ARETE 4.14.22


‘Red Dawn’ hits Ukraine after destroyed Russian armor gets tagged with ‘Wolverines’, Task & Purpose
How technology, both old and new, has shaped the war in Ukraine so far, Task & Purpose
How the Marine Corps tracks — and hides — the crimes of its officers, Task & Purpose
Airmen are pissed that an entire C-17 crew except for the maintainer received a Distinguished Flying Cross, Task & Purpose
Air Forces Need, You Know, Airplanes, AAI
US Army initiates plan to replace Stingers with next-gen interceptor, Army Times
Argument over ‘woke-ism’ in the military erupts in House hearing, Military Times
Biden to nominate first uniformed woman to lead a military service, Military Times
Four US troops injured in rocket attack on base in Syria, Military Times
Navy captain fired after another Hawaii fuel leak, Navy Times
Pentagon says Russia sends 1,000 fighters from military contractor to Donbas region, The Hill
Of Roadside Bombs and Drones: Putin’s Looming Insurgency Problem, War is Boring
How tanks can survive against cheap, shoulder-fired missiles, The Economist


National Security / Foreign Policy

For a Lasting Peace, Europe Must Embrace Russia, Defense One
The Pentagon Must ‘Campaign’ Against China, Not Hope for a Goal-Line Stand, Defense One
The Month That Changed a Century, Foreign Policy
Russia launches investigation into execution of Russian soldiers near Kiev, Pravda Report
The Ukraine War’s Three Clocks, RAND
How Competing Schools of Grand Strategy Shape America’s Nonproliferation Policy Toward Iran, Texas National Security Review
The war in Ukraine and Vladimir Putin’s imperial project, VoxEurope
‘Ukraine Biolabs’: How Attempts to Debunk a Conspiracy Theory Only Helped It Spread, HSN
Can Nuclear Generation Help Reduce European Reliance on Russian Gas?, HSN

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Los Angeles (CA) Tree Trimmer Found Hanging 50-Feet Off Ground, Firefighter Nation
Benicia (CA) Port Fire Sends Ships Scrambling; Fire Under Pier Difficult to Reach, Firefighter Nation
Man Convicted of Setting Dolan Fire that Entrapped 15 Firefighters, Scorched Thousands of Acres, Firefighter Nation
OSHA: 2 Ill. FDs at fault in FF’s death, FireRescue1
LODD: Ala. acting chief dies from burns suffered in grass fire, FireRescue1
An analysis of fatalities from forest fires in China, 1951–2018, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Predicting daily initial attack aircraft targets in British Columbia, International Journal of Wildland Fire
San Diego Sheriff’s Department can keep using military equipment, county says, Police1
Maine LEO returns to full duty after amputation, shares his journey, Police1
Two prescribed fires in New Mexico escape and become wildfires, Wildfire Today
Department of Interior releases 5-year plan to prepare for wildfire, Wildfire Today
Forest Service expects to substantially increase the number of firefighters this year, Wildfire Today

Mountain / Outside

Bode Miller Launches Peak Ski Company With 6 New Ski Designs, Outside
Fastpacking 101: What You Need for This Running-Backpacking Hybrid, Outside
Haaland Announces $9.5 Million in Grants for Migratory Wildlife Protection, GearJunkie
5 Cheap(ish) Things for a Lovely Front Porch, Wirecutter
Willie Benegas on Being Buried in an Avalanche: ‘So This Is How I Will Die‘, Outside
It’s Not a Real Baja Trip Until You Mess Something Up, Adventure Journal
Pandemic Impacts of 2020 and 2021 Raise Questions for Adventure Tourism, Alpinist
How To Survive a Bear Attack!, Eastmans
Can Blockchain Help Save the Wilderness? These Groups Think So., Outside Business
Watch Márek Holeček, Radoslav Groh establish Heavenly Trap on Baruntse, Planet Mountain
VIDEO: How Not To Ride Corbet’s Couloir, Unofficial Networks
VIDEO: Surfing Alaskan Steeps On 180cm Snowboard, Unofficial Networks
The Endurance Shipwreck: How 28 Men Survived Nearly Two Years in Antarctica, Wide Open Spaces

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

6 Foods That Are Secretly Aging You, Better Nutrition
7 Reasons Why You’re Feeling Tired During the Day, Better Nutrition
Powerlifter Jessica Buettner Deadlifts 507 Pounds for 6; Crushes 405-Pound Paused Squat for 4 Reps, Breaking Muscle
Tart Cherry Juice: Recovery Drink or Snake Oil?, Outside
I Tested Givego, the App That Wants to Replace Your Coach, Outside
Having a near-death experience taught me how to live better, The Guardian
The 5 Best Ways to Burn Fat Fast | Healthline, Healthline
How This Simple Breathing Exercise May Improve Your Endurance, Healthline
Learning the Right Way to Struggle, NY Times
Building Muscle After 40 – The Five Best Tips, T-Nation
Pull-Ups: 3 Mistakes You’re Still Making, T-Nation
The One Thing You Need to Make the Best Decisions for You, Tiny Buddha
Measure What Matters: Fitness Tracking in the Build Phase, TrainingPeaks
The Benefits of Yogurt, WebMD
Brain charts for the human lifespan, Nature
Do Narcissists Feel Guilty About Abusing Loved Ones?, Psychology Today


Ukraine’s Draft Dodgers Face Guilt, Shame and Reproach, NY Times
Poor Neighborhoods Don’t Need Pot Shops, NY Daily News
If College Isn’t the Pathway to the Middle Class It Once Was—What Is?, RAND
The Best Strollers, WireCutter
The Best Booster Car Seats, Wirecutter
More than half of Americans in their 40s are ‘sandwiched’ between an aging parent and their own children, Fact Tank
This Guy Read All 50 Books on Our List!, Huckberry
Sun, sea or salary: Citi recruits’ future of work trade-off, Financial Times
Developers of small modular reactors hope their time has come, The Economist
The remarkable brain of a carpet cleaner who speaks 24 languages, Washington Post

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