programming designed for different age ranges. From Prep Athletes to 50+, we’ve enjoyed examining the demands of different age groups and adjusting the training methodologies to best fit their needs.

All athletes who train regularly will go through those transitionary periods that require some form of adjustment.

Injuries don’t heal as quickly, recovery from a heavy squat or interval run isn’t quite what it used to be, or simply a body composition change despite following the same training regimen as years past.

As we age, we’re forced to make adjustments to ensure the highest level of performance paired with ensuring athletic longevity.

Here’s our recommendations from teens to AARP members.

Note – we’re currently updating our SF45 programming and building out SF40, SF50 and SF55 training plans/packets. 


This period represents the greatest growth potential for developing an athletic foundation, fitness base and lifelong commitment to fitness and health.

A teenager is gifted with a blank slate… highly adaptable to the training demands of sport and fitness training, soaring hormones, as well as injury resiliency and healing capacity. This blank slate is a wonderful opportunity to mold and harden your body, but requires intelligent direction from coaches or parents. Teen’s are notoriously hardheaded towards parents, and direction from coaches may be better received.

In the weight room, the focus during the teen years should be developing strength via the full range of gym-based lifts with basic linear progressions – but with the focus on on-field performance, not physique.

Basic squats, presses, pulls, and hinge movements with excellent technique should be taught and implemented by teens to establish solid mechanics for a lifetime – but there’s no reason not to also introduce olympic movements, and total body lifts like heavy thrusters, Craig Specials, “The Exercise” (hang squat snatch + overhead squat) etc.

Chassis integrity via sandbag work, sprint-repeat-based work capacity, and a solid introduction to endurance should all be introduced and encouraged.

Often we’ll see teens on team sports get heavy into the weight room, and endurance sports get heavy into running with not much cross over. As you’ll see below, our training emphasis changes over the years, and in the later years, endurance gains in importance.

Charlie’s Teen Experience:
After finding a few copies of my step-father’s Joe Weider Muscle Building manuals from the 60’s, I started hitting the gym hard at 12 or 13. This bodybuilding style of training quickly transformed to training that would assist me in my sport, Football. I hammered major compound lifts, and quickly turned from a slightly chubby pre-teen to a muscular linebacker. As I look back, I focused entirely too much on developing size and strength, and built a body that was too large for my frame. I suffered two ACL tears in High School that may have been avoided had I better balanced plyometric and agility training with strength training. Ego is key here, and requires quality adult supervision from coaches and parents to ensure a teen isn’t going overboard.

Rob’s Teen Experience:
My fitness has always been self-driven and in 7th grade I was regularly doing push ups, sit ups and running on my own. My first introduction to organized strength and conditioning happened as a high school sophomore when I jumped in with the football team for their Spring before-school weight training. The programming was classic Bigger Faster Stronger – a simple progression. I was small, started out weak, but saw rapid strength gains. I’ve never been much of an athlete and my competitive on-field success peaked in 7th grade … but in the weight room I found a welcoming home for my work ethic. Rarely in life is there a direct correlation between how much work you put in and how much you gain – but at least when you start weight training, this occurs.

Twenty to Thirty

For the Mountain and Tactical Athletes that MTI focuses on, this period of life has the greatest upside for performance and achievement. It’s when the athlete may push the envelope on training in order to reach maximum athletic potential.

For tactical athletes, this age range is when most will endure their most challenging physical requirements – whether it’s a combat deployment, a rigorous school/academy, or a selection course.

For the Mountain Athlete, it may be diving into ultra running, serious backcountry hunting, or attempting to climb Denali.

The form, scale, and level of ambition of the objective will differ from athlete to athlete, but your 20’s is generally the most advantageous time to attempt them due to the physiological intersection of skill, fitness, and recovery.

In terms of training, the Tactical or Mountain Athlete can push hard to develop their body and mind for their endeavors. The style of training will differ dependent on the profession and associated demands, and should be examined by the individual to lead you down the most appropriate training pipeline.

Regardless of which type of athlete you are, your 20’s is the time to get as fit as possible – you can handle the load, volume and overall intensity if done intelligently to get there.

It’s also a great time to see what you’re made of while training… balls to the wall in a Sandbag Get Up assessment, push hard on a loaded 2,000’ uphill movement, max a 12-mile ruck time. These kind of assessments can tell you where you are in terms of fitness and keep you hungry for improvement.

Charlie’s 20’s Experience:
I’d call my 20’s a decade of very different fitness demands. I added mass to an already overloaded frame to a top weight of 235 lbs at 5’11 during a short and undistinguished college football career until I quit my Sophomore year. I was a bit lost in terms of training, then found Crossfit (humbling), then found boxing (even more humbling) until I went to OCS for the Marines. Somewhere along the way I tore my ACL a third time, which I never had repaired.

