Arete 5.25.24

A note about Arete …. I select the links and articles that make up Arete weekly. Those that I select are ones that I find interesting and/or important – either because of the topic or the source. Just because I select an article or link does not mean that I believe in what the article says or the veracity of the source. I’ve received criticism for including articles from the Pravda Report, Al Jazeera, etc. The reason the sources are listed is so you, the reader, can understand where the article comes from. I search far and wide for articles/links, and I find the Russian or Arab world takes on current events interesting, especially when juxtaposed with the US media sources and US government line.

Often, I’ll choose articles or links that are critical of tactical athletes, mountain athletes, or others in the MTI community. I don’t do this to piss you off or offend, but rather because I find that knowing what your opponents are writing and thinking is important for any professional. I find it interesting and, sometimes, enlightening. I’ve got nearly two decades of supporting mountain and tactical athletes, but being your cheerleader doesn’t help you grow or improve.

If I’ve chosen an article from a source that you don’t trust, you don’t have to read it. Likewise, if I’ve chosen an article with a headline, opinion, or viewpoint you don’t agree with, you don’t have to read it either. However, I’d encourage you to do so – especially those articles and links you disagree with. I always learn something, and you might too. – Rob Shaul

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

The property firm that could break China’s back, Economist
Military Ospreys Can’t Fly More Than 30 Minutes from Landing Airfield Months After Grounding Lifted,
Army Eliminates Online Training Requirement for Noncommissioned Officers, Saying It’s Too Burdensome,
French forces clear New Caledonia roadblocks as official vows to end unrest, Al Jazeera
New 9/11 Evidence Points to Deep Saudi Complicity, The Atlantic
Navy Awards Contract to Electra To Explore Using eSTOL Aircraft For Logistics, Defense Daily
Win Early, Or Settle In For A Long War A Key Lesson Of Russo-Ukrainian War, Cavoli Says, Defense Daily
Army Drone Corps Proposed By House Armed Services Panel, Defense Daily
What has China learned from Russia and Iran’s use of proxies?, Defense One
The U.S. Navy Can’t Build Ships, Foriegn Policy
Turkey sends drones, helicopter carrying night-vision equipment to Iran,
China’s big moves in the Indo-Pacific, Morning Defense
There’s growing ‘hatred toward the West’, Morning Defense
Major damage to military equipment reported after Ukraine missile attack on Crimea, Pravda Report
Man who shot Slovak Prime Minister Fico identified as writer Juraj Cintula, Pravda Report
Here’s What Ukraine Needs in Missiles, Shells, and Troops to Win. It’s Completely Doable, RAND
18th Airborne Corps orders soldiers on staff duty to get some sleep, Task&Purpose
Russia Seizes Deutsche Bank, UniCredit Assets, Moscow Times
By, With, and Through at the Second Thomas Shoal, WOTR
What Exactly Are We Doing?, WOTR
In Brief: The State of European Defense, WOTR
The Future of Army Watercraft—What Are the Takeaways from the Voyage to Gaza?, RAND

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

These Skiers Just Made the Most Impressive First Descent of the Decade, Outside
One Climber is Dead and Another Is Missing on Mount Everest, Outside
Watch: Program Design, Climb Strong
New Solo Speed Record on Yosemite’s Salathé, Gripped
Didier Berthod Climbs Cobra Crack 5.14 Trad, Gripped
The Best Boardshorts for Surfing, Swimming, and Beyond, Outside
Film Director Opens Up About the Difficulties of Outdoor Filmmaking, Powder
GoPro Files Complaint Against Insta360 Alleging Several Patent Violations, Snowbrains
Trip Report: 2,300-Vertical-Foot Gilcrest Peak, CA, North Chutes in Corn Snow, Snowbrains
Legendary Snowboarder Travis Rice’s Raw Files from Jackson to Japan, Teton Gravity Research
Spring Loaded, Gray’s Sporting Journal
The Theraputic Effects From Fishing, OutdoorHub
Using Handlines to Chatch Blue Crabs from the Roadside, OutdoorHub
2024 Marin Alpine Trail, Blister
25 Best REI Anniversary Sale Deals: Fitness Trackers, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Outdoor Apparel, GearLatest
Body of Colorado Climber Recovered From Longs Peak After 4-Day Search, GearJunkie
The 2024 Summer Gear Guide, Outside

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

This is the best thickness for steak, The Manual
People Spent the Most Money on These 25 Prescription Drugs Last Year, Heathline
At What Age Does Your Metabolism Start To Slow Down?, Men’s Health
Incorporate Cluster Sets Training To Get Stronger Rep by Rep, M&F
7 Healthiest Breads You Can Find At Any Grocery Store, M&F
What is Retatrutide and Does it Drop More Fat Than Ozempic?, M&F
How to Talk About Sex With Your Partner, NY Times
Scientists Calculated the Energy Needed to Carry a Baby. Shocker: It’s a Lot., NY Times
How Do Americans Mark Retirement? A New Project Captured the Transition., NY Times
The Known Unknowns About Ozempic, Vox
On the Degrading Effects of Life Online, After Babel
Skipping Meals Restores Your Youth?, ACSH
Danger Drinking Raw Milk, STAT
Extend Your Lifespan, Look Better Naked, T-Nation
A Triathlon Training Plan For Your First Ironman, Triathlete

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