Arete 6.8.24

A note about Arete …. I select the links and articles that make up Arete weekly. Those that I select are ones that I find interesting and/or important – either because of the topic or the source. Just because I select an article or link does not mean that I believe in what the article says or the veracity of the source. I’ve received criticism for including articles from the Pravda Report, Al Jazeera, etc. The reason the sources are listed is so you, the reader, can understand where the article comes from. I search far and wide for articles/links, and I find the Russian or Arab world takes on current events interesting, especially when juxtaposed with the US media sources and US government line.

Often, I’ll choose articles or links that are critical of tactical athletes, mountain athletes, or others in the MTI community. I don’t do this to piss you off or offend, but rather because I find that knowing what your opponents are writing and thinking is important for any professional. I find it interesting and, sometimes, enlightening. I’ve got nearly two decades of supporting mountain and tactical athletes, but being your cheerleader doesn’t help you grow or improve.

If I’ve chosen an article from a source that you don’t trust, you don’t have to read it. Likewise, if I’ve chosen an article with a headline, opinion, or viewpoint you don’t agree with, you don’t have to read it either. However, I’d encourage you to do so – especially those articles and links you disagree with. I always learn something, and you might too. – Rob Shaul

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

Mayoral candidate murdered in Mexico two days before election, Al Jazeera
31 Pistols Went Missing from Fort Moore, Georgia. The Army Is Offering $5,000 for Information.,
US Soldiers Were Stuck in Beached Boats Along Gaza After Storms Broke Apart Aid Pier,
If the West wants a sustainable peace it must commit to Ukrainian victory, Atlantic Council
Why the US is giving Ukraine the green light to attack inside Russia, Atlantic Council
New Chinese defence minister says Taiwan separatists will be ‘crushed to pieces’ and hits out at Philippines at international forum, South China Morning Post
Whatever Happened to the War On Terror?, Vox
Former vice chief of naval operations arrested on bribery, conspiracy charges, Defense One
Is Britain All That Special?, Foreign Policy
The South China Sea Risks a Military Crisis, Foreign Policy
The Geopolitics of New Arctic Shipping Lanes, Foreign Policy
‘Nothing will stop a deal with Saudi Arabia’: Middle East expert Dr. Nirit Ofir tells the ‘Post’,
US-British strikes kill 16 in Yemen’s Hodeida – Houthi-run news network,
Trump wants to bomb Moscow and Beijing, Pravda Report
Poland to mobilize 200,000 to send all of them to Ukraine, Pravda Report
US puppets in Europe nervous as Ukraine may collapse by September, Pravda Report
Another U.S. MQ-9 Reaper Drone Goes Down in Yemen, RC Defense
The Use of Military Contractors and the Culture of Warfighting, War Room
U.S. Military Conducts Tunnel Warfare Exercise in Morocco, Defense Blog
Army investigating lewd incident during change of command ceremony livestream, Task & Purpose
Civil Affairs Assessment and Selection: Everything you need to know, Task & Purpose
How and Why Sudan Represents the Second Front in the Russo-Ukrainian War, The Geopolitics
Why Is the North Korea Problem So Hard to Solve?, War On The Rocks
The Islamic State and Russia, Homeland Security Newswire
China’s Chang’e-6 lander touches down on far side of moon on mission to bring rock samples back to Earth, South China Morning Post
China ready to ‘forcefully’ stop Taiwan independence: Defence minister, Al Jazeera
Why Did America Stumble Into a Trap in Iraq?, Foreign Policy
What to know about Claudia Sheinbaum, Mexico’s likely next president, Vox

