Essay Submissions: “The Professional Decision I Most Regret”

We asked the MTI Community for some brutal self-reflection. Below is the collection of essays we received.

1. The Professional Decision I Most Regret: I Feared Potential Failure

By John Peter Lombardo

I began my career in the Fire Service at an early age and as a result felt a swell of wanderlust. It was on a particularly boring day in 2007 where I indulged a desire to join the military by scouring the internet for prospects in the varying service branches. READ ENTIRE ESSAY


2. The Professional Decision I Most Regret: I Lost My Moral Compas

By Steve Markusen

“What is your name? Where are you?” My eyes opened to see a chiseled face with furrowed brow. Pain stabbed my side. My head, arms and legs covered in blood. When I breathed my chest made a soft whistling sound. READ ENTIRE ESSAY


3. The Professional Decision I Most Regret: I Fired My Boss

By Anonymous

In 2008, as a young second tour Naval officer, I deployed as AOIC of a security division securing the two Iraqi Oil Terminals (ABOT and KAAOT[1]), inbound tankers and training for the Iraqi Marines. Through these two terminals flow over 80% of the Iraqi GDP; literal lifeblood to the Iraqi economy vital in the post-Saddam Hussein era. READ ENTIRE ESSAY


4. The Professional Decision I Most Regret: Leaving North Metro

By Cameron Gallegos

The professional decision I most regret was leaving North Metro. I worked my ass off the get there. I worked even harder to gain a great reputation, a little respect, and a start to a very promising career. I was on good crews and ran good calls. READ ENTIRE ESSAY


5. The Professional Decision I Regret the Most: The difference between a Job and a Profession

By Joshua Wiedeman

“By seeking and blundering we learn. ” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Sir, you’re a little bit low on altitude again and right of course.” READ ENTIRE ESSAY


6. The Professional Decision I Most Regret: Quitting the SRT

By Anonymous

I am a Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). I have been a federal agent for over 11 years. I have held various positions during my career in special operations, intelligence, and investigations. READ ENTIRE ESSAY


7. The Professional Decision I Most Regret: Not Taking the 18x Contract

By Brandon Eddleman

“Don’t dwell on the past. Look to the future”, I’m sure at some point, in all of our lives, we’ve heard or said this very statement. Just move on. So simple to spout and, yet, so hard to live. READ ENTIRE ESSAY


8. The Professional Decision I Most Regret: Choosing Revenue over Staff Leadership

By Anonymous

I own a multi-disciplinary pain clinic in Calgary.  Young professionals move here for the proximity to the mountains as well as the quality of life their high paying jobs afford.  They tend to be weekend warriors, sitting all day during the week and then going all-out on the weekends.  The demand for help with sprains and strains is high. READ ENTIRE ESSAY


9. The Professional Decision I Most Regret: Not Having a Solid Plan B

By Anonymous

I was running at 0300 along the hardball road on three hours of sleep, secretly wishing for a truck to come around the next curve and accidentally hit and kill me. Was there some way to just die without doing it myself? Was I a coward for not being able to do it myself? READ ENTIRE ESSAY

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