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Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

Lasting Grief but Few Answers: Families of Troops Killed in Osprey Crashes React to Hearing on Troubled Aircraft,
Adidas probes alleged ‘large-scale bribery’ by staff in China: Report, Al Jazeera
‘Elimination’ of Taiwan is China’s great national cause, Lai says, Al Jazeera
8 Israeli soldiers killed in southern Gaza ambush; deadliest day in months, Al Jazeera
Iran, Sweden exchange prisoners in Omani-mediated deal, Al Jazeera
The Army’s Recruiting Problem Is Male,
Army Warns Troops to Be Wary of Job Offers as China Wages Subtle Intel-Gathering Campaign,
‘A Betrayal’: How a Decorated Army Officer Fell from Grace in a University ROTC Sex Scandal,
Experts react: Ukraine gets $50 billion from Russian assets and a US security deal at the G7 summit, Atlantic Council
The view from Kyiv: Why Ukrainian NATO membership is in US interests, Atlantic Council
Think China can already take Taiwan easily? Think again., Atlantic Council
Ukraine is making the Russian occupation of Crimea untenable, Atlantic Council
Collins: First Test Of Space-Based Hypersonic Sensors Within A Week, MDA Starting New Look At Airborne Lasers, Defense Daily
How Estonia is becoming a hotbed for drone warfare, Defense One
New sat images show Russian vessels fleeing Black Sea ports, Defense One
It’s not too late to cancel the Pentagon’s next ICBM, Defense One
Europe’s still spending too little on defense to suit Estonia, Defense One
Will Taiwan’s Future Be Settled in Washington?, Foreign Policy
Germany’s Far-Right Surge Isn’t New , Foreign Policy
How China Gained a Foothold in Eastern Taiwan, The Diplomat
Re-Thinking New Zealand’s Independent Foreign Policy, The Diplomat
Turkey Humiliated NATO; If NATO Can’t Expell It, Here’s Plan B, AEI
Putin Proposes Cease-Fire in Ukraine With Extensive Territorial Conditions, Foreign Policy
Why Is Russia’s Economy Still Growing?, Foreign Policy
Government extends age cut off for IDF reserve duty amid heavy criticism,
Al Jazeera caught censoring Gazan criticism for Hamas,
US Debated Canceling Sub Deployment to Cuba After Learning of Russia’s Warship Plans,
Navy Shakes Up Commanders’ Merit Promotions,
The Greens Are Dead. Long Live the Greens!, NY Times
Inside the Chechen Units Helping to Fight Russia’s War, NY Times
Putin: USA will need Zelensky for another year before they say goodbye to him, Pravda Report
Iran’s former president Ahmadinejad open to economic relations with US under Trump,
The real danger of Iran linking Hezbollah to Gaza,
Putin will strike French instructors in Ukraine to humiliate Macron, Pravda Report
A Fiscal Crisis: The West is on the Wrong Side of Cost Curve, Real Clear Defense
U.S. Defense of Taiwan Confronts a Powerful Chinese Nuclear Deterrent, Real Clear Defense
U.S. Navy Can’t Miss Window of Opportunity for Future X-Band Radar, Real Clear Defense
Rise and Fall of American Naval Mastery, Real Clear Defense
Taiwan Needs Weapons and Training Now, Not 2027 or 2030, Real Clear Defense
The Biden Administration is Still Sugar-Coating Russian Development of an Orbital Nuclear ASAT, Real Clear Defense
Vladimir Putin’s War Against the West, Real Clear Defense
A Navy rescue swimmer died while training to rejoin the fleet, Task & Purpose
Bradley Fighting Vehicle beats Russian APC in a game of deadly chicken, Task & Purpose
How Venezuela’s Threats Are Restructuring China-Guyana Relations, The Diplomat
China’s Message to New Zealand: Don’t Risk It All, The Diplomat
Asia on Edge: What MAGA Think Tanks Reveal About a Trump 2.0 Presidency, The Diplomat
Battles in the Black Sea Changing the Character of Naval Warfare, Experts Say, USNI
Israel deploying unmanned US-made APCs in Gaza Strip, War is Boring
The Pivot to Asia Remains Incomplete, WOTR
How to Respond to China’s Tactics in the South China Sea, RAND
U.S. Escalation in Ukraine Needs a Plan, RAND
Black winter awaits Ukraine as energy system destroyed almost entirely, Pravda Report
Send All Marines to the Pacific, A Top Trump Advisor Says, Politico

