Fire/Rescue “Big Cat” Training Packet


• 5 Training Plans designed specifically for full time Urban Fire/Rescue athletes
• 35 weeks of mission direct fitness programming for tactical Fire/Rescue athletes. Cycles are 4 days/week, and each includes an unload week between cycles.
• 30% savings over purchasing the plans individually. Save $76!
• You can purchase these plans together in this packet, individually, as well, all are included with an Athlete’s Subscription to the website.

Product Description


The MTI “Big Cat” Training Packet is composed of our 5 big cat training plans developed tactical training of full time Fire/Rescue  athletes.

The “Big Cat” plans represent deploy the most recent iteration of our Fluid Periodization model where we train the 5 fitness attributes of a Fire/Rescue Athletes:

  • 1) Relative Strength – strength per bodyweight
  • 2) Work Capacity – horse power for short, intense, dangerous events
  • 3) Chassis Integrity – mission-direct midsection training which transfers to the job
  • 4) TAC SEPA – Tactical Speed, Explosive Power and Agility
  • 5) Stamina – Staying power, both mental an physical, for long firefighting or rescue evolutions or multiple missions over a long duty day. 

5 Plans are included in this packet are designed as tactical training for fit, professional Fire/Resue Athletes:

A 6 week, 4 day/week training cycle, Jaguar has is a “balanced” training plan where Strength. Work Capacity, Chassis Integrity, TAC SEPA, and Stamina are trained in relatively equal proportions.

  • Strenth – Jaguar’s strength work is focused on 3 classic strength exercises: Push Press, Walking Lunge and Front Squat. The plan deploys our proven “Big 24” strength training methodology.
  • Work Capacity – 3 Modes – Sandbag Getups, 150m Shuttle Repeats (6x 25m lengths) and the Sandbag Clean and Step Over exercise from our Fire/Rescue Fitness Assessment.
  • TAC SEPA – Box Jump Complex, Stacked Box Agility Drill and Duck Walk/Sprint Combos
  • Chassis Integrity – Hybrid circuits which combine lower back, total, rotation and anti-rotation core exercises from standing or kneeling positions.

Jaguar weekly training schedule:

  • Day 1: TAC SEPA, Strength
  • Day 2: Work Capacity, Chassis Integrity
  • Day 1: TAC SEPA, Strength
  • Day 2: Work Capacity, Chassis Integrity


Leopard is a 6 week, 4 session/week (24 Total Training Sessions) plan with an emphasis on Strength and Work Capacity. Chassis Integrity, TAC SEPA and Stamina are also trained, but the emphasis for Leopard is strength and work capacity.

  • Strength – Jaguar’s strength work is focused on 3 classic strength exercises: Push Press, Walking Lunge and Front Squat. The plan deploys our proven “Big 24” strength training methodology.

  • Work Capacity – 300m Shuttle Repeats, Hard Step Up Intervals, 5-20 minute gym-based multi modal efforts.

  • TAC SEPA – Emphasis on explosive power and level change agility drills.

  • Chassis Integrity – 1x/week – Hybrid circuit which combine lower back, total, rotation and anti-rotation core exercises from standing or kneeling positions.

Leopard weekly schedule:

  • Day 1: Strength, Chassis Integrity
  • Day 2: TAC SEPA, Work Capacity
  • Day 3: Strength, Chassis Integrity
  • Day 4: Strength, Work Capacity

Lion is a 4 day/week, 6-Week cycle, for 24x Sessions Total and is a “balanced” cycle – training Strength, Work Capacity, TAC SEPA and Chassis Integrity in equal proportions across the cycle.

  • Strength: With Lion we deploy our “357 Strength” programming methodology for strength work. Two days/week, you’ll complete  heavy Total Body/Lower Body, Total Body/Upper Body, or Lower Body/Upper Body exercises followed by a short, intense 2-4 minute bodyweight work capacity effort designed to complement the heavy strength exercise in the session.

  • Work Capacity: Lion’s work capacity efforts alternate between 20-minute AMRAP efforts build around step ups, and short, 2-minute intervals completing 40-foot shuttles. 

  • TAC SEPA: Focus this cycle is agility drills with level changes – unloaded, then loaded.

  • Chassis Integrity: Two times/week, with the first circuit of a total, anti rotation and rotation exercises, and the second circuit combining 3 low back exercises.

    Here is the Weekly Schedule:

    • Monday: 357 Strength, Chassis Integrity (Total, Anti-Rotation, Rotation Circuit)
    • Tuesday: TAC SEPA, Work Capacity (20 minute step up focused AMRAP)
    • Wednesday: 357 Strength, Chassis Integrity (Low Back Circuit)
    • Thursday: TAC SEPA, Work Capacity (40-foot shuttle intervals or assessment)

Tiger is a 4 day/week, 6-Week cycle, for 24x Sessions Total and has a slight emphasis on work capacity. Strength, TAC SEPA and Chassis Integrity are also trained in this cycle.

