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Programming Philosophy

The Philosophy behind our programming is rooted in this Paradigm Shift:

Your body is your primary weapon.
If you are unfit or injured, you are a liability to your unit, not an asset.

You are a professional athlete.
Professional athletes use their bodies to earn a living. Soldiers are professional athletes. Your paycheck not only depends upon your fitness, but so too does your combat performance and survivability.

1) High Relative Strength
2) High Work Capacity for Short/Intense Events
3) Stamina for multiple events over a long duration. Also, stamina for a long event.
4) Military-specific endurance. I.e. running and rucking
5) Tactical Speed, Explosive Power and Agility
5) Mental Fitness
6) Durability for a long career

1) We train for performance outside the gym.

Our programming is focused on training which transfers to tactical performance and durability. Gym numbers are meaningless. All that matters is outside performance. This means we are not wedded to one programming theory or approach. Our programming is constantly evolving as we learn more and improve.

2) Strength Focus.
The best thing we can do for our athletes is make them stronger. Strength is the foundation of performance and durability. We train full body strength heavy, hard and often, using classic, proven barbell and strongman exercises. Beyond full body strength, we hammer the core and midsection daily, and often dedicate whole training sessions to building our athlete’s core strength. Our strength training is aimed at the athlete’s “Combat Chasis” – legs, hips and core.

3) We build durability.
By developing overall strength, core strength and hip and shoulder mobility, we aim to make our athletes more durable. Industrial athletes such as soldiers and mountain guides depend on their fitness and bodies for their livelihood. Avoiding injury from trauma or overuse keeps them on the battlefield and on the mountain. Strength + Mobility = Durability.

4) Our training sessions are periodized and programmed.
We are uncomfortable with random training. We like to know where we are going.

5) We understand the “burden” of constant fitness, and program accordingly.
Professional soldiers can never allow themselves to get out of shape, but constant training can easily lead to staleness and boredom. Our programming cycles through emphasis on different training attributes, strives to introduce new exercises, and builds in both very intense depletion days and easier, recovery “unload” weeks to both challenge and protect the athlete.

6) Constant improvement.
Our programming today is much different then 12 months ago, and will be different again 12 months from now. The more we coach, the more we learn, and that increased knowledge is continually folded into training programming and training session design. We are constantly making changes to improve. We can always do better.

7) We’re our own “Lab Rats.”
We do these training sessions too – ahead of when they are published on the website. We understand that programming and training session design are as much craft as they are science, and there’s not substitute for the coach writing the training sessions to do them also. We try and test it before we publish it.


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