MTI Collective: Favorite Podcasts for Fitness, Professionalism, General

What is your favorite podcast related to fitness? Why?

I like Joe De Sena's podcast "The Hard Way".  I appreciate his philosophy on life, that taking on challenges leads to growth and resilience.

Mind Pump- for when i start overcomplicating things or feel like i’m giving into a fad trap. 

Nonprophet- for when i want to feel like i’m not doing enough

Dan John, Pat Flynn, Robb Wolf

"Actually - three equally and in no order of priority - Oxygen Addict, Training for the Uphill Athlete, and Scientific Triathlon. Honorable Mention goes to Peter Attia's The Drive.

Oxygen Addict: short, actionable guidance, saves the ads for the end
Training for the Uphill Athlete: mostly relevant content, minimal ads, doesn't seem like they are trying too hard to get me to buy their services
Scientific Triathlon: mostly relevant content, near zero ads, rooted in what the data and latest research is indicated, offers sources in the notes
The Drive: getting older so longevity is moving into the target envelope. Probably a bit too in the weeds for some but that's what my GP and the interwebs are for."

Barbell Medicine. Two actual MDs who are also competitive power lifters. They dispel a lot of BS prevalent across fitness culture.  

MTNTOUGH. Even though his primary audience is / was hunters, which I am not, its still completely engaging and his fitness content is top quality.

"The Drive, by Dr Peter Attia.  

Cuts through the marketing hype and BS, provides scientific backed evidence and research to give very clear, evidence based information, and how to apply it.

Notable podcasts by Dr Rhonda Patrick, Dr Andy Galpin, and Dr. Andrew Hubermann are also very worth your time, covering many of the same topics but from different perspectives. "

Art of Manliness.  Varied content on a number of topics but a frequent focus is fitness and health.  

Jocko's Underground and the DEF Reset series. These <30min episodes are mostly about mental attitude and forming mission-ready mind states.  However, I find these key for sustained, high effort training programs.

Chasing Excellence.  I believe that what we do in the gym must translate to outside of the gym, physically and mentally, professionally and personally.  Ben's approach to training, encompassing 360-deg of factors (sleep, eat, train, connect, think), hits the bullseye.  The constant paralleling of physical and mental training has paid off for me in countless ways, as a man, a father, a husband, a Deputy Fire Chief, and as an athlete.

Huberman Lab offers a ton of scientific research related to fitness but especially focusing on neuroscience and recovery (the importance of sleep, how to sleep better for recovery, the power of natural daylight, etc.).

Huberman Lab has taken the lead for me in the last few years. Others that I find very helpful are the Sigma Nutrition Podcast and the Barbell Medicine Podcast. 

Peter Attia - Drive (all science based and no BS!)

Farewell by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness - two esteemed authors who study performance and cut through bro-sphere nonsense. 

The NonProphet Podcast. Goes much deeper to the root of why fitness matters compared to most fitness podcasts. 

The Ready State with Kelly and Julie Starrett. Good world class guests. No wacky 'Influencer' nonsense. No 2 would be Peter Attia for similar reasons.

MOPs n' MOES. It's a perfect overlap of military, endurance, and strength training topics that I'm interested in.

Right now it is KoopCast with Jason Koop as I mostly focus on ultra running. 

The Peter Attia Drive. I learn something new every episode, and his approach to fitness and health for the long-term has changed how I think about exercise.

The Non-Prophet by Mark Twight

HubermanLab, NSCA.TV, PowerAthleteRadio, StartingStrength All good info thats creadible and most of the time imeadiatly applicable. 

Huberman Podcast, as Andrew Huberman breaks down complex human physiology items into easily understandable and consumable parts

Mindpump. Great general fitness podcast. No good tactical athlete options. 

I like Dave Ramsey's podcasts, honestly, I can't say I enjoy anything related to manufacturing or leadership as a form of professional development.  His podcasts help me with being a good steward of our finances.

From the Green Notebook.  Top shelf series of guests from across the spectrum of military service members and personal improvement writers.  Hosts do a great job of prep, ask solid questions and then shut up and let the guests speak.   Excellent source for reading recommendations.  My stack of books to read has grown exponentially since starting to listen. 

Mostly anything by Packet Pushers. While I am generally bored of technology after nearly 25 years working in the national security & technology market space (former active duty turned corporate senior manager), I still need to stay on top of things to be effective in managing my group and its portfolio of engineers and engagements.

Bedros Keuilian. Because he speaks his mind.

"Tough call, but my top would be, not in any particular order:

1. Diary of a CEO
2. Modern Wisdom
3. Impact Theory

These three cover a HUGE range of topics. If they don’t have something your interested in, you’re probably dead inside."

Glorious Professionals (now defunct), Cleared Hot, and sometimes Shawn Ryan Show

Jocko Podcast.  Simply put, the extreme ownership philosophy is the foundation that all else builds upon within your world.  

"Professional development can mean two things; 
1: industry and problem set specific (helps you get better at the specific thing you're currently doing.
2: broad: these bring varied views and completely new topics to your attention.

Category 1:
-(I'm in tech) Age of Miracles about new forms of Energy has been wildly information on upcoming hard tech around nuclear, solar, wind energy tech on the horizon, (whether you like it or not).
-(I care about public land conservation) Back Country Hunters & Anglers Podcast & Blast is great for hearing what's going on around the country.
-(Leadership in Business is what I actually do) The Prof G Pod gives unadulterated information on what's going on and a little on how to thing about it. I appreciate being able to draw my own conclusions rather than being force-fed a curated opinion.

Category 2:
- Freakonomics (and all the podcasts in their network) teaches me about things I didn't know anything about and helps me draw corollaries to what I'm currently working on.

