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I hope you all have had a great Holiday Season! I am a former Marine and I cannot overstate the fitness benefits your plans provided when I was there as well as a lot of alpine ascents around the world.

I currently live in Westminster, Colorado and have been climbing in ice climbing competitions over the last three years.  I have started to generate some good successes there and now am really interested in trying out for the US Ice Climbing Team in September 2024.  While we have some good coaches around us here for the technical aspect, I was wondering if you had any advice for coaching or programs for strength and conditioning?

I really appreciate all of your time and any assistance you can provide.  Also, thank you so much for everything you have already done to make my time in the military and mountains better.


Generally, the best base fitness programming for Mountain Athletes (and especially climbers) is our Greek Heroine Packet. When you’re approaching the start of the ice climbing season (which I would imagine has already started for you?), look at our sport-specific plans linked below.

Greek Heroine Packet
Ice/Mixed Climbing Pre-Season
Expedition Ice/Mixed Climbing


I am emailing because I need help with getting fit
I’m a busy mum of 2 kids with disabilities, a farming wife and working 25 hours week as a sports co ordinator at a high school in New Zealand. I have been putting myself first for the past term with 2 X 1 one on one PT sessions.

I have applied for army reserves in NZ i know i have to step it up to be confident and to absolutely smash the fitness side.

Current level of fitness would say beginner I have a few things at home like 3kg med ball, 4 kg kettlebell, 2 kg weights, buy if needed could use high school gym if needed I’m also in the volunteer fire bridage.
Just wondering where to start?


Got it! Start with these plans in order:

  1. Bodyweight Foundation
  2. Bodyweight Build
  3. Military On-Ramp
Also, I’d recommend reading through our training FAQ’s:


I’m trying to come up with a plan to take me from blue collar dad to SFAS ready. I have about a year budgeted to do this.
Is there a sequence of programs you would recommend to get me there?


Several have used this progression successfully for SFAS.
Good luck!

– Rob


I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek your expert advice on preparing for the GoRuck Selection, scheduled for mid-next year. I am planning to follow the MTI GoRuck Selection Training Plan for the 10 weeks leading up to the event. However, I am currently considering which MTI training program would be the best fit to build a strong foundation and improve my fitness level from now until the start of the specific GoRuck Selection training.

A little about my background: I am an active individual with a consistent training regimen that includes Tactical Barbell, long-distance running, and kettlebell workouts. Additionally, due to my profession, I spend over 8 hours a day at a desk, either sitting or standing, which is a factor I need to consider in my training. My goal is to enhance my endurance, strength, and overall physical readiness to meet the rigorous demands of the GoRuck Selection.

Given your expertise and experience with MTI training plans, I would greatly appreciate your recommendation on which program/subscription(s) would best suit my current fitness level and goals, considering my desk-bound professional commitments. This guidance will be invaluable in helping me structure my training effectively and ensure I am optimally prepared for the challenges ahead.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your expert advice and am eager to embark on this journey with the right preparation.


The Virtue Packet will be the best plan progression to prepare for the GoRuck Selection, followed by the GoRuck Selection Training Plan immediately before the event.


Just read through the mini-study, thank you.

If I’m reading weight makes little difference hiking/rucking as shoes are all light.
It seems that in ski touring shaving pounds or even ounces would make a difference as most are above the 5 pounds and are already carrying packs. So many are will to push heavy set ups for “performance” on the down.
Would love to see thoughts on how this plays out with touring gear.
See this study … examined the idea more generally for ski touring/mountaineering:
– Rob

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