Study: Moderate Stress Significantly Impacts Marksmanship

  Study: THE EFFECTS OF STRESS ON MARKSMANSHIP Link to Full Study: MTI Stress and Marksmanship Study   OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of stress on marksmanship performance, as applied through four variables: (1) Physical Activity, (2) Time, (3) Resources Constraints (Ammunition) and (4) Competition.   METHODS Fifteen full-time members of […]

Study: Energy Drinks Can Help Maintain Marksmanship Performance

Study:  THE EFFECT OF ENERGY DRINKS ON MARKSMANSHIP (LINK TO FULL STUDY:  MTI Energy Drink and Marksmanship Study) By Adam Scott, MS, CSCS OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of a popular energy drink (Monster Zero Ultra) on non-stressed and stressed marksmanship.  METHODS: Fifteen full-time members of a state law enforcement […]

Backcountry Hunting Part II: The Physical Demands

  By Adam Scott, MS, CSCS   Our Backcountry Big Game Hunting Plan is specifically designed to prepare hunters for self-supported backcountry big game hunting in the Rocky Mountain West, Canada or Alaska. You’ll be chasing game in steep, rocky terrain, covering long distances, and carrying heavy loads. But, how steep is the terrain?…How long are the […]

Marksmanship, Stress and Energy Drinks – Initial Results

Adam Scott, MS, CSCS   In October 2015, researchers from Mountain Tactical Institute (MTI) were in the Midwest to work with a full-time, state-wide law enforcement tactical unit on two marksmanship studies: 1. Examining the effects of stress, as applied through a single Range Fitness Drill, on marksmanship performance. 2. Examining the effects of energy […]

Developing a Work Capacity Standard Part III: The Results

This article was first published in October 2015.   By Adam Scott, MS, CSCS A Quick Review For the last two months, we have been busy trying to develop a work capacity standard for operators.  To do this we turned first to mechanical power outputs – specifically wattage production during various physical activities (Article #1).  This […]

Burpee Beep Ladder…Can You Keep Up?

By Adam Scott, MS CSCS   We developed an assessment that tested our athlete’s muscular endurance, anaerobic fitness, aerobic fitness, and mental toughness.  We called this assessment the Burpee Beep Ladder (BBL).  The BBL assessment consists of multiple, back-to-back one-minute intervals.  In order to move “up the ladder” an athlete must complete a certain number of […]

Improve Your Pull-Ups and Help with Research

Adam Scott, MS, CSCS As we mentioned back in August (link), The Mountain Tactical Institute (MTI) is partnering with California State University, Monterery Bay, GRIT Strength and Conditioning in Austin, TX and Dr. Eric Martin to take a revolutionary look at improving pull-ups. We are hoping the begin the training on 12 OCT and have designed the […]

Developing A Work Capacity Standard Part II: CrossFit, Rowing and Cycling

Adam Scott, MS, CSCS In a previous Mini-Study, we looked at how to calculate power output in multimodal work capacity events.  We also examined where these calculations can offer valuable insight and where they are lacking (Part I). With this Mini-Study, we wanted to take it a step further and compare elite power outputs in […]