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Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

Israel accused of wielding starvation as a weapon of war against Gaza, Al Jazeera
People ‘buried alive’ outside Gaza hospital during Israeli raid, Al Jazeera
Russian athletes refuse to take part in 2024 Olympic Games, Pravda Report
Ukraine to switch to Plan B as US and EU fall far behind Russia in ammo production, Pravda Report
New war in the making as Yemeni Houthis attack ships in Red Sea, Pravda Report
SECDEF Austin Extends USS Gerald R. Ford Deployment into 2024, USNI
Marines in Med, Red Sea Can Fly MV-22s in Emergency as Osprey Groundings Continue, USNI
A U.S. Ambassador Working for Cuba? Charges Against Former Diplomat Victor Manuel Rocha Spotlight Havana’s Importance in the World of Spying, HSN
U.S. Marine vet in Ukraine repulsed Russian attack in final moments, T&P
Arlington National Cemetery will remove a Confederate memorial, T&P
Alaska helicopter collision happened in mountain pass, investigation finds, T&P
Veteran homelessness grew by 7.4% in 2022, T&P
Military bases below negative-20 degrees will soon get a bonus pay, T&P
MOLLE vs. ALICE: Which pack reigns supreme?, T&P
Army must “increase” fitness standards, but can use gender-specific scores, T&P
US Marine is top student at Royal Marine Commando course, T&P
Legendary Combat Controller from Task Force Dagger dies at 51, T&P
The U.S. has cut its troop presence in Niger by almost half, T&P
Fort Drum to Host 1,500 More Soldiers in Army’s New Multi-Domain Task Force Effort,
Support Ukraine today or fight Russia tomorrow, Atlantic Council
Space Command is fully operational, if still officially homeless, Defense One
Army looks to field loitering munitions next year, Defense One
New report urges US to look beyond cheap low-earth satellites for missile warning, Defense One
Why Biden Won’t Break With Netanyahu, Foreign Policy
What Has Hamas Accomplished?, Foreign Policy
Veteran Belgian politician was a spy for Chinese intelligence, report alleges,
Israeli man charged for inciting terror, rape, genocide of Palestinians,
Russian Defence Minister announces Ukraine’s losses in two years of hostilities, Pravda Report
Column of Western military vehicles stuck in mud in Ukraine, Pravda Report
North Korea fires ICBM after US holds nuke talks with Seoul, War is Boring

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Mountain / Outside

VIDEO: Opening Scene To This Japanese Snowboard Film Is Brilliant, UN
“Don’t Ralston Yourself.” A Brief History of Hikers Stuck Under Boulders., Outside
Markus Ranalter and IFSC-Veteran Elisabeth Lardschneider Completed New Himalayan Line; Then Tragedy Struck, Cimbing
Threading the Needle With Candide Thovex, Freeskier
How to Arrow a Late-Season Buck, Meateater
Pushing the Limits of a (Realistic) Kayak Launch: This ‘Race’ Is Unhinged, GearJunkie
Identifying the ‘Four Horsemen’ of Mountain Hazards: Safety Tips From a Backcountry Guide, GearJunkie
2 Founders Just Donated Their Snowboard Business to a University: Here’s Why, GearJunkie
Micro-Businesses Are the Hottest Thing in Outdoor Gear, Outside
Seven Gifts that Keep Giving, and Giving, and Giving, Outside
A Storm Chasing Skier Shares the Secret to Scoring Untracked Powder, Outside
Why I Gave Up the Mountain West to Move Back East, Outside
Editors’ Choice Splitboard Bindings, Backcountry Magazine
Editors’ Choice Ski Bindings, Backcountry Magazine
Watch: Power Training, Climb Strong
Can Climbing Be Taught on Instagram?, Climbing
How to Date A Mountain Guide, Climbing
Ready to Get Stronger? Here’s What You Need to Know About Supplemental Strength Training, Climbing
Reviewing The Bunch’s New Film “SENSUS”, Freeskier
Enjoy More Lifts and Less Lines at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Freeskier
Faction Releases Limited Edition Ski in Collaboration with Freestyle Prodigy Eileen Gu, Freeskier
Athlete Roster Drops for Kings & Queens of Corbet’s 2024, Freeskier
What a Desperate Crux! Adam Ondra Climbs Chicken Nose 5.15a, Gripped
Japan’s First 5.15b is Finally Repeated, Gripped
Wrangling the Coast, Arcteryx
7 of the Most Affordable Mountain Towns in America, Outside
Feeling Terrible Two Days After a Hard Run? There’s a Reason….and a Solution., Outside
Gear-Testing Trips That Let You Try Before You Buy, Outside
Alpine Suit, Patagonia
Arc’teryx Announces Three-Year Partnership With The Natural Selection Tour, Unofficial Networks
Nutrition Tips for Athletes: Holiday Edition, Uphill Athlete

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

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