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Myth That Casual Fentanyl Contact Is Deadly Refuses to Die, Gizmodo
Americans Are Thinking About Immigration All Wrong, The Atlantic
The Alaska Supreme Court Takes Aerial Surveillance’s Threat to Privacy Seriously, Other Courts Should Too, Homeland Security Newswire
“The future of law enforcement”: Colorado police plan to use drones as first re-sponders, American Police Beat Magazine
The other side of the ball and dummy drill, American Police Beat Magazine
OR Firefighter Hospitalized in Critical Condition After Duplex Fire, Fire Engineering
In Wake of LODDs, Baltimore Has Funded Only One of Four Safety-Related Requests, Fire Engineering
First-Due Battalion Chief: Apparatus Placement, Fire Engineering
North Carolina Captain Terminated for Social Media Post Claims Free Speech Violation, Fire Law Blog
California Firefighters Claim Excessive Mandatory Overtime is Retaliation, Fire Law Blog
Police chief retires after being accused of giving special privileges to female officer, LeoAffairs
BWC: Suspects shoot at Colo. officers, flee traffic stop before fatal OIS, Police1
New Vt. law requires serial numbers on ‘privately made’ firearms, Police1
British Columbia starts season with most applicants in a decade, WildfireToday
Minneapolis officer dies in ambush shooting that led to deaths of 2 others, including suspected gunman, Police1
Firefighters from 11 FDs rescue horses in Mass. 5-alarm stable blaze, FireRescue1
Mountain / Outside
Only You Can Prevent …, Grays Sporting Journal
Hunt-Fish Groups Speak Out Against Major Refuge Management Change, Meateater
An Open Letter to the Overland Gear Industry, Outside
DPS Carbon Pagoda Tour CFL Skis’ Secret Formula, BC Ski Touring Blog
There’s Basically No Difference Between Baby Sunscreen and Regular Sunscreen, Wirecutter
Matt Fultz Opens V13/14 Crimp Line in Idaho, Gripped
Mount Elbert, Colorado: How to Hike the Tallest Peak in the Rocky Mountains, Outside
Alaska’s First Female Heli-Ski Guide, Pilot Duo Hopes More Women Will Follow Their Lead, Outside
New Quebec 5.14a Took Over 200 Tries, Gripped
“Two People Were Sliding to their Deaths. And It Was Silent.”, Outside
There Are Now Six V17s, Here’s the List, Gripped
A Single Lightning Bolt Just Killed 34 Cows in Colorado, Outside
Alaska’s Arctic rivers turn rusty orange as permafrost thaws, Mongabay
Zach Galla Climbing The Process V16, Gripped
Comedian Matt Lyons Pokes Fun at Outdoor Stereotypes—and He’s Hilarious, Outside
A Simple Guide to Bouldering Harder, Climbing
Americans Ski Grand Teton’s North Face, Gripped
Arapahoe Basin Ski Area To Stay Open Through At Least June 9th, Freeskier
‘Descendance’ Takes Home Outstanding Camera Work at 2024 Sports Emmy Awards, Freeskier
Jonathan Siegrist Just Established of America’s Hardest Sport Climbs , Climbing
Top Young Alpinist Dies Free Soloing, Climbing
Snowboarder Blair Habenicht is Living the Dream on 5 Empty Acres TGR
WATCH: World Cup Skier’s Insane Off-Season Workout, Unofficial Networks
Mountain Biker Conquers Ultra Steep Slab In Moab, Unofficial Networks
This Lecture On The Rocky Mountains Formation Is Truly Enlightening, Unofficial Networks

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Why the “Norwegian Method” Training Craze Is Here to Stay, Outside How to Fuel Like a Pro Runner, Outside
The 8 Best Bulking Foods, According to Dietitians, Men’s Health
The New Science of Hip Mobility, Men’s Health
Seasonal Weight Gain in the Fall ,
Health Officials Tried to Evade Public Records Laws, Lawmakers Say, NY Times
Girls Are Starting Their Periods Earlier. Here’s Why That Matters., NY Times
Meta says the future of Facebook is young adults (again), Engadget Is This the Hangover Remedy We’ve Been Waiting For?, Real Clear Science
Four Recent Sleep Research Breakthroughs, Real Clear Science
Scientists develop cheap and quick spit test for prostate cancer, The Guardian
How Deadlifts and Rows Can Help Boost Your Pull-Up Numbers,
Keeping Pace, Patagonia
Chow Time: US Ski Team Athletes Discuss Diet and Nutrition, Powder
Why the Human Case of Bird Flu is So Alarming, NY Times

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