Arete 4.21.22

Military ‘Wolverines’ graffiti straight out of ‘Red Dawn’ showing up all over battlefields in Ukraine, Task & Purpose Pentagon to build nuclear microreactors to power far-flung bases, Marine Corps Times Air Force Academy expels 22 cadets for 2020 cheating scandal, Air Force times Texas Guard replaces commander of troubled Operation Lone Star, Air Force times The weapons being sent to […]

ARETE 4.14.22

Military ‘Red Dawn’ hits Ukraine after destroyed Russian armor gets tagged with ‘Wolverines’, Task & Purpose How technology, both old and new, has shaped the war in Ukraine so far, Task & Purpose How the Marine Corps tracks — and hides — the crimes of its officers, Task & Purpose Airmen are pissed that an entire C-17 crew except […]

Thoughts on Organizational Ethos, Incentives and Structure Required to Promote Quiet Professionalism 

By Rob Shaul Years of organizational observation, and several months of work with MTI’s Quiet Professional Discussion Groups, have reinforced for me that most Quiet Professionals are so in spite of their unit or company culture, not because of it.  This is disappointing but understandable. Self-promotion and individual advancement dominate the cultures of most tactical […]

Arete 4.7.22

Military US Air Force’s new Jolly Green II combat rescue helicopter begins operational testing, AF Times Air Force proposes to cut military jobs, aircraft in 2023, AF Times 3 Army soldiers, 9 others accused in gun trafficking ring, Army Times Why 40 African armies met at a Fort Benning summit — and why some didn’t, Army Times Soldier performance study […]

Mini Study: Loaded Step Ups have Little Transfer to Rucking Speed

By Rob Shaul   BLUF This 3.5-week Mini-Study investigated the transfer of loaded step ups to rucking. Six remote, lab rats completed the 3.5 Week study which began with a 3-Mile Ruck for Time carrying a 40-pound ruck. After a days’ rest, the lab rats completed a 30-minute Step Up for Reps Assessment wearing a […]

Mini Study: Dumbbell Strength Training Maintains to Slightly Increases, 1RM Barbell Strength

  By Rob Shaul BLUF Five experienced, veteran MTI Lab Rats tested the ability of Dumbbell Strength Training to increase 1RM (1 repetition max), max effort barbell strength. Results found that dumbbell strength training maintained to slightly increasing max effort barbell strength, but did a much better job at increasing dumbbell-based strength. Average Overall Barbel […]

A Menu and Food Based Interpretation of MTI Base Fitness Programming

By Rob Shaul MTI has two types of programming: (1) “Base” Fitness programming, and; (2) Event and/or Sport Specific Programming. “Base” Fitness programming is our day-to-day programming. Examples include the Greek Hero Plans for Military Athletes, Spirits Plans for LE Patrol/Detective, Greek Heroine Plans for multi-sport mountain athletes and Tragic Wildfire Plans for wildland firefighters. […]

Mini Study: Backwards Sled Drags Match Forward Sled Drags in Strength and Work Capacity Improvement

  By Rob Shaul   BLUF The strength and work capacity improvement difference between Forward Sled Pull Intervals and Backward Sled Pull Intervals is negligible. In two separate mini studies, remote lab rats saw 1 Repetition Max (1RM) strength and sprint-based improvements after following a 3-week training program which featured forward or backward sled pull […]

Arete 3.31.22

Military Don’t Underestimate the Bear, MWI Amry’s ACFT Becomes Official With Gender Based Scoring, Defense One How Russia’s Warfare Doctrine Is Failing in Ukraine, Sandboxx Nuclear Threats and Putin’s War Against Ukraine, RC Defense 2023 Defense Budget May Sink More Ships Than Pearl Harbor, Forbes How Western Intelligence Mortally Wounded Russia’s War Effort in Ukraine, Small Wars Journal Special Forces sergeant major […]

Naming MTI’s Wildland Firefighting Training Plans

By Rob Shaul Last week we received an email from a veteran wildland firefighter critical of the naming scheme I deployed for the plans in our Wildland Fire Training Packet. The 5 “base fitness” training plans in this packet are named after tragic “killer” wildland fires from America’s past: Blackwater Named after the Blackwater Fire […]