How To Choose A Training Plan – Fire/Rescue

By Rob Shaul

Are you a Wildland Firefighter?

No. I’m an Urban Firefighter. 

Okay. You’re an Urban Firefighter. Are you training for a PFT?


Are you fit and need day-to-day training? Or do you have an area to work on?
I’m fit and need Day-to-Day Training
I have an area to work on.

I have an injury, or limited equipment to train with.

I still can’t find what I need!

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What is the difference between purchasing an individual training plan, packet of plans or an Athlete’s Subscription?
  • Plan – Like purchasing the DVD of the first Star Wars movie. You own it forever, including any updates we make to the plan.
  • Packet – Like purchasing the DVD’s of all the Star Wars movies. You own them forever, including any updates we make to the plans.
  • Athlete’s Subscription – Like subscribing to Netflix. You get access to all 200+ plan in our library, but lose access if you unsubscribe.

Below is the entire MTI Fire/Rescue Plan Tree

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