  • Strength: With Tiger we deploy our Density strength programming methodology built around the bench press, hang squat clean and weighted pull up. Two days/week, you’ll complete 90 second density intervals of 4 reps of these exercises at increasing percentages of your 1RM.
  • Work Capacity: Tiger trains work capacity 3x/week alternating between 20-minute AMRAP efforts of loaded step ups and 25m shuttles, hard 5-minute repeats of sledge hits on a tire and burpees, and paced 4-5 minute interval repeats of dumbbell/kettlebell 1-Arm Clean + Push Presses or snatches. 
  • TAC SEPA: Agility drills with level changes and shuttles/Sprints.
  • Chassis Integrity: Just one time a week this cycle.

Here is the Weekly Schedule:

  • Monday: Density Strength, Work Capacity (step up/shuttle AMRAP)
  • Tuesday: TAC SEPA, Work Capacity (Sledge Hit/Burpee Intervals)
  • Wednesday: Density Strength, Chassis Integrity
  • Thursday: TAC SEPA, Work Capacity (1-Arm Clean + Push Press/Snatch Intervals)

Panther deploys our most recent iteration of Fluid Periodization, and is a “balanced” cycle – training Strength, Work Capacity, TAC SEPA and Chassis Integrity in equal proportions across the cycle.

Some Specifics:

  • Strength: With Panther we unload the athlete and deploy bodyweight strength. For the upper body and core, we use assessments and follow on progressions for hand release push ups, strict pull ups and pull up bar heel taps. We use our Leg Blaster progression for lower body strength
  • Work Capacity: Running and shuttle focused this cycle. Monday’s work capacity effort will be focused on a 1.5 mile running assessment and follow-on 800m repeats. Wednesday’s effort is built around 300m shuttles – you do these the first 3 weeks unloaded and the last 3 weeks in wearing your SCBA, 25# weight Vest or 25# back pack.
  • TAC SEPA/Chassis Integrity: Each is trained twice a week.

Here is the Weekly Schedule:

  • Monday: 1.5 Mile Run Assessment or 800m Repeats, TAC SEPA
  • Tuesday: Bodyweight Strength, Chassis Integrity
  • Wednesday: 300m Shuttle Repeats, TAC SEPA
  • Thursday: Bodyweight Strength, Chassis Integrity


What order should the plans be completed it? 
We recommend the order listed above:

  • 1) Jaguar
  • 2) Leopard
  • 3) Lion
  • 4) Tiger
  • 5) Panther

Required Equipment?

  • Fully-equipped functional fitness gym including racks, barbells, bumper plates, plyo boxes, dumbbells or kettlebells, sandbags (40/60/80#).
  • Sprinting area for sprints/shuttles  up to 25m. These can be outside.
  • 25# Weight Vest, SCBA or 25# backpack
  • Stop watch with countdown interval timer.

The $169 price for this packet represents over a 30% savings over purchasing the plans individually and saves you $76!

More Questions?

Our Stuff Works. Guaranteed.

By Rob Shaul

I received notes frequently from athletes hesitant to purchase a subscription or training plans asking me to sell them on why they should make the purchase.

While I understand the question, I’m not a salesman - so I can't put a hard sale on anyone for our programming.

I can tell them the process we go through to design our programming.

We begin with extensive research on the fitness demands of the event, identify the exercises and progressions which sport specifically meet those demands, chose end-of-cycle goals, and program backward to design the plan.

Then we test the cycle on ourselves and our lab rats here in Wyoming. We document, note what works and doesn’t work, re-assess, and make changes and modifications.

Then we publish the programming in the form of one of our plans or as part of our subscription daily training sessions for tactical and mountain athletes.
We don’t stop there - our daily programming is the “tip of the spear” for our programming evolution. We use these sessions to learn and make continuous improvement.

As we learn more and improve, we go back, and update the sport-specific training plans on the website. For example, we’re currently on Version 5 of our Ruck Based Selection Training Plan and Version 3 of our Dryland Ski Training Plan and Version 4 of our Big Game Back Country Hunting Training Plan.

We understand our programing isn’t cheap, but we believe it’s a great value. The $79 for the Ruck Based Selection Training Plan, and $39 for the Dryland Ski Training Plan reflect the, research, work, innovative theory, iteration, testing and feedback we've put in and received to make these plans effective.

All that matters for us is outside performance, and we feel strongly that Our Stuff Works in the real world.

Here’s our guarantee:

1) Individual Training Plan Purchase:
If you purchase an individual training plan, follow it as prescribed before your season/event/pft/selection, and if you don’t feel you were physically ready for your season/event/pft/selection, and/or didn’t see dramatic improvements in your early season performance, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

2) Athlete’s Subscription
If you purchase an Athletes’ Subscription, follow the training sessions as prescribed, and are not satisfied with the quality of the programming, notify us within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.


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