MTI offers several custom training options for large groups. Bring MTI’s 17+ years of programming excellence to your unit, department, or team with these options. 

Multi-User Athlete Subscription Package

Program Benefits

  • Year-Round Daily Training Sessions Streams: (4-5 days/week) across four programs: Military, LE SWAT/SRT, Urban Fire, and General Fitness
  • 450+ Individual MTI Training Plans: Access to the entire MTI training plan catalog across Military, Mountain, LE, Fire Rescue, and general fitness.
  • Guidance: Direct notes from MTI and rapid support from coaches via email or LiveChat
  • Designed for units, departments, and teams: Each athlete receives an individual account to select the training plan of their choise
  • User-Based Pricing: Discounted pricing tiers based on the number of personnel training

MTI Pro – Individual Programming Stream for Coaches, Gyms, & Small Unit Leaders

Program Benefits

  • Bring MTI to Your Gym: This option allows coaches and those leading physical fitness programs to utilize MTI daily training at their facility via a single account access.
  • 5 Weekly Sessions: Consistent, expert training.
  • Verified Training: Tested by Lab Rats and operational Research Teams.
  • Guidance: Direct notes from MTI and rapid support from coaches via email or LiveChat
  • Periodized Structure: Programming built around the MTI fluid periodization model for comprehensive training and long-term improvement.
  • Efficient Design: 45-60 minute sessions, built with ‘Gym Flow’ in mind. No jams and no delays in moving athletes through the programming so you can focus on movement, intensity, and application.

How is this different than the Multi-User Athlete Subscription?

  • Buy single training streams for daily routines. The Multi-User offers full programming access.
  • One central account for the coach or small unit leader, unlike individual accounts for all athletes in the Multi-User option.
  • MTI Pro is $149/mo per programming stream. Save over $300/month compared to the Multi-User Subscription

Choose Your Programming Stream

Individual Plans and Packets

Program Benefits

  • Plan Choice: Select any plan or packet from MTI’s 450+ Catalog for your unit, department, or team.
  • Individual Accounts: Allow all of your athletes individual access via the MTI App to access programming
  • Guidance: Direct notes from MTI and rapid support from coaches via email or LiveChat
  • Custom Pricing: We offer 50% to 85% discounts based on the number of athletes accessing the programming


Private Consulting

We’re always interested in assisting units, departments, and companies seeking to improve their fitness culture. Contact us to help you find a solution and improve performance of teams, staff, and clients.

  • Law Enforcement and Fire Service academy fitness programming and implementation
  • Assessment and Selection design consultation
  • Guide Service fitness preparedness for clients
  • Any other performance related problems