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BAE boosts M109 Howitzer range with cannon upgrade, UK Defence Journal
Wave of Mexico attacks kills 22, including a dozen police, in one day, Al Jazeera
Including Women in Security Missions Prevents Violence, Boosts Intel, Report Finds, Military News
5 Fort Johnson Soldiers Face Charges in Multiple Rapes, Military News
Guardian Gets Ranger Tab in First-Ever Achievement for Space Force, Military News
Russian cruise missiles have US Air Force scouting for thousands of acres of land, Defense One
Are U.S. Gun-Makers Responsible for Violence in Mexico?, Foreign Policy
Cash Can’t Fix Japan’s Fertility Crisis, Foreign Policy
There Is No Going Back to Pre-Populist Poland, Foreign Policy
Reasons why Army veteran, NSA employee tried to sell secrets to Russia are revealed, Military News
Air Force general accused of rape after being fired from his post, Military News
Testing of Navy SEALs May Unveil Scale of Performance-Enhancing Drug Use — and Unleash Legal Battles, Military News
Modern international law: A meaningless phrase that no longer works, Pravda Report
Will MiG-31 aircraft with Kinzhal missiles over Black Sea change Russia-NATO balance?, PravdaReport
US desperately wants World War Three to start as soon as possible, PravdaReport
The Drivers of and Outlook for Russian-Iranian Cooperation, RAND
Welcome to the ‘Unhinged’ Global Order, Real Clear Defense
India-US Dispute: A Storm in a Teacup?, The Diplomat
Explaining Indonesia’s Political Stability, The Diplomat
Only two Irish Naval vessels operational, UK Defence Journal
Recon Marines on Dirt Bikes Deploying to a Theater Near You, USNI
New Russian, Chinese Weapons Prompt U.S. to Rethink Strategic Laydown, Says New Report to Congress, USNI
Getting Sporty in Russia’s Arctic, War on the Rocks
How Video Games Are Being Used by Foreign Actors and Extremists, HSN


US expects Iran to continue to escalate Israel/Hamas war, Task & Purpose
More US troops get ‘prepare to deploy’ orders as drone attacks continue, Task & Purpose
One civilian killed in second day of drone attacks on US forces, Task & Purpose
Qatari emir says Israel should not be given ‘free licence to kill’ in Gaza, Al Jazeera
US says Iran ‘actively facilitating’ attacks on bases in Middle East, Al Jazeera
Why Erdogan Is Unlikely to Cut Ties With Hamas, Foreign Policy
Israel’s Hostage Families Feel Abandoned by Israel, Foreign Policy
Biden’s Unquestioning Support for Israel Could Be a Costly Error, Foreign Policy
In entering Gaza, the IDF will be facing not just Hamas, but Iran’s ‘Axis of Resistance’,
Inside Hamas’ propaganda game, Long War Journal
Hamas, Israel, and the danger of safe havens, Long War Journal
Navy Presence Off Israel Grows as USS Mount Whitney Deploys to Region with Senior Admiral Aboard, Military News
Navy Shoots Down Missiles, Troops in Iraq and Syria Face Drone Attacks as Israel War Inflames Tensions, Military News
Israel Prepares to Enter ‘Devil’s Playground’ of City Combat in Gaza, NY Times
Israel Says It Will Destroy Hamas. But Who Will Govern Gaza?, NY Times
Russian Propaganda Seizes on West’s ‘Double Standards’ as Israeli Strikes Pound Gaza, Moscow Times
Kremlin Says No Success in Freeing Russian Hostages From Hamas, Moscow Times
Live traffic data disabled by Google in conflict area at Israeli military’s request, War is Boring
Spy satellite company will sell information to Wall Street investors, other governments, War is Boring
Don’t Rely on U.S. Law to Prevent Escalation in the Middle East, War on the Rocks
The Inevitable, Ongoing Failure of Israel’s Gaza Strategy, RAND

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