Athlete Subscription Package


  • Year-round training
  • Includes Daily Training Sessions (4-5 days/week) across three programs: Military, Mountain, LE
  • Includes access to all 185+ Individual MTI Training Plans across Military, Mountain, LE, Fire Rescue & General Fitness.
  • Cancel Anytime

Product Description


Our athlete subscription plan includes access to all of our daily training session across 3x programs:

  • Military Athlete
  • Mountain Athlete
  • Law Enforcement Athlete

Each of these programs includes:

  • 4-5 Daily Training Sessions per Week
  • Coaches’ Notes & Videos

Included with your subscription is access to all 185+  MTI Training plans for Mountain, Military, Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, and General Fitness. Click the Links below for complete lists:


  • $29/Month, cancel anytime.
  • $159 for 6 month pre-paid subscription– Save 10%
  • $299 for 1 year pre-paid subscription– Save 15%

Interested in purchasing Athlete Subscription packages for your unit or team?
Click HERE for multi-user Athlete Subscription pricing.

Daily Training Sessions:

  • Mountain Base Sessions: Daily “base fitness” training sessions for professional, and recreational Mountain Athletes. Fitness attributes training include strength, work capacity, mountain-specific endurance (running, uphill movement under load), Chassis Integrity (core training), stamina and climbing fitness. Most training sessions are 60 minutes long.   Click here for sample session
  • Military Athlete Operator Sessions: The daily Operator Sessions at Military Athlete are our day-to-day training answer for military special forces personnel, high-achieving regular soldiers, and others this level of tactical-focused fitness. These sessions train strength, work capacity, Chassis Integrity, TAC SEPA (Tactical Speed, Explosive Power and Agility), military-specific endurance (running, rucking, ruck running) and stamina.  The Operator Sessions are the most intense day-to-day training we offer and achieve to address the “burden of constant fitness” through athlete engagement and training variety. Most sessions are 60 minutes long. Click here for sample session
  • LE Athlete Officer Sessions:  Day-to-day training answer for patrol officers, detectives and other law enforcement personnel. Fitness attributes trained include strength, upper body hypertrophy (mass), TAC SEPA, and work capacity. Most sessions are 45-50 minutes long.   Click here for sample session

Questions? Email coach@mtntactical.com

Required Equipment

A fully equipped gym, or a standard gym that also has the following equipment will work:

  • Barbell (with enough weight to find 1RM)

  • Dumbells or kettlebells (A range of weights)

  • 25# dumbbells

  • Space to run (25m minimum)

  • Sandbag (40/60# females, 60/80# males. Few gyms have these, so likely you'll need to make your own.)

  • Pull-up bar

  • 16" box or bench (for step-ups)

See our recommendation for a garage gym here.

For our Mountain Cycles you may need additional equipment (like campus boards for climbing).

Questions? Email jordan@strongswiftdurable.com

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