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US Air Force’s new Jolly Green II combat rescue helicopter begins operational testing, AF Times
Air Force proposes to cut military jobs, aircraft in 2023, AF Times
3 Army soldiers, 9 others accused in gun trafficking ring, Army Times
Why 40 African armies met at a Fort Benning summit — and why some didn’t, Army Times
Soldier performance study delivering data for future commanders, Army Times
Eight Green Berets quietly disciplined after Afghan prisoner’s beating death, Army Times
Navy, Marines push ‘campaigning forward’ strategy as vital to deterring China, Defense News
Top Marine Defends Corps’ Lighter Direction, Defense One
Russia’s Urban Warfare Predictably Struggles, Foreign Policy
Marine Corps body composition standards may be leading to eating disorders, MC Times
An Alternative to a “No Fly Zone” Over Ukraine: A Fluid, Airborne Minefield, Small Wars Journal
The Failed Promise: Reflections on America’s Afghanistan Experience, Small Wars Journal
Hell at Abbey Gate: Untold stories from the Afghanistan War’s final days, Task & Purpose
Former US Marine accused of rape in Ukraine, Task & Purpose
Why the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program is a job from hell, Task & Purpose
US soldiers are not training Ukrainians in Poland, Army chief says, Task & Purpose
Commission to review 750 Confederacy-linked military items for renaming, The Hill
Ukrainian soldiers arrested for shooting Russian prisoners of war, War is Boring
Ukraine claims Russia has lost 17,300 troops, 605 tanks during invasion, War is Boring
US general confirms Russia ‘repeatedly’ fired hypersonic missiles in Ukraine, War is Boring
Carinthia Introduces Combat Clothing, Soldier Systems
A Russian Attack On Odessa Could Be Naval Suicide, Forbes


National Security / Foreign Policy

Forbidden love: Vladimir Putin and the French far right, Al Jazerra
EU to hit Russia with fresh sanctions over Ukraine after killings in Kyiv region town, Axios
Germany and France expel Russian diplomats after Bucha, Axios
What Lessons is China Taking from the Ukraine War?, Defense One
Ukrainian Hackers Take Aim at Russian Artillery, Navigation Signals, Defense One
Germany Has Never Been a Pacifist Power, Foreign Policy
NATO Intervention in Ukraine Won’t Spark World War III, Foreign Policy
France’s military intelligence chief fired ‘for failing to warn about Ukraine war’,
What happened in Bucha and who is going to be punished for it?, PravdaReport
Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia on the way to terminate their ties with Russia, PravdaReport
UN: Afghans sell children and their body parts to provide for families, PravdaReport
How and Why China Uses Gray Zone Tactics, RAND
What Would a Strategy of Restraint Mean for U.S. Security Policy?, RAND
Policy Memo: A US Take on the Napoleonic Policing Model, Small Wars Journal
The Blind Spots of Diplomatic History, War on the Rocks
Is India “Shaky” on Ukraine? It’s Complicated, War on the Rocks
The Will to Fight, Lessons from Ukraine, RAND
Russia’s economy is beginning to crack as economists forecast sharp contractions, CNBC

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Dealing with Disasters | The New ‘Kremlinology’ | Keeping Highly Enriched Uranium Safe, and more, HSN
The Military Is Making Progress in Its Counter-Extremism Efforts, but Gaps Remain, HSN
St. Louis (MO) Firefighters Start Inspecting Vacant Homes to Limit Risks of Abandoned Buildings, FFN
Former Texas firefighter sentenced to 6 years in prison for killing fellow firefighter, FireRescue1
Video: Large crowd swarms, kicks and vandalizes Md. police cruiser, Police 1
A guide to law enforcement leadership training and graduate degree programs, Police1
California agencies intend to ramp up prescribed burning, Wildfire Today
Precipitation January through March was record lowest in some Western areas, Wildfire Today
The Incredible Life & Work Of Search And Rescue Responders, Unofficial Networks
Hilary Franz, Washington DNR, discusses initial attack and aerial firefighting, Wildfire Today

