Ultra Running Preseason Training Program


• 8-Week, 5 days/week
• Combines gym-based strength and running-based aerobic training
• Builds to 41 miles/week, and includes 2-a-day sessions (gym+run)
• This training plan is one of the 182+ Plans included with an Athlete’s Subscription..

Product Description

Eight-week long training program for recreational and competitive mountain ultra-runners. It’s designed to be the first block of training in preparation for the season.

The training combines gym-based strength training and running to establish a baseline of fitness and durability needed for a successful season of mountain running.

You will train 2-3 times per week in the gym and run 5 times per week. This plan assumes that you have completed at least one marathon and are familiar with performing long runs and high weekly mileage. No previous gym training is necessary to complete this program.

Caution: This plan isn’t designed for someone who is currently not running regularly. Week 1 of the plan includes 30 miles of running. If you’re new to running, we recommend you begin with the Running Improvement Training Plan.

Program Goals
Strength and Durability. The plan deploys bodyweight and free weight strength training to build strength for durability. A significant part of your strength training will be core/midsection focused. It is our theory that stronger athletes are harder to injure, if they do get injured, don’t get injured as bad, and if they do get injured, recover faster.

Running Fitness. The plan includes distance running in Zones 1-3. The mileage (up to 41 miles/week) is modest by ultra running standards, but ambitious when combine with strength training. The goal is to begin building your aerobic base and prepare you sport-specifically for the running-dominated training which comes next in your training.

Training Schedule
Weeks 1-4
Monday – Total Rest
Tuesday- Strength Training and Hill Run
Wednesday-Trail Run
Thursday – Strength Training and Tempo Run
Friday – Total Rest
Saturday!! Long Trail Run
Sunday – Trail Run

Weeks 5-8
Monday  – Total Rest
Tuesday – Strength Training and Hill Run
Wednesday – Core Strength and Trail Run
Thursday –  Strength Training and Tempo Run
Friday! –  Total Rest
Saturday – Long Trail Run
Sunday –  Trail Run

Training Volume:
WEEK 1 (SESSIONS 1-5): Gym – Strength/Core; Run Volume – 30 miles
WEEK 2 (SESSIONS 6-10): Gym: Strength/Core; Run Volumw – 33 miles
WEEK 3 (SESSIONS 11-15): Gym: Strength/Core; Run Volume – 36 miles
WEEK 4 (SESSIONS 16-20): Gym – Strength/Core; Running Volume Unload – 24 miles
WEEK 5 (SESSIONS 21-25): Gym – Strength/Core; Run Volume -38 miles
WEEK 6 (SESSIONS 26-30): Gym – Strength/Core; Run Volume – 41 miles
WEEK 7 (SESSIONS 31-35): Gym – Strength/Core; Run Volume – 41 miles
WEEK 8 (SESSIONS 36-40): Gym- Strength/Core; Running Volume Unload – 29 miles




Questions? Email coach@mtntactical.com

Required Equipment

A commercial gym should have the equipment required to complete this program. If you’re working out of a home gym then
use the following list:
• Heart Rate Monitor that tracks time.
• Trails with marked/known distances, or GPS wristwatch
• 8/12 (female) and 12/16 kg (male) Kettle bells
• 15/25# Dumbbells
• 45# Barbell
• Enough weight to load Front Squat and Bench Press.
• Weight Rack with hooks
• Flat bench

Sample Session

Obj: Strength

4 Rounds
5x Push-ups
10x Goblet Squats - 8/12kg
10x Swings - 8/12kg
Instep Stretch

(1) 8 Rounds
3x Front Squat - increase load
until 3x is hard but doable,

then immediately...
1x Squat Jump
Lat + Pec Stretch

(2) 6 Rounds
5x Bench Press - increase
load each round until 5x is
hard but doable, then immediately…
2/3x Clapping Push-ups
Foam Roll Low Back

(3) 10 Rounds, every 30 seconds
5x Bench Press - 45/85#
5x Goblet Squats - 8/12kg

(4) 3 Rounds
15x Face Down Back Extension
15x Poor Man's Reverse Hyper
10x Poor Man’s Leg Curl
20/20 Low Back Lunge

Obj: Hill Run
(1) Run 2 miles Zone 1.

Obj: Core

(1) 3 Rounds
10x Toes to Sky
30 sec Farmer’s Carry -
3x Turkish Get ups - 8/12kg
10x EOs

Obj: Trail Run
(1) Run 8 miles Zone 1.

Obj: Strength

4 Rounds
6x Push ups
8x Dumbbell Front Squats (15/25#)
10x Seated Russian Twists (15/25#)
Instep Stretch

(1) 1 Rounds
Full Leg Blaster
30 sec rest

(2) 6 Rounds
Mini Leg Blaster
30 sec rest

(3) 9 Rounds
5/7x Push-ups
2/3xx Pull-ups
5x Poor Man’s Leg Curl

(4) 3 Rounds
8x Ankle to Bar
30/30 Side Bridge
6x Kneeling Plate Half moon (25# Plate)
5x Slashers (12/16kg)

(5) 2 Rounds
Foam Roll low back and legs
40 sec Jane Fonda

Obj: Tempo Run

(1) Run 6 miles total. After .5 miles in Zone 1, perform the following intervals:

(2) 3 Rounds
10 min. Run Zone 3
4 min. Run Zone 2

Obj: Long Run
(1) Run 16 miles in Zone