I then transitioned to MTI programming to prepare for active duty, which greatly helped me get through the training pipeline with a solid base in rucking and running. Unfortunately, my knee was in shambles and I hid a large knee brace under my cammies during most training exercises. Deployed twice, failed an attempt at a SOF selection, worked full time for MTI before eventually transitioning into Firefighting and directing my training energy towards that and Jiu Jitsu. A wild, bumpy ride full of successes and failures. While I didn’t achieve all that I wanted to, I trained hard and went after my goals.

Rob’s 20’s Experience:
I never received formal strength and conditioning coaching in college – and so did my own programming throughout my 20s – which looking back was multi-modal … body-split weight training usually followed by some type of sprint or stair running work capacity, Two times a week and on the weekend I’d run distance. I did my share of stupid stuff –  lots and lots of doing push ups – 500x before class, and sometimes 1,000x in one session (my shoulders feel it now….). More than a few intense bodybuilding cycles. In my late 20s work and family got really intense and my training, for the only time in my life, dropped off some – but picked back up in my early 30s. 

Thirty to Forty

The thirty to forty age range has shades of grey in it. Many can continue to perform at an exceptionally high level through their 30’s, but as some point in this decade of a life, you’ll lose a step. Metabolism and recovery will begin to slow, and often this is when careers and new families begin to take away time once dedicated to training.

This forces us to get smarter and increase efficiency with out training. Perhaps we don’t need (or want) to find a true 1-Rep Max Back, but rather a very good technical max. Work Capacity and Endurance training don’t have to be so intense that we feel close to vomiting.

The movements you did in your 20’s should be the same as in your 30’s, but with a more intelligent approach. Pushing the envelope during every training session isn’t necessary, or even advisable.

Those nagging injuries will also become more of an issue than they were in the past… you should analyze those injuries and make adjustments to your training to prevent significant over use that can further aggravate them.

It’s a good opportunity for self-assessment and determine the best way to move forward for smart training that will enable you to continue in your profession or passion at a high level for the next twenty to thirty years. Have a plan for longevity, don’t crash and burn.

Charlie’s 30’s Experience:
’m only half way through this decade, and it’s been interesting. I had to make adjustment due to previously mentioned knee injuries… I’ve cut down trail running despite really enjoying it, and significantly picked up my Mountain Biking which serves as my endurance work. I do a Strength and Chassis Integrity training session 2-3x week, with additional toned down work capacity that is based around the weekly intensity of Jiu Jitsu training.

My strength training is enough to keep me feeling strong, but I never go heavy anymore. I focus on good, clean reps that are completed with speed in the concentric phase (Compensatory Acceleration Training) and follow on plyometric movements to get the most out of the lift without overloading. It’s been a freeing change to not give a damn about max lifts! With a wife and family now, I’m far more efficient with my training – get in, get it done, get out in less than 60 minutes.

Rob’s 30’s Experience:
I continued to push the fintess/performance envelope throughout this decade. The first half of the decade I pushed on the endurance side with a lot of running, trail running and even pool-based swimming. I began carrying weight uphill (rocks – which I’d dump at top) and learned to run fast downhill. My athletic focus was on fast mountain movement – multiple 20+ mile fast packing trips, and 30+ mile peak bagging trips. Mid-decade Crossfit emerged and I dabbled in that for a couple months. Crossfit introduced me to olympic movements, strength cardio and multi-modal work capacity. I started coaching at age 35 and founded Mountain Athlete at age 37 and continued to push hard. I didn’t find I needed to pull back or take more rest – in fact, my “training age” seemed to enhance the volume I could endure and recover from. However, I began to feel my knees walking down stairs late in my 30s, and it has only gotten worse since then. 

Forty to Fifty

This may be the period where the most significant changes are made to training style, frequency, and intensity.

For Tactical Athletes, this age range see’s individuals generally in higher ranking, administrative focused positions, but still should be able to compete with the younger crowd as required. Mountain Athlete’s may continue to see fantastic performance in endurance related endeavors, but likely need additional time to recover.

Despite best efforts, those nagging injuries may become much more prevalent in effecting day to day life. Metabolism will significantly slow down, and adjustments to diet are likely required to maintain a healthy, capable body.

Warm Up’s may need to be more robust. 1-Rep Max lifts should become a thing of the past unless you’re an competitive Oly or Power lifter – it’s simply not worth it. Instead, focus on maintaining a a full range of motion through the knees, hips, and shoulders with light to moderate loading. If you’ve had significant hip or knee injuries, considering pulling back on barbell squatting movements and replacing it it with hinge based movements.