Mountain / Outside

Can Starlink Bring High-Speed Internet to Your Next Camping Trip? Outside
Camp in Comfort with the Lightweight Helinox Chair Zero High-back, Werd
AT Bindings Banned from Some Wilderness, Backcountry Ski Blog
The Best Lines—and Crashes—from This Year’s Freeride World Tour, Outside
Guy Busted For Planning 139-Person Hike in the Grand Canyon, Adventure Journal
Climbers rally against proposed tramway and expanded bus lanes in Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon, Alpinist
Cody Cirillo’s ‘FLUID – A Skier’s Connection to Water’ A pillow bashing trek through British Columbia, Freeskier
Proof of Concept, Outdoor Research
Can NFTs save the ski video star?, Outside
Goulotte Desperados climbed on Tour Ronde, Mont Blanc, by Niccolò Bruni, Gianluca Marra, Planet Mountain
Jakob Schubert vs Sleepwalker at Red Rocks, USA, Planet Mountain
​POV: Amaury Pierron’s Winning Run At the Lourdes World Cup Is Totally Bananas, Red Bull
Nch’Kay’s Hidden Gems, Arcteryx
Emergent Seas, Patagonia
Mountain Lion Follows Hunter To His Car (Video), Unofficial Networks
Grab Life in Belize, Outside

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Alpen Basecamp Bike Capsule: The Safer Storage Solution, Werd
Best Calisthenics Exercises, Athlean x
The Best Leg Workouts With Bodyweight, With Dumbbells, for Size, and More, Breaking Muscle
2022 World’s Strongest Man Reveals 30-Person Lineup, Breaking Muscle
Here’s How 5-Time CrossFit Games Champion Tia-Clair Toomey is Eating to Cut Weight, Breaking Muscle
Sprint Workouts, Athlean x
Lack of sleep increases unhealthy abdominal fat, study finds, Science Daily
Comparison of a Sucrose-Based and Rice-Based Sports Beverage on Hydration Status During a 19.3-km Foot March in ROTC Cadets, JSCR
Determinants of Climbing Performance: When Finger Flexor Strength and Endurance Count, JSCR
Prevalence, Magnitude, and Methods of Weight Cutting Used by World Class Powerlifters, JSCR
Change of Direction Performance in Elite Players From Different Team Sports, JSCR
Heart Rate Response, Duration, Grip Strength, and Anthropometric Characteristics in Recreational Indoor Rock Climbers, JSCR
Effects of Resistance Training Cessation on Cycling Performance in Well-Trained Cyclists: An Exploratory Study, JSCR
Ready for Combat, Psychophysiological Modifications in a Close-Quarter Combat Intervention After an Experimental Operative High-Intensity Interval Training, JSCR
Relationship Between Strength, Athletic Performance, and Movement Skill in Adolescent Girls, JSCR
The Effects of 3 vs. 5 Days of Training Cessation on Maximal Strength, JSCR
This Cyclist Did 30 Days of Squats to See If It Would Improve His Performance on the Bike, Men’s Health
You’re Not Truly Fit Unless You Can Pass These 4 Simple Tests, Men’s Health
The Trick to Access Research Articles for Free,
Sci-Hub Offers the Quickest, Easiest, and Greatest Access to Science,
Goodbye to Love Handles and Belly Fat, T-Nation
Why Other People’s Comments Hurt Us and How to Let Them Go, Tiny Buddha
The False Comfort of Having More: Finding Peace in Living with Less, Tiny Buddha
Most Americans Just Lost Millions of Acres of Hunting Access, Meateater
Kayak Angler Uses Duck Lure to Trigger Awesome Northern Pike Topwater Strikes. Wide Open Spaces


Hertz plans to buy 65,000 EVs from Polestar over five years, Al Jazerra
March jobs report shows near return to pre-pandemic levels — except for workers on the sidelines of the economy, AEI
Washington State Signs Nation’s Earliest Gas Car Ban Into Law, GearJunkie
8 Best Home Defense Weapons to Harden Your Home For 2022, Tactical Gun Life
The Best Stud Finder for Home Use, Wirecutter
Employees Are Returning to the Office, Just to Sit on Zoom Calls, Bloomberg
Five Days a Week in the Office? It’s Better for Everyone., Bloomberg
Congress Found An Easy Way To Fix Child Poverty. Then It Walked Away., 538
12 Hard Things You Can Do TODAY, Huckberry

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