Fire/Rescue On-Ramp Training Plan


• 6-week, 5 days/week
• Focused on getting back into shape/base-level fitness
• Strength, endurance and work capacity focus
• This training plan is one of the 182+ Plans included with an Athlete’s Subscription.

Product Description


The following is a 6-week plan designed specifically as an on-ramp program for Fire Rescue or First Responder athletes (F/R Athletes). This program is designed to lay the base-level of fitness needed in order to continue building towards more intense F/R Build and F/R Tactical sessions and programs.

This program is progressive – it will become increasingly more difficult each week. Overall, the program has a focus on building general aerobic conditioning, strength, durability and work capacity. As these attributes are built they will be gradually transitioned into more job specific modes for the F/R Athlete.


General Description:

Training is designed in a Monday – Friday format (5 days on, 2 day off). Each week you will have five prescribed training sessions (two strength-based, one work capacity-based and two endurance-based). Most sessions take between 55-65 minutes depending on your run speed. Since the training plan gets progressively harder each week, athletes should try to follow the program as close as possible.

However, if you are unable to follow this format, that is fine. Simply do the workouts on the available days of the week without skipping workouts. Do not get overwhelmed – take each training session 1-day at a time.

  • Monday: Assessments or Total Body Strength Training
  • Tuesdays: Work Capacity Circuit, “Chassis” Circuit
  • Wednesdays: Endurance Run
  • Thursdays: Total Body Strength Training
  • Fridays: Endurance Run Intervals (800m)

Programming Approach to the F/R Athlete – On-Ramp:

Since this is an on-ramp plan, its focus is on laying the groundwork for a F/R Athlete – this means focusing on the general fitness attributes which most benefit the F/R Athlete and can most easily be applied to the specific needs of an F/R Athlete.

As you progresses from F/R On-Ramp to F/R Build and, ultimately, to our F/R Tactical training this base of general fitness will gradually become more and more job specific.

The two physical attributes prioritized in the On-Ramp Plan are strength and cardiovascular endurance. Strength is regularly cited as the fitness attribute which is most high correlated to overall successful F/R job performance. And, according to the CDC and FEMA, cardiovascular incidents are the number one cause of F/R morbidity. Based on this we have dedicated four of five training days to these two vital fitness attributes. The fifth training day is designed to build a F/R Athlete’s work capacity with short sprints, step-ups, and core circuits.

  • F/R Strength Training is built on our philosophy of training the entire athletic chain – what we call the “Combat Chassis.” Whether squatting, hinging, lunging or overhead pressing, it is vital that the entire body be able to handle the required load from start to finish (this especially incorporates the athlete’s core). Thus F/R strength training is designed to promote “Chassis Integrity” – when the legs, core and upper body, work together as one, without weak linkage.
  • F/R Endurance training is divided into: (1) longer, slower efforts – what is typically known as Long Slow Distance (LSD) and (2) 800m intervals.
  • F/R Work Capacity Training is designed to be as general as possible, but remain F/R movement specific.

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Required Equipment

  •  Timepiece or stopwatch

  •  A set of Dumbbells or Kettlebells in 5-10# increments - set should include heavy enough weights to challenge you on strength exercises

  • Foam Roller

  • 17-20” Step

  • Sandbag 40/60#

  • Rope - thick and strong enough for heavy pulling (approximately 40ft)

  • Course or track of known distances (40ft, 800m and 1.5 miles)

  • PVC pipe

Sample Session

Obj: Work Capacity

3 Rounds:

  • 5x 40 ft. Shuttles

  • 5x Lunges In-Place

  • 8x Push-ups

  • 8x Russian Twist unweighted

  • Pigeon Stretch


(1) 8 Rounds, one every min.
30 sec. of 40ft Shuttles
30 sec. of Rest
***Transition as quickly as possible to the next circuit with no rest or as little rest as possible***

(2) 15 Rounds, one every 75 sec
17” Step-Ups
Reps = 30% of 1 min Step-Up Pace from SESSION 1 Assessment
***Transition as quickly as possible to the next circuit with no rest or as little rest as possible***

(3) 15 Minute Grind (Work Briskly, Not Frantically)
60 sec. Farmers Carry @ 16kg/20kg
10x Seated Russian Twist @16kg/20kg
5x Kettlebell Windmill @ 12kg/16kg


Obj: Strength

Warm up:
4 Rounds

5x Craig Special w/ Dumbbells @ 10/20#
10x Push Ups
Lat+Pec Stretch
Instep Stretch


(1) 8 Rounds
3x Craig Special + Push Press w/ Dumbbells (increase load each round until 3x is hard, but doable)
CPAT - Kneeling Dumbell Rope Pull
Hip Flexor Stretch

(2) 5 Rounds
5x Walking Lunge w/ Dumbbell (increase load each round until 3x is hard, but doable),
then immediately…
1x Jump Lunge (unloaded) - be explosive
5x Shoulder Dislocates

(3) 5 Rounds, one round every 90 seconds
35% Max Rep Pull-Ups from SESSION 1 Assessment,
then immediately…
1 Round
Do as many pull-ups as possible

(4) Foam Roll …
2.5 min Foam Roll Upper Line
2.5 min Foam Roll Back Line