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Don’t Underestimate the Bear, MWI
Amry’s ACFT Becomes Official With Gender Based Scoring, Defense One
How Russia’s Warfare Doctrine Is Failing in Ukraine, Sandboxx
Nuclear Threats and Putin’s War Against Ukraine, RC Defense
2023 Defense Budget May Sink More Ships Than Pearl Harbor, Forbes
How Western Intelligence Mortally Wounded Russia’s War Effort in Ukraine, Small Wars Journal
Special Forces sergeant major gets 1 year, busted in rank for domestic violence, Army Times
Ukrainian Counterattacks Are Pushing Back Russian Troops, Foreign Policy
Why did Russia launch hypersonic missiles? Dwindling PGMs., Morning Defense
Conflict Escalation: How It Works, RAND
The Misdiagnosis of Vladimir Putin, Small Wars Journal
NCOs are the US military’s greatest strength — and one of Russia’s biggest weaknesses, Task & Purpose
After 5 years of study, the Army is still trying to get soldiers ready for its new fitness test, Task & Purpose
The leg tuck is officially dead and other changes coming to the Army Combat Fitness Test, Task & Purpose
Carrying the weight: The undue burdens that female troops endure every day, Task & Purpose
As many as 40K Russian troops killed, wounded, held prisoner or missing: NATO, The Hill
Military academies prepare to welcome parent-cadets for first time, The Hill
A Proxy War in Ukraine Is the Worst Possible Outcome — Except For All the Others, War on the Rocks
Inequitable Marine Corps Body Composition Policies and Their Impact on the Health of the Force, RAND


National Security / Foreign Policy

What is behind Russia’s interest in a warming Arctic?, Al Jazerra
Turkey finds second mine off its coast near Bulgaria, Al Jazerra
El Salvador declares state of emergency after gang killings, Al Jazerra
China Ignores Rule of Law to Dominate Global Telecommunications, Hudson Inst.
Islamic State kills hundreds of civilians in northern Mali, Long War Journal
Shabaab attacks international hub in Mogadishu where U.S. Embassy is located, Long War Journal
Russian defense minister not seen in public since March 11, prompting speculation,
If Europe refuses to pay with rubles, Russia will cut gas supplies, Pravda report
Regime change in Washington, Pravda Report
What Did China’s Flurry of African Engagements Have to Do With Ukraine?, The Diplomat

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Border mission should be a Homeland Security job, says head of Northern Command, Defense News
More Russian spies in Mexico than anywhere else in the world, US official claims,
Current and Future Challenges to National Biodefense, Homeland Security Newswire
Tornadoes, Climate Change Make Dixie the new Tornado Alley, Homeland Security Newswire
FDNY Firefighters Blast Mayor’s Double Standard: Different Rules for Firefighters vs. Entertainers, FireFighterNation
Firefighter Rappels From NBA Arena Ceiling to Stop Speaker Fire in Pacers/Raptors Game, Arena Evacuated, FirefighterNation
‘Hard to watch’: Recruits say instructors yelled at Morse while he lay unconscious, FireRescue1
After an ‘unusually high’ number of Ala. cops call in sick, mayor vows cost-of-living raise, Police1
Calif. city denies request to fly thin blue line flag at city hall, Police1
Researchers develop new modeling tools for prescribed fire, Wildfire Today
New Director of CAL FIRE said they may have up to 10 additional helicopters in 2022, Wildfire Today
FBI hopes ‘coffee with a cop’ leads to more tips, applicants, Police1
Bill goes to Governor for Idaho state firefighters to earn hazard pay, Wildfire Today

Mountain / Outside

An Avalanche Airbag data set: all about weight, BC Ski Touring Blog
This Finger Strength Training Plan Is Your Pathway to Improved Climbing, Outside
The Youngest Woman to Ski the Grand Teton Is Now the Peak’s Youngest Guide, Outside
We’re All Little Kids Again On Mountain Bikes, Adventure Journal
5 Reasons This Has Been the Winter We All Needed, Outside
Women Are Dominating Ski Films This Year, on Both Sides of the Camera, Outside
Laura Tiefenthaler climbs North Face of the Eiger solo, Planet Mountain
So Ya Wanna Be A River Guide? Here’s How, Adventure Journal
8 Hard-Earned Lessons on Backcountry Gear, Outside
Poll: Is Outdoor Retailer making the right decision moving back to Utah?, Outside
Sellaronda Skimarathon 2022 begins tomorrow in the Dolomites, Planet Mountain
The Skydiving and Skiing Combo You’ve Gotta See, Redbull
Coolest Downhill Mountain Bike Perspective?, RedBull
​VIDEO: Nick Clark’s Two-Wheeled Ode to the Tetons, TGR
​JHMR Announces Plans To Upgrade Legendary Thunder Quad Lift, TGR
R O V E R : A Splitboard Film Project, TGR
Emily Harrington Climbs El Cap’s Golden Gate Route in One Day, 4th Person to Do So,TGR
Carissa Moore Wins the First Gold Medal in Women’s Surfing TGR
One Fish to Feed Them All, Patagonia
Missing Hiker Near Yellowstone Killed In Suspected Grizzly Attack, UN
Rookie Maxime Chabloz’s Winning Run At Xtreme Verbier Was Mental, UN
The World’s First Stand-Up Snowmobile, UN

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

The Myth That Most Americans Hate Their Job, The Atlantic
I Love Hokas—the Kawana Might Be My New Favorite, Outside
Does Working Out Before Bed Help You Sleep?, The Manual
Study suggests association between consuming artificial sweeteners and increased cancer risk, Science Daily
To Win in the Mountains, It Helps to Be Born There, Outside
Does Eating Meat Make You Live LONGER?, T-Nation
Ice Hockey-Specific Repeated Shuttle Sprint Test Performed on Ice Should Not Be Replaced by Off-Ice Testing, JSCR
Relationships Between Punch Impact Force and Upper- and Lower-Body Muscular Strength and Power in Highly Trained Amateur Boxers, JSCR
Does Social Media Make Teens Unhappy? It May Depend on Their Age., NY Times
Bad Sleep Makes You Fat, Kills Testosterone, T-Nation


Rewriting the history books: Why the Vikings left Greenland, Science Daily

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