Q&A 6.8.24

Q: I am trying out for my agencies special operations team at the end of September, should I start the FBI HRT program now? Or do you think I should way until later in June or early July.

A: Recommend the following programs for your timeline:

Begin: FBI HRT V2   22 July 2024
If you want to stick with HTK until then, all is good. Let me know if you want to jump onto one of our SWAT/SRT programs, which will dovetail nicely with the HRT program.

Q: Good morning,

I’m a firefighter in Indiana and I’m preparing for the Indiana Smoker Diver course which will be during March of 2025. I was looking at the program on your website and it said if I was more than 9 weeks out of the selection portion to email you. I’ve got access to a good amount of equipment and I’m usually able to get a workout in while I’m on shift.  I’m also able to train in a spare set of turnout gear and I can use a spare SCBA during workouts.

Thank you!

A: Good on you for planning so far in advance.

I recommend beginning our Daily Urban Fire/ Rescue Plan. Because you have a lot of time before your Smoke Diver course, this program will continue building upon your base fitness.  

Plan seven weeks back from the Smoke Diver course start date and complete our Smoke Diver Training Plan (which you are already tracking).

Q: Hello sir, I am reaching out to ask for guidance as to which program you recommend. I would also be open to creating a unique one with recorded results as an enthusiast.

I am hoping to accomplish a hypertrophy program with a frequency of x6 days a week (max effort every 48-72 hours), incorporate ‘chassis integrity’ and sprinting for size (twice a week). The goal is to be a well-rounded athlete and add mass.

Other considerations: I will be attempting to attend Brazilian Jiujitsu several times a week (light rolling) and jogging/walking with my dog daily.  I intend to use a performance enhancing drugs if you have any solicited advice. Tentatively planning on a light stack like MK677 and TBD.

A: Thanks for the info. I recommend going with the Ultimate Meathead Cycle. It involves heavy hypertrophy for the upper body and strength-focused lifts for the lower body, with two sessions each week of chassis integrity. This plan also has two short-duration work capacity sessions (one consisting of shuttle sprints) that will assist in weekly BJJ sessions.  Feel free to reach out to our nutrition coach regarding supplements. Click here for more information.  Thanks for reaching out.

Q: Hi super excited to do the rim to rim training plan. I’m not going until sept 19 and I’m not doing it in a day- I’m doing it 4 days/3 nights camping so a bit less intense but more weight. Your fitness plan is highly spoken of in multiple rim to rim groups I’m a part of- any advice on ramp up and modification? I think a lot translates well- strengthening legs and core.

A: I would start with the Backpacking Pre-Season Plan now (https://mtntactical.com/shop/backpacker-preseason-training-plan/). This will more gradually build your aerobic and muscular endurance to prepare for the Rim to Rim hike, as well prepare you for the eccentric demand of the downhill. Take a week off, and then start the Rim to Rim plan. This should line up perfectly with your arrival/start on Sept 19.

Q: I’m looking to find a program for myself since I am currently training in Muay Thai looking to compete in an athletic way for MMA.

A: Check out our Daily BJJ Programming. I train a group of 5 guys with this programming, including one who is the gym’s Muay Thai Head Coach. He loves it, and says the programming transfers well for him. https://mtntactical.com/shop/daily-jiu-jitsu-grappling-fitness-subscription/

Q: Hi, Coach Shaul/MTI team! I am currently working my way through KB strength for the second time. On the first go-around, I did the female sets for pull-ups/chin-ups/mixed-grip, but now I am trying to do the male reps. I got to Session 11 today and it buried me. I was able to do the 7 pull-ups from set 1, but then struggled on the Chin-Ups and with some sets of the Mixed Grip at the end. My approach has been (i) more rest between sets to see if that helps (it does), and (ii) do combo. sets to get the number (e.g. if it calls for 8 chin-ups, I will do 6+2, or 5+3, with a quick rest in-between). What do you think? Is this good? I’m just trying to get as many as a I can without taking forever (I was at about 73 mins for Session 11). THANK YOU for any advice!

A: Two options… 1) If the duration of the session is not a issue, you can take longer rests between rounds as you currently are in order to complete the reps as assigned. 2) If you need to maximize your time, you can use 80% of the assigned reps on the Pull Up work. For example… 6 Rounds 6x 1-Arm Kettlebell Press – increase load rapidly  each round and aim to get at your “hard but doable” load by round 3, and us this load “across” rounds 3-6 5/8x Chin Ups 80% of 8 is 6.5, so start with 6 by rounding down.

Q: I was looking at your 3 mile running and 6 mile ruck improvement plan.  Does it include mobility work in the program?

A: The run/ruck improvement plan has limited mobility work within the program. However, it does have dedicated time at the end of each session for specific durability movements, some of which could be considered mobility, such as the pigeon stretch.  

If you have a particular mobility issue you want to address, let us know. It could be as easy as factoring it into the end of a session with the durability movements. Thanks.   

Q: I just signed my enlistment into the Army to be an 11B-Infantryman with an addition of airborne school after I graduate OSUT. I have 16 weeks till I ship. 

What plan or series of plans do you recommend to be in top shape?

A: Congrats!

Start with the ACFT Training Plan now, followed by the Military On-Ramp Plan. You can repeat the second week of each plan and it will be exactly 16 weeks worth of training.

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