Work Capacity should be replaced with longer, moderate intensity grind efforts which continue to develop conditioning as well as hammering the trunk. Sandbag’s are a great tool here, as they are forever challenging, yet more forgiving on the joints.

A increase in endurance work will help maintain a healthy and capable body composition, reduce muscle mass and hence joint impact, while reducing the risk of injury that may be associated with very intense, multi-modal work capacity efforts.

Consider adjusting training frequency at this stage. A 5:2 or 3:1 schedule with each training session capped at 45 minutes.

Rob’s 40’s Experience:
I continued to push well into my 40s – especially in the gym and on work capacity. However, at 44 I really started feeling my knees. Front squats became difficult because of wrist flexibility issues (common with many older men). I continued to do 1RMs and lift heavy – but found I did not enjoy gym-based training nearly as much. Work capacity work also began to lose it’s appeal – I no longer had anything to prove. Endurance became important – if nothing else because it got me outside. I developed our Chassis Integrity programming and really came to enjoy it and see it’s transfer to the field. Nagging injuries and joint arthritis and the pain they cause helped lessen the appeal of intense, high impact weight and work capacity training. 

Fifty to Sixty

The same advice from your forties transitions to your fifties, but with further care. You’ll see very few Tactical Athletes who still operate at the tactical level, and may be transitioning to more outdoor activities to fill the gap. Mountain Athletes will still be capable of impressive feats, but with the intelligence of decades of experience backing them.

Training sessions should be no longer than 45 minutes, and at some point it may be smart to put the barbell away for the lower body (with the exception of Hinge lifts) and transition entirely to bodyweight, sandbag, and dumbbell exercises.

While strength and fast twitch enabled power will reduce significantly in your fifties, endurance sticks around for much longer. Increasing endurance work will continue to keep you lean, healthy, and keep away the cardiac issues that begin to plague this age group.

Training schedules should be adjusted to allow for more recovery time. A 2:1:2:2 training schedule (4 days/week) is appropriate.

There will be mental barriers in this age group recovering from injuries or surgeries. Knee and hip replacement surgery in common for athletes in their 50’s, which take focus and dedication to recover from. Keep at it, never stop moving.

Rob’s 50’s Experience:
I noticed a real drop off in recovery time and free weight training enjoyment at 50 (I’m 53). I also had to address injuries, including a right foot fusion at 51 and left hip replacement at 52. Now, ankle mobility, hip, knee and low back pain make heavy squatting difficult. I’m not unusual – few men my age who’ve pushed themselves physically over their lifetimes have similar issues. However, what I don’t know is if the hard fitness training ages 35-50 I completed accelerated my joint aging. This is one reason we are outlining these changes and designing additional programming for older athletes.

I find I don’t enjoy going much more than 45 minutes for gym-based strength sessions, but do enjoy sandbag, kettlebell/dumbbell and bodyweight strength work. I also enjoy extended combination work capacity and chassis integrity “grinds” using sandbags. These can go 30-60 minutes. I also still enjoy endurance, but knee pain limits my running to about 45 minutes. Though I’ve cut back significantly on heavy strength work, I’m still carrying around a lot of upper body muscle mass – which I’d hoped would have melted away. I currently weight 155 to 160 and would love to get down below 150. Recovery-wise, I can no longer train 5 days in a row and recover. After 3 days my performance drops … and I’ve had to go to a 3:1 schedule.  I make all the “dad noised” you’d expect from someone my age when I wake in the morning – my body has stiffened up significantly. Recently, I began starting my day (while my first cup of coffee is brewing) with 10 minutes of mobility and stretching – and this has helped with stiffness and beginning the day, immensely. Overall, I’ve simply had to pull back on my self-expectations for fitness and performance. I do find that it’s not the heavy lifting I miss most, but the long endurance work. My hunch is this has a lot to do with being outside. As I age, I find myself wanting to be outside as much as possible. 

Questions, comments? Contact


Lab Rats Needed to Test The Fitness Improvement Effects of Sled Pushes and/or Pulls

By Rob Shaul

MTI is calling for fit lab rats to test the fitness effects of sled pushes and/or pulls.

The training will begin Monday, January 10, 2022.

The deadline to apply is 0900 Mountain Time, Friday, January 7, 2022.

Lab rats must be 20-40 years old.


All lab rats will complete the same, focused 3.5 weeks, 5 day/week focused training cycle.

We’re looking to get 6-12 committed, fit, lab rats for this study.

Athletes must have solid free weight strength training experience and know their way around a weight room. This cycle isn’t appropriate for athletes new to lifting or strength training.