Final note: I'm super wary of anything too broad, those types of podcasts tend to be one person's opinion over and over again until you get to the point that you think their opinion is your opinion. I try to live in a world of facts and research so that I can draw my own conclusions."

Work Life - Adam Grant - he's incredibly smart and worked with all different industries to build a lot of experience and cred.

Jock Podcast from Jocko Willink. I am 62 doing BJJ, working out, studying Arabic language, etc. The guy is just motivational... But you really get of the couch after listening. Kind of related. My second best was Tim Ferris and his interview with Jocko put him on my radar. A bit specific to my field is the Industrial Security Podcast from Waterfall. Any information security or engineering types should listen to that one.

Freakonomics. Though not a professional development podcast per se, I have gotten so many great ideas for my own leadership and organizations that it's become a go-to.

"In Good Company" with Nicolai Tangen. He interviews the best business leaders in the world, and it's incredibly instructive on how to great leaders navigate uncertainty and complexity. 

"Mission Critical Teams Institute ‘Team Cast’. 

Teamcast strives to understand the complexities of being in, leading and developing high performing teams. The breadth of research, enthusiasm and dedication of the presenters and guests is simply unmatched. If anyone is serious about genuinely being in an elite team - this needs to be right up there on your playlist."

Jocko Podcast - interesting guests largely dealing with leadership, growth, and development.

Shawn Ryan Show bc he interviews all different people and can relate to LEO and living better life in the profession I do. 

TTPOA. Inconsistent with episodes but great content. 

What’s your favorite podcast in a ‘general’ category? Why?

I'd say Unashamed or the Art of Manliness come up as my favorite general category apps, both do much to convict me in the sense of spiritual growth and as a family man.  

Nonprophet- lets me know i am capable of doing more

"1.  BHA Podcast and Blast with Hal Herring.  Excellent long-term series on protecting public lands, threats to wildlife and hatcheries, hunting and angling tips, great book and journal recommendations, and often hilarious "there I was..." stories.  Smart science-based conservation with a humble and engaging host.  
2. Bible as Literature with Dr. Richard Benton, Fr. Marc Boulos (skip over Tarazi Tuesdays, miss nothing). The Christian Bible is a key piece of literature in Western culture; the polyglot hosts of this podcast take listeners to the source of the analogies, metaphors, myths and stories. They discuss how the Bible morphed thru different translations (and why) and are quick to point out the gross hypocrisy and corruption of the modern collection plate peddlers."

Not sure if this qualifies as 'general' but Bear Grease from The MeatEaster group.

Nick Bare Podcast. Because I've been following his leadership journey.

"Sean Ryan Show. 

Former Navy Seal, CIA contractor, and businessman. Sean has an extremely wide range of guests in long-form interviews, covering topics from global policy, economics, domestic political issues, health, etc. Very informative and generally fun to listen to. "

The Portal with Eric Weinstein, Lex Friedman Show, IDW Podcast -- and I love to fall asleep to The Great Simplification with Nate Hagens (takes about 5 min and I'm out). Haha

Cleared Hot Podcast.  Varied subjects and guest, combining serious with comedy with crude, crass, dark humor and language at times.  And it is not in your face, a smooth ride so to speak.  

I listen to “Smash, Boom, Best” and “Real Cool History for Kids” in the car with my children (15, 13, 11, 10, 8, and 6). The first debates stupid things (is Spider-Man or Superman better) but teaches kids how to debate, how to logically form an argument, and how to respectfully disagree with others. The second teaches kids history through fun and engaging stories.


I listen to Tooth and Claw Podcast. It's not general but its got everything I like; true stories, off-color jokes, and low stakes conversation. We all need to be absorbed by stories every now and then to recharge and get out of the ever-increasing dire nature of the world we live in.

I also enjoy the Duncan Trussell Podcast and the Be Here Now podcast with Ram Das to give a little nurturing to my spirit. Duncan doesn't always do that, but he makes me laugh which is good for the soul."

Are You Garbage? It's the FUNNIEST podcast I've ever listened/watched. 2 stand up comedians out of New York interview other famous comedians and actors and ask them questions to lay a verdict at the end if the person is trashy or classy. We all need some more laughs in the world, this delivers.

Bear Grease - Clay Newcomb is a great storyteller. 

The Martyr Made Podcast. Well researched and unlike anything else out there. 

Jocko. Relatable, quality, genuine.

Behind the Shield is focused on First Responders. But it has a mix of guests. The Squad Room also for First Responders. Art of Manliness, Making Sense, Michael Shermer Show and The Jim Rutt show are regular listens for me. All have guests who are experts in their fields. No wing nut politics. No weird influencer nonsense. 

The Daily from the NYT. Taking a deep dive into a specific news story each morning is the highlight of my routine.

Conversations with Tyler. He has a lot of interesting guests and his style gets to good points quickly. 

Travel with Rick Steves. He's a little nerdy, but the show is a wonderful escape that will make you want to see more of the world. 

"The Rest is Politics

In many respects, this isn’t necessarily my favourite general podcast because of the content, but more because of its core value - the art of disagreeing, agreeably. Rory Stewart and Alastair Campbell are from opposing political parties, don’t always agree but deeply believe in long form debate and the requirement to hear each other out."

Well, not quite "general," but Heavy Hands (mma) is my favorite. Entertaining, knowledgeable, and analytical hosts


Joe Rogan - Rogan's very inquisitive with earlest questions of a wide array of guests, each of whom have depth and breadth of experiences.

Favorite is Touching Lives by pastor James Merrit. He shares the truth about Christ and convicts me to be a better father husband for my family. 

The Rest is History. Engaging history podcast. 

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