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Sheriff calls out White House after second migrant commits murder in his county, LeoAffairs
Two dead, six injured during Juneteenth celebration shooting, LeoAffairs
Suspect pulls out gun and shoots officer after being asked to lift his shirt, LeoAffairs
BWC: Fla. deputy wounded in chaotic shootout with suspect accused of killing his parents, Police1
New San Diego police chief unveils sweeping changes to department structure, Police1
Video: Sideshow crowd stomps on, smashes windshield of Calif. cruiser with officer inside, Police1
Calif. legislators to fast-track retail theft crackdown bills as tradeoff for tough-on-crime initiative, Police1
Louisville’s police chief suspended over handling of sexual harassment complaint, Police1
BWC video shows intense shootout between Ore. police, ex-cop murder suspect, Police1
To thin or not to thin? Oregon enviros resume tree-sitting, Wildfire Today
Video reveals officers’ use of less-than-lethal rounds, tasers, and live rounds failed to stop scissor-wielding man, LeoAffairs
NYPD commander indicted for leaving bar with his girlfriend in his issued vehicle, covering it up, LeoAffairs
Copless in Seattle, American Police Beat Magazine
2024 Top Cops, American Police Beat Magazine
“First-Due!” Residential Fire Concepts for the Engine, Truck and Chief, Fire Engineering
The Firefighter: A Jack-of-All-Trades, Fire Engineering
Father’s Day: Lessons from an FDNY Tragedy, Fire Engineering
CA Firefighter Killed, Another Injured While Battling Truck Fire, Fire Engineering
Firefighting Fridays: What and Why We Train the Way We Do, Fire Engineering
Highway Reopens After Wildfire Claims Six Homes Near Historic AZ Town, Fire Engineering
Oregon Lieutenant Claims Whistleblower Retaliation, Fire Law Blog
Mass Civil Service Upholds Discipline of Springfield Lieutenant, Fire Law Blog
2 Mo. providers hospitalized after ambulance struck, flips, FireRescue1
Ohio Firefighter leaps into moving ambulance window to prevent attempted theft, Firefighter Close Calls
Video: Buffalo (NY) Fire Truck in Crash Saturday, FirefighterNation
Evaluation and comparison of simple empirical models for dead fuel moisture content, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Masked men stage brazen ‘smash-and-grab’ robbery of US jewellery store, Al Jazeera
Islamic State operatives arrested after illegally crossing the US border, Long War Journal
Coroner Names Veteran Shot 9 Times in Officer-Related Shooting in Wyoming,
Lawmakers slam Coast Guard’s handling of misconduct allegations, Defense One
The High Speed Gear GEN 2 TACO Line Recommended by NTOA, Soldier Systems
I Didn’t Think Biden Affected Crime Rates. I Was Wrong, Bloomberg
Mountain / Outside
INSTA360 GO 3S, Bless this Stuff
The Best Knee Pads for Mountain Biking, Outside
Here to Climb: Sasha DiGiulian on Fitting In, Standing Out, & Her New Documentary, Blister
10 Best Men’s Slides for Summer Pursuits, Werd
We Asked Our Dads About the Oldest Gear They Still Use, Outside
The Ultimate Guide to Overland Events in North America, GearJunkie
Are These Patagonian Brothers Alpine Climbing’s Next Big Thing?, Climbing
Full Recap – Team Sweden Secures Fourth Title in 2024 Scandinavian Team Battle, FreeSkier
10 Mountain Music Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss This Summer, FreeSkier
Climber Sends His First V16 with F the System, Gripped
Visiting Squamish in 2024? Here’s Which Guidebook You Should Get, Gripped
B.C. Alpine Climbing That’s Not the Bugaboos, Gripped
June Blizzard Blankets Northwest Peaks, Powder
Hometown Mountain Shoutout: Wolf Creek, CO — My Spiritual Mountain Home, Snowbrains
Shaun White Officially Announces ‘Snow League’ – A Global Tour with a $1.5 Million Prize Purse Coming in 2025, TGR
Grand Targhee Opens Its Bike Park and Kicks Off Summer Operations This Weekend, TGR
Quality, Not Quantity?, Training Beta
Professional Engineer Criticizes Temporary Fix At Teton Pass, Unofficial Networks
Idaho Man Heroically Defends Girlfriend from Charging Grizzly Bear in Their Yard, Unofficial Networks
Delta Air Lines Expands Its Domestic Ski Schedule Across The U.S., Unofficial Networks
Trout Routes, Gray’s Sporting Journal
Ep. 562: A Wyoming Grizzly Attack, Meateater


Lots of People Apply Sunscreen Wrong. Here’s How to Do It Right., Wirecutter
How to do a military press the right way: These are the tips you need, The Manual

USDA Reports Reveal Biosecurity Risks at H5N1-Affected Dairy Farms, Homeland Security Newswire
Everything you need to know about the Modern Army Combatives Program, Task & Purpose
Plant-Based Ultra-Processed Foods May Raise Your Risk of Heart Disease and Early Death, Healthline
GLP-1 Drugs Like Wegovy, Zepbound Less Effective Than Weight Loss Surgery, Healthline
When—and Why—You Should Reconsider Never Rounding Your Back to Lift, Men’s Health
Top 9 Olympic Lift Alternatives For Helping Increase Stability and Power, Muscle & Fitness
Is That Drink Worth It to You?, NY Times
In Homes With Children, Even Loaded Guns Are Often Left Unsecured, NY Times
Focus More on ‘Strengthspan’ Than Lifespan, InsideHook
How Much Coffee is Too Much Coffee, NY Times

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