All lower body and work capacity efforts in the plan will be based around sled pushes and/or pulls. You’ll likely do these 2-3 days/week. The rest of the week will be focused on upper body and core strength training.

You’ll work directly with MTI Founder Rob Shaul for the duration of the project and communicate through a group-only message board/forum.

What We Hope To Learn

  1. The effectiveness and computability of an interval-based sled push and/or pull programming methodology.
  2. The fitness effects of sled pushed/pulls on endurance, lower body strength, and overall work capacity.

There is a little bit of research available on the effects of sled pulls on sprinting speed, but none that we could find on the overall conditioning effects of high volume, interval-based sled pushes, and/or pulls. Many college weight rooms and strongman competitors swear by the strength and work capacity conditioning power of sled pushes/pulls, but to our knowledge, this has never been actually quantified.

One of the programming problems with sled pulls/drags is the sled and the sliding surface greatly affect the friction and thus the difficulty of the effort. This makes it difficult for strength coaches to program sled pushes/pulls for remote athletes. We’re hoping an interval-based system while not perfect, can lead to effective remote programming.

Required Equipment

  • Fully outfitted functional fitness gym (racks, barbells, bumper plates)
  • Sled and place for pull and/or pushes. If athletes have access to a turf field or beach, they may also pull a sandbag.

Cycle Duration

This study project will take 3.5  weeks. It will begin Monday, January 10, 2022 with a general strength, work capacity, and endurance assessment, and end, Monday, with a 1RM assessment, and end the week of Monday, January 31, 2022 with a re-assessment.


To Participate

  • You’ll need to commit to training 5 days/week for 3.5 weeks, and follow the program as prescribed
  • You’ll need to commit to following only this programming as formal fitness training for the study project period. You can’t double up this training with any other physical fitness training.
  • You’ll need the required equipment (see above).
  • You’ll need to be 22-40 years old, fit, and a weight room veteran.
  • Current Athlete Subscription Subscribers and past purchasers of MTI programming will be given selection priority.


Want to be an MTI Lab Rat?

Please email, and put “Sled Pull Lab Rat” in the subject line.

Please include:

  • Age
  • Verify you have access to the required equipment and have a solid strength training background
  • Verify you will commit to the 3.5 weeks, 5 day/week program
  • Verify if you are either (1) current Athlete’s Subscription subscriber, or (2) past purchaser of an MTI training Program or packet of plans
  • Describe the type of sled/sandbag you have access to in detail, as well as the space and sliding surface you’ll be using.

We’re hoping to get 6-12 lab rats for this project.



Lab Rats Needed to Test Effect of Eliminating Sugar from Diet


By Rob Shaul

MTI is calling for remote lab rats, ages 22-50, for an upcoming, focused, 3.5 weeks, 5-day/week Mini-Study testing the performance and weight loss effect of eliminating most, if not all sugar, from your diet.

This mini-study will begin Monday, January 3, 2022. The deadline to apply is 0900 Mountain Time, Friday, December 31, 2022..

Priority Lab Rat selection will be given to current MTI Subscribers, and/or athletes with extensive experience completing MTI training plans.



  1. All lab rats will complete the same, multi-modal, 5 day/week training cycle. The Cycle will include strength, work capacity and endurance assessment and progressions. The program will be a limited equipment plan built around kettlebells and/or dumbbells and sandbags.
  2. The Lab Rats will be randomly split into two groups. The Control Group will just complete the plan. The No Sugar Group will complete the training plan, but also eliminate all refined sugar, corn syrup and fruit from their diet for the 3.5 week duration of the study.

At the end of the study, the weight loss and performance improvement results between the two groups of lab rats will be compared.

What We Hope To Learn

If there is a weight loss and/or performance advantage to eliminating most, if not all sugar, from your diet.

Required Equipment

  • Set of Dumbbells and/or Kettlebells
  • Pull Up Bar
  • 40-Foot of space for repeat Prone to Sprint Efforts
  • Running Track or known 3-mile and 1 mile distances for the running assessment and intervals.
  • 40# Sandbag (women), 60# Sandbag (men)
  • Stopwatch with repeat interval timer (smartphone will work)


Cycle Duration and Schedule

This MTI Mini-Study will take 3.5 weeks. It will begin Monday, January 3, 2022, with the initial fitness assessments and weigh in. It will end Tuesday, January 25, 2022.


To Participate

  • You’ll need to commit to training 5 days/week for 3.5 weeks, and follow the training program as prescribed
  • You’ll need to commit to following only this programming as formal fitness training for the mini-study period.
  • The No-Sugar Group will need to commit to following the prescribed nutritional guidelines/meal plan. No menu substitutions or exceptions.
  • You’ll need the required equipment (see above)
  • You’ll need to be an experienced, fit athlete, who is not eating “clean” currently.

