Q&A 9.2.23

QUESTION  I am curious on what plan you would recommend to increase power to weight ratio. ANSWER Sure, the MTI Relative Strength Assessment Training Plan is geared directly for that purpose  QUESTION Do you have a fitness assessment for those of usin the SF60 group? If not what would one look like? Theoretically. Thanks ANSWER […]

Arete 8.29.23

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy Women in special operations say bias, double standards are daily realities, Task & Purpose Families of Marines killed in Osprey crash push for more answers, Task & Purpose Two service members arrested after fatal stabbing in Germany, Task & Purpose Navy destroyer USS Howard’s commanding officer fired, Task & Purpose […]

Arete 8.23.23

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy How European Officials View a Possible Second Trump Term, NYT Deterring Russia and Iran, RAND Service Members and Their Families Are Paying for the Air Force’s Fiscal Shortfalls, RAND DOD-Tuberville standoff has no end in sight, Morning Defense The Shame of Liberty: How the Lazy, Safe Renaming of Fort Bragg […]

Arete 8.16.23

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy More than a dozen Niger soldiers killed in attack near Mali border, Al Jazeera The true face of Israel’s protest movement, Al Jazeera ‘He was willing to sacrifice himself:’ Army veteran killed in Ukraine, Task & Purpose Air Force veteran killed in FBI raid after threatening Biden,T&P How the US […]

The Quiet Rise of MTI’s Targeted Fitness Programs

  By Rob Shaul, Founder The unexpected expansion of MTI’s “Targeted Fitness” programs into a major pillar of our programming library caught even me, its chief architect, by surprise. Years back, when I embarked on crafting routines for mountain and tactical athletes, the offerings were divided broadly into: Base Fitness: This encompasses everyday routines for […]

Arete 8.9.23

The Pros and Cons of Creatine Monohydrate for Endurance Athletes Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy Russian, Chinese Warships Operated Near Alaska, Say Senators, USNI Largest Ever Talisman Sabre Exercise Wraps in Australia, USNI New Report Calls for Rethinking Undersea Warfare with Emphasis on Uncrewed Systems, USNI GAO: Polar Security Cutter Design Won’t Complete Until 2024, […]

Q&A 8.5.23

QUESTION Air Force EOD – I got selected and should be heading to school in about a year. I’m in shape, but haven’t lifted hard/heavy before and am looking to get into better shape for school. ANSWER Do the Plans/order in the Virtue Packet beginning with Military OnRamp. When you get orders and a firm […]

MTI’s Top Selling Training Plans for August 2023

MTI’s Top Selling Training Plans forAugust 2023   1. Athlete’s Subscription 2. FBI Special Agent PFT Training 3. Ultimate Meathead Cycle 4. Bodyweight Beginner 5. Military On-Ramp Training Plan 6. RASP 1&2 Training Plan 7. Grease the Groove Push Up / Pull Up Training Plan 8. Hypertrophy Program for Skinny Guys 9. 5-Mile Run Improvement […]

Arete 8.2.23

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy Dynamic Duo Secures Podium Positions at The Tactical Games Hosted at Brownells, Soldier Systems Why the United States Still Needs Ground Forces in Europe, RAND Improving Pain Care for Service Members, RAND For 50 Years, Recruiting a Volunteer Military Was Salesmanship. Now, Few Are Buying., Military.com Air Force engineer under […]

Q&A 7.29.23

QUESTION I noticed recently that in the Montana cycle, HR based running is being implemented for aerobic base building. This is the first time I’ve seen HR based training on MTN tactical. I’ve noticed it gaining widespread popularity over the last couple of years and now to see it pop up here, with the MAF […]