MTI Unit Education Roadshow: No Cost Training & Education for Your Unit

BLUF: Mountain Tactical Institute (MTI) is offering no-cost, on-site education and training for Military, Fire, Law Enforcement, and Mountain Athlete groups.

Why Are We Doing This:

MTI is approaching 20 years of in business. This is an opportunity to give back and build a network of like-minded individuals who understand that fitness is a professional responsibility. MTI’s goal is to support units with expert instruction, tailored training, and practical application, ultimately improving their readiness and performance.

Who is it for:

Military, law enforcement, fire, and mountain athlete units and organizations.

What We Provide: 

  • Comprehensive Education:
    • 1-2 Day Education and Practical Application, based on unit size
    • Small Unit Leader foundational strength and conditioning principles
    • Developing a long-range training plan that works around a busy tactical or professional mountain athlete schedule
    • Implementing programming at the Small Unit (Sqd, Platoon, Company) level
    • Range Fitness Protocols
    • Topics can be adjusted according to unit needs
  • Targeted Training: Customized for small unit leaders to enhance physical and tactical skills.
  • Expert Instruction: Professional coaches with extensive experience.

What We Need:

  • Gym Space: For practical physical training.
  • Classroom and Projector: For instruction and strategy sessions.

Note: We currently have a visit scheduled to Camp Lejeune (USMC) with 2nd Battalion, 6th Marines the week of July 29. If you’re nearby (Lejeune, Bragg, etc.) and interested, let us know.

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