Quiet Professional: Don’t Get Too Far From Your Purpose

By Rob Shaul


I’ve yet to meet a man who felt his job or profession was beneath his talents and was truly happy.

Sometimes this discontent surfaces in self-destructive behavior, or in obsessive hobbies, recreation, or other interests. Others manage with a balanced life, but coast at work and plan ahead in the short term for the end of the workday, coming weekend, next vacation, and in the long term, retirement when they’ll get to do “what I really want.”

I’ve often been criticized for my work ethic – by both family and friends. When younger, this bothered me. But now, I’m so thankful I have a job and career I enjoy so much work is never a burden. It’s a true blessing, and I feel sorry for the clockwatchers, and misplaced workers amongst us.

I’ve found women can prioritize family over career and be sincerely happy and content. But I’ve seen few men who can. I’m not sure if it’s our cultural expectations that men provide or the male psyche, but the men I’ve met who say they put family first have done it by default. They are not satisfied with their work and family attention masks this discontent.

The best men among us have work and family side by side and understand both make up their “purpose.”  Vacations, breaks, weekends are welcome and sometimes necessary “dessert,” but the real “meal,” comes from work.

Of all the habits to be a Quiet Professional, this is the most debated and controversial. Some argue that faith and family should come first, and career, second. My response is if it works for them, keep doing it. But if they are unsatisfied at work, it’s naive to think this discontent does not affect how they interact with their families.

Finding work you love, and diving all in is an incredible gift to yourself, and those you serve through that work. As well, it’s much easier to be happy at home, and make the best of family time.


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