This last one is important …. to be accurate, we want fit lab rats who currently have pretty terrible diets (lots of carbs, sugar, etc.) Athletes who currently are eating a clean (low carb, no sugar) diet won’t be of use of us for this study.

Also – athletes must be fit. The required training program is inappropriate for deconditioned people.

Want to be an MTI Lab Rat?

Please email, and put “No Sugar Lab Rat” in the subject line.

Please include:

  • Age
  • Height
  • Bodyweight
  • Are you a current MTI Subscriber?
  • Are you a mountain athlete, mountain professional or  Tactical Athlete?
  • If not, Indicate the MTI Training Plans you have Completed.
  • Verify you can commit to the 3.5 week, 5 day/week training cycle
  • Verify you have access to the required equipment
  • Verify/Commit to the meal plan/diet/nutritional guidelines/restrictions.
  • Outline your current diet – how you are currently eating.

Priority Lab Rat selection will be given to current MTI Subscribers, and/or athletes with extensive experience completing MTI training plans.

We’re hoping to get 8-12 lab rats, ages 22-50, for this mini-study.




Arete 12.30.21


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Mini Study: Intermittent Fasting Doesn’t Hasten Weight Loss


By Rob Shaul



Remote MTI Lab Rats who Intermittent Fasted 18 hour/day and Control Group Lab Rats both lost nearly the same amount of weight over a 3.5 week study period.

Average Weight Loss:

  • Intermittent Fasting Group – 2.11%
  • Control Group – 2.5%


Intermittent Fasting has been promoted as a way to hasten fat loss. The purpose of this study was to test the weight-loss effect of Intermittent Fasting vs. a control group that shared the same menu and training plan for the entire 3.5 week study duration.

The menu was dictated for both groups and closely followed MTI’s Nutritional Guidelines: Protein first, no sugar, no bread, pasta, grain, no fruit, only vegetables that grow above the ground.

The training program was multi-modal and included assessed strength, a 1.5 mile run assessment, and complimentary work capacity/chassis integrity grinds.


Going into this Mini Study, I had two research questions:

    • Would there be any significant weight Loss differences between the two groups (control and intermittent fasting)?
    • Would there be any significant performance improvement differences (strength/endurance) between the two groups (control and intermittent fasting)?
    • In general, does intermittent fasting make a difference in weight loss and/or performance?


See the chart below for results from this cycle:

In terms of weight loss – there was no significant difference between the two groups. The Intermittent Fasting Group  averaged a 2.11% weight loss and the Control Group averaged a 2.5% weight loss.

Performance wise, the lab rats for both groups improved strength and endurance significantly based on assessed results.

The strength work in the plan was loaded and rep-based on a time limit – i.e. max rep kettlebell or dumbbell front squats @ 16kg/35# (for men) in 60 seconds. A simple density-based, percentage progression was used, and the strength events were re-assessed at the end of the cycle.

For endurance, a 1.5-mile run assessment was used, along with and assessment-based progressions.

Below are the overall average strength improvements (based on reps) for all the events, by group:

  • Control Group – 43.4% Improvement
  • IF Group – 31.7% Improvement

Below is the 1.5 Mile Run Improvement:

  • Control Group – 7.0%
  • IF Group – 4.0%

While it would appear that the Control Group improved significantly more than the IF Group from the results, because they’re so few Control Group lab rats (4) completed the study and just 11 overall, these differences are not significant.

So, does intermittent fasting make a difference in weight loss and/or performance?

The answer, based on this mini-study results, is no – and certainly not from a weight loss perspective.

In my own experience of Intermittent Fasting over 4 weeks I found often the schedule difficult to follow – especially in the mornings after training. Training fasted was not an issue (I train early in the AM), but then having to wait 3-4 hours until I could eat at 10 am became burdensome. I found myself starving by 10 am.

I tried altering the eating schedule from 9am – 5pm, but eventually, dropped the effort altogether.

These study results back up my decision. I’ve found that any nutrition plan which induces hunger eventually fails and Intermittent Fasting did for me. Thankfully, based on this study results, there’s no cost in terms of weight loss or performance improvement.

Next Steps

Next, I’m interested in the performance and weight loss effect of just eliminating all sugar (including fruit) from a diet. I’ll likely announce a mini-study to analyze this early in 2022.

Questions? Email
Comments? Please enter your comment below.



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Fitness / Nutrition / Wellness

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Homeland Security / First Responder / Wildland Fire

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