Limited Equipment Training Packet


• 31 weeks
• 5 plans in one package, at a 30% savings
• No gym required
• You can purchase these plans together in this packet individually. As well, all are included with an Athlete’s Subscription to the website.


Product Description

The six training plans contained within this bundle represent 31 weeks of total training with limited equipment demands. You don’t need a gym to complete any of these plans. The package is organized so that each plan will build your fitness for the next.

The six plans, in the order you’ll complete them, are:
Bodyweight Foundation
Sandbag/Weight Vest/Dumbbell Training Plan
Humility Training Plan
Courage Training Plan
GoRuck Heavy Training Plan

After the completion of each training plan you’ll take a week of total rest.
Here’s how a calendar of training will look with the total rest weeks:

Weeks       Plan
1-6              Bodyweight Foundation
7                  Total Rest
8-13            Sandbag/Weight Vest/Dumbbell Training Plan
14                Total Rest
15-21          Humility
22                Total Rest
23-28          Courage
29                 Total Rest
30-35           GoRuck Heavy Training Plan

Each training plan has a write-up at the beginning that will clarify details about the plans execution and flow.

This packet includes the progression, and is a 30% savings over buying the plans individually.

Questions? Email coach@mtntactical.com

Required Equipment

Body Weight Foundation:   Pull up bar,  Wrist watch with interval timer (Timex ironman is best

  • Sandbag/Weight Vest/Dumbbell Training Plan: Weight Vest - Men will need a 25# vest, Women a 15# Vest. You can wear your individual body armor (IBA) in place of a vest; Sandbag - Men will need a 60# sandbag, Women a 40# sandbag; Pair of Dumbbells - Men will need a pair of 25# dumbbells, Women will need a 15# dumbbells; 30-Foot piece of rope with Caribiner - to connect to sandbags for standing and seated rope pulls

  • Humility - Pull up Bar, Interval timer watch, 25# Weight Vest or IBA, Dumbbells (Men - 25#, Women - 15#), Foam Roller, 16-18" bench for step ups. Optional- GPS Watch - will make running easier.

  • Courage - Kettlebells or Dumbbells (Men- 15-75#, Women - 15-50#), Sandbags (40 & 60# for women, 60 & 80# for men), Dip Station or Rings, Pull Bar, cones to mark shuttles, 10# Sledge or dumbbell to carry while rucking, 20" Box for Box Jumps, Ruck or Backpack and 45# filler, GHD Machine: (If you’re gym doesn’t have it, no problem, do Weighted Sit-ups with 25/35# instead.)

  • GoRuck Heavy - Sandbag (Men 60#, Women 40#), Ruck and 35# filler, Interval watch, PVC Pipe or Broom Handle, Foam Roller, GPS (optional)

Sample Session

Please see individual plan pages for sample sessions