MTI’s 2023 Wrap Up, and What’s Coming in 2024

MTI has made significant strides in 2023 across it’s programming, research, and educational offerings. This overview highlights the major achievements and previews what’s coming in 2024. 


Daily Programming Stream Subscription: We launched ten new daily programming streams this year. These provide year-round, day-to-day base fitness programming specific to the athlete type. At $15/month, we aim to provide excellent programming at an affordable price point. These offerings include:

Improved training FAQ’s and Exercise Substitutions: It was clear that we needed to improve readily available resources for athletes looking for modifications, as well as for athletes new to MTI and learning the ebb and flow of our programming structure. 

Nutrition: We entered a partnership with the Tactical Dietitian to provide one-on-one nutrition coaching. Susan has worked with a host of tactical and mountain athletes, and brings incredible nutrition subject matter expertise.


One of the main differtiantors for MTI is our research. We’re open to challenging any assumption in training, including our own. The mission is to find insights which will improve our programming to the most efficient, mission-direct end product possible. Fortunately, this is a never ending process and we’re looking forward to expanding our Lab Rat driven research in 2024. Below are a few of the interesting studies conducted this year.

Articles & Essay’s

We have a goal of providing high-quality, insightful, and actionable content. Delivered by our newsletter, Beta, it has allowed our reach to expand exponentially over the years. Many of these articles are written by MTI staff, and many are written by those utilize our programming to improve performance within their fields and professions. The MTI Paid Contributor program has been incredibly successful in sharing the experiences and lessons learned of experts in the tactical and mountain communities. Below you’ll find a sampling of some of the most interesting articles and essay’s from this year. 

MTI’s Continuous Improvement

In October, we launched a major survey of MTI athletes to determine where we can best improve. The survey led to the creation of our Daily Programming Streams, the launch of new individual plan discounting, and the development of a complete overhaul of our App (tentatively scheduled for a March 1 launch).

The new app will have a host of new features to track performance, automate assessment-based progressions (no more pulling out calculators!), better community chat functionality, embedded timers, assessment tracking in your personal athlete profile, and much more.  

Want to check out the survey responses?

Read More: Survey Responses and How We’re Using your Feedback to Improve

MTI Gear

We created new designs for hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and the omnipresent sandbag. You can check them out in the MTI Gear Store.

What We’ll be focusing on in 2024
  • Research Expansion: We’re looking to expand our research and lab rat efforts in 2024. With the addition of another MTI coach in early 2024, our ability to manage, collect, and analyze research projects will increase. We’re looking forward to diving deeper into a variety of performance topics.
  • Hands on Coaching with Units/Departments: MTI wants to come to you. We’d like to set up several trips in 2024 to units and departments for hands on coaching, free of charge. Interested? Email
  • New App Beta Testing and Launch: With the total revamp of the MTI app coming in March, we will be looking for a group of 20-30 beta-testers to utilize the new app and provide feedback. We’re excited to get this launched, as it will provide great features to track performance long-term and get the most out of MTI’s programming.
  • MTI Books: We don’t have a publication date yet, but Rob is nearly finished with two books. The first will be a in-depth educational resource on MTI’s approach to programming, and how to develop programming for yourself or your team. The second is an expansion of the Quiet Professional essay series, exploring how someone can ascribe to quiet professional principles in a day age where most are do anything but that.
  • Education Revamp: We have a host of online educational resources that never got much traction from users. We’ll be exploring how we can improve this, and get it into the hands of those who want to learn more. Additionally, we’ve received interest in either hosting education seminars, or traveling to units, departments and gyms to deliver our programming education.

Thank you for growing with MTI through the years. We hope you have a happy holiday and wonderful new year.

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