The 200+ Plans Included with an MTI Athlete’s Subscription


By Mintra Mattison

Below is a list of the 200+ plans that are now included with the Athlete’s Subscription Package:

Mountain Plans:

Military Plans:

General Strength and Conditioning Plans:

LE Plans:

FR Plans:

Competition Plans:

Injury Plans:

Legacy Plans:


The following plans are the newest addition to the MTI Training Plans:

SF45 Series

SF45 is an acronym for “Strength and Fitness 45” and this programming is designed for older tactical and other high impact athletes in the 45-55 age range.

Pirate Series

This series of plans is deigned to specifically to meet the day-to-day training needs of multi-mission military and law enforcement units with a scuba, rescue, and other water-based mission set.

Military Plans

Designed in specific preparation for the physical events of certain schools/tests.


Again, all these plans are now included in the Athlete’s Subscription Package along with our day-to-day programming for Military, Mountain and LE Athletes, as well with educational online courses for the experienced athlete or coach who desires to learn more about strength and conditioning program design.

But we don’t stop here. We are driven by “holes” we see in mountain and tactical programming as well as athlete requests.

So here are a few of the Training Plans currently in the queue:

Upcoming Tactical Plans

  • SOCOM Fitness Assessment currently conducted by Exos coaches
  • US Army Mountain Warfare Training Plan
  • USMC Mountain Warfare Training Plan
  • 724th STS Selection
  • Tactical Speed and Agility Training plan
  • USSS Physical Fitness Evaluation
  • North Carolina OPAT
  • Smoke Diver Training Plan
  • Wildland Firefighter Assessment and Training Plan
  • ARMY Basic Officer Leader’s Course (BOLC) Plan

Upcoming Mountain Plans

  • Backcountry Mountain Snowmobiling Pre-Season Training Plan
  • Adventure Race Training Plan (Run/Hike, Bike, Paddle)
  • Rim to Rim (Grand Canyon) Training Plan

Upcoming General Fitness Training Plans

  • Sandbag Logos and Pathos
  • Spartan Beast Ultra
  • Gym-Based Endurance Training Plan
  • Ultimate Work Capacity II and III
  • Pregnant Woman Training Plan
  • Deconditioned Athlete Training Plan


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