Afghanistan Pre-Deployment Training Plan


• 6 weeks, 5 days/week
• Mission-specific to build legs and lungs for soldiers patrolling in mountains
• Limited equipment
• This training plan is one of the 182+ Plans included with an Athlete’s Subscription.


Product Description

We designed this 6-week training plan mission-specifically to build the legs and lungs for soldiers and others need to patrol in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan. Over a dozen US Army and Marine Corps Battalions plus thousands of individual US and NATO soldiers used this program prior to deployment downrange.

This plan has also been used by mountaineers training for trips to the Himalaya, and backcountry big game hunters planning bow hunting and other trips in the West and Alaska.

Questions? Email coach@mtntactical.com

Required Equipment

- Pair of 15# (women) 25# (men) dumbbells
- 60# (women) 80# (men) Sandbag
- 16-18" Box or bench for step ups
- Ruck for rucking and step ups
- Stopwatch with countdown timer

Sample Session


Warm up: 5 Rounds
           20x Squats
                    5x Scotty Bob @ 25#-men, 15#-women


(1) 6 Rounds
      300m Shuttle every 2.5 minutes
(2) 2 Rounds
      1/2 Calf Tabata
      HUG - Hip Mobility Drill

(3) 4 Rounds
15/15/15 Low Back Complex
15/15 Low Back Lunge
15/15 Kneeling Founder
10x Face Down Back Extensions


Warm up: 400x Step Ups with 40# Ruck


(1)  5 Rounds
       4x DOT Drill
       30/5/30 Sean Special
       HUG - Hip Mobility Drill

(2) 400x Step ups with 40# Ruck



(1) Run 4 miles @ 8-9 min/mile pace

(2) 8 Rounds
   3/5x Pull ups (Strict)
    5/10x Dips (full range of motion)
    10/15x Push ups (perfect form)

Lower number for women

Warm Up: 15 minute Sandbag Getup @ 80#- men, 60#-women


(1) 4 Rounds
      Full Leg Blaster
      30 Seconds Rest

(2) 2 Rounds
     Mini Leg Blaster
     30 Seconds Rest