Gym Closure Training Plans


1) Gym Closure Training Plan

Due to the current situation, we’ve designed a specific training plan for athletes affected by a social distancing related gym closure.

The Gym Closure Training Plan is a multi-modal training plan that deploys bodyweight strength,  multi-modal work capacity, single-mode endurance (run, ruck), and chassis integrity (core).

You’ll need:

  • Backpack with 45# of filler
  • Pull Up Bar, rings, TRX, tree limb, door jam or anything else for pull ups. Be resourceful
  • 16-18″ Step, box or bench for step ups
  • Jump Rope – if you’re stuck at home and can’t run or ruck

The sessions take 45-90 Minutes. “Gym work” is designed to take 45-60 minutes. Weekday endurance days will extend to 75 minutes. Saturday’s optional endurance extends to 90 minutes.


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2) No Equipment / Limited Equipment Training Plans

In addition, we offer several other plans (that each focus on different fitness attributes) that you can complete without a gym.

Below is a list of our current no equipment/limited equipment training plans and packets:



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