MTI Survey Responses and How We’re Using your Feedback to Improve

We ran a survey last week to get a better understanding of the MTI audience and what they train for. With over 1000 responses, the results were fascinating. While we’ve always been aware of athlete crossover, such as a firefighter who backcountry hunts, we didn’t anticipate the amount of crossover! By and large, MTI Athletes are multi-sport athletes, balancing their professional fitness obligations with mountain (ski, trail run, mountain bike, etc) and combat sports (BJJ, MMA, etc).

Additionally, we asked “What can we do better?”. We received tons of feedback, which we take to heart. Below, you’ll see where we’re going to focus our efforts on improving our services to MTI Athletes.

Question 1

Question 2

How MTI Will Improve

Below you’ll find the themes and our takeaways on where we will focus on improving.

Programming Delivery via MTI App and Website

  • Better login function
  • Overall improved app functionality and reliability
  • Assessment results captured and stored to the athlete’s account for future reference/tracking
  • Assessment results auto populate follow on progressions so you don’t have to pull out the calculator
  • Better information on what programming to do next
  • A timer built into the app for intervals and timed training
  • Improved exercise demos embedded into the website/app
  • Improved formatting
  • Option to view in the advanced (featured above) or current delivery format


  • More time-constrained (30-45 minute) training options
  • Additional older athlete training options
  • Better scaling and exercise substitution options
  • Year-Round Multi-Sport Mountain Athlete Programming
  • BJJ/MMA/Striking Programming
  • Post Partum training plan
  • Post Wildland Fire season recovery
  • Additional mobility work built into the programming

Other Stuff

  • Better apparel, stickers, and flags in the Gear Store
  • Improved categorization of articles and essays
  • Athlete profile of those using our programming training to achieve something awesome (OCR Championship, climbing Denali, World Police and Fire Games, etc). Want to participate? Email
  • Podcast (We’re still not sure, although we did receive some great feedback from respondents)

Kudo’s from Survey

“I enjoy the knowledge that goes into planning programming for your athletes.As a personal trainer / nutrition coach, I love seeing the view your gym takes working with “non-traditional” athletes.I think a lot of your athletes and customers enjoy knowing the “why” behind things.”

“I love the offerings you have, and recommend it to my friends and associates!  Keep up the phenomenal work!”

“I am completely satisfied with MTI. I have been using your programming for 10+ years and even at 40 continue to be able to physically outperform (or at-least compete) with individuals who are 20 years my junior. I will also say that I have never been injured by your programming and find it to be balanced, applicable, and multi-fuctional. Keep up the great work.”

“You guys are great. I asked a general question a representative from company answered and had good advice. I know he did not have too but he but the customer first. Started on your programming back in 2009 when I was an infantry officer deployed in Afghanistan, and the programming / exercises have followed me into the civilian world and family life. I sing your praises whenever I can, use your programs for general fitness, and specifically use your dryland training to get ready for ski season every year (was a collegiate ski racer and continue to ski–alpine and nordic–for fun and fitness). I’m of the mind that a veteran plays a role in encouraging fitness in his/her community, so I could see myself teaching classes and coaching for friends / family / community members in the future, so some form of coaching materials could be helpful for this. What I appreciate and keeps me coming back are a couple things: a data driven approach, humility to grow and learn and shed ineffective programming and exercises, and a sports-specific focus. As a father of three young kids now, my workout time is limited to 30 min chunks between calls (working from home), so the short-burst circuits/grinds are really good, and I’ve adapted the handful of programs I’ve purchased to fit in these windows. Macabre as it may sound, one of my mantras is “be hard to kill,” and your programming fits with that ingrained soldier’s ethos. Keep doing the good work you do. Great offerings so far. I’d like to see more info about how to integrate different programs into a year/season and how to combine endurance training with the various strength programs.  I often have multiple goals or am trying, for example, to train for running while doing the strength programs or otherwise add more endurance than is included in a program like, say, SF45 packet, without overdoing it it being counterproductive.”

“More Mixed Martial Arts packets like BJJ. I love Shaul’s fusion of MTI with MMA, beginning with BJJ. Still, I desire to see more, perhaps for striking. What I would give!”

“Just want to say how awesome you guys are. Been following your work for years now & am always in awe of the amazing stuff you do – you have taught me so much & helped make huge changes to my own training, and indirectly influenced so many others. Thank you for all